Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Poor guy must be having a rough week. At least he has his lovey.
Yay! It's Wednesday!! (<-- Does anyone ever say that!?) Welcome to your weekly installment of Hump Day Distractions. Here are a few gems from around the web:
* It's not funny to laugh when people fall down... except it kind of is. Don't text and walk!
* Free, pretty and fun! Save yourself a trip to the store and print your own funky flamingo stationary. (via Snippet&Ink)
* While the sock bun may not have worked out for us, this quick updo looks foolproof! 
* I could not solve a rubik's cube to save my own life. This guy does it in 28 seconds, blindfolded.
* A modern art installation involving colorful stickers. Lots and lots of colorful stickers! (via Snippet&Ink - so much more than a bride blog!)
* Finally, we ask the age old question, "is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?" 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So Juicy.

They should be paying me for this!
You know that moment sometime late-winter when you realize you've been eating so deliciously and drinking so merrily (while wearing bulky clothes and hiding on your couch from the cold) that things have gotten a bit out of control? Well over the weekend I had "that moment" so I said to myself, "Meri put down the waffle fries" and yesterday I began a juice cleanse. For 3 days I consume nothing but freshly pressed, delivered, juice concoctions, drinking 1 juice approximately every 2 hours in addition to lots of water and herbal tea.  Given that this is my 3rd cleanse, I know I can expect to drop a few lbs, de-bloat and genuinely feel “cleaner”. In the past my skin has looked brighter, my energy levels increased and most importantly, I have a renewed focus on healthier living (I need to step away from the mac cheese and kick my own butt a few times a year!)

I get incredibly mixed feedback when I tell people about my cleanse. Some see tremendous health benefits and believe in the power of juicing (I have a co-worker juice buddy right now!) while others think I am bat sh*t crazy. I’m probably somewhere in between :) I can’t speak to the health of it other than confirmation that I am getting a good number of calories and 1,000% of my daily fruits and veggies (pineapple, spinach, kale, beets, carrots, lemons, apples to name a few) but anything that has me cutting out caffeine, alcohol, sugar and salt for 3 days can’t be bad. The truth is, I'm never going to be one of those "naturally healthy" people. I need to focus on what I consume and occasionally reset my habits due to overindulgence. How do you snap out of a foodie-free-for-all? Do you have a healthy tool for getting yourself back on track? Share!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

This, that and another thing.

It's not easy being green/gimpy
Lots of random thoughts floating through my brain... It's funny how a change in your day to day (like rehabbing a bum knee) can make everything feel so... different. In case you were wondering, I swapped my Sunday nap for a super-late wake up, but in honor of Friday's call to action, I did lay on the couch for several hours. / Did anyone else find the Oscars a bit... off? I felt like there just wasn't enough of what I watch them to see: rich beautiful people, wearing stunning clothing, giving each other awards. / Last week was a 4 day week, this week is a 5 day week. That always makes me nervous. / A good mani/pedi will always brighten your day. / This weekend I successfully took some internet inspiration and brought it to life. Most of the recipes and crafts were as easy as advertised and it felt cool to actually DO some of the things I stare at on my computer.

Pinterest isn't just a great place to procrastinate (though it's that too!) I brought several recipes from my "eats" and "delicious desserts" boards to life: 
Dr. H and I forgot to slice the giant "pizza roll" before we cooked it so ours didn't look this pretty,
but it still turned out MIGHTY tasty! (Note: we skipped the pepperoni). Recipe via Pinterest
This might be one of the tastiest things I've ever cooked!
LOVE a chance to use my slow cooker & substituting light cream cheese for actual cream!? Genius!
(Note: I did not provide bacon bits. I apologize). Recipe via Pinterest
My failure of the evening. These yogurt covered strawberries look so pretty on Pinterest,
but mine were lumpy and funky. Can't win em all I guess! 
I also took on a project posted by my crafty crush at OhHappyDay and it turned out great. Dr. H is skeptical about my "Snowflake Hole Punch" purchase, by I assured him that years of use will more than justify the purchase. 
My "Winter Blues & Snowy Whites" dinner party decoration
Lastly, you really should be using Fresh Direct. Cooking from recipes is a piece of CAKE when you can order everything you'll need online and have it delivered to your door the night before you need it for just $6 (that's the delivery fee). No more wandering the grocery store aisles looking for "seasoned salt" for this gal!
I have no idea how I got this to animate, but I freanking LOVE it!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nap it out.

Girl was on to something!
Why don't grown ups get nap time? I demand an answer! Despite the fact that nearly every adult I know complains of constantly being tired or "hitting a wall" around 3pm, taking a daily siesta has failed to make it across the Atlantic. Instead we are forced to head bob at our desks (you know you know the head bob) and pass out between stops on the subway (so unsatisfying!) Dr. H claims that the reason we don't get to nap is because it would mess up the stock market. I for one, think the world would be a better place if we all took a chill pill and went down for our afternoon naps.

This weekend I challenge you to take back the afternoon nap. I have grand Sunday plans to conk out on the couch 50% "watching" television and 100% leaving my laundry in the dryer downstairs for too long. It's going to be glllorious! I wish you all a happy weekend and happy napping!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meatballs. So hot right now.

When I searched Pinterest for "meatball" this was the first image that popped up.
Obviously, I did not feel the need to look any further.
This past Saturday Dr. H and I had a date night at the Meatball Factory*. Not to be confused with Meatball Shop (are meatballs the new cupcake!?) Meatball Factory was opened this past October by former Top Chef contestant Dave Martin at 14th St and 2nd Ave.  Though most would assume we were on a quest to find the tastiest balls, (I had to) we actually selected Factory over Shop due to a rumored "epic truffle mac cheese". I am on a permanent quest for the mac cheese to end all mac cheeses (I feel a post on this subject in our future) and Dr. H knows how to keep his lady happy.

We started with a bottle of wine (nice beer/wine list, always a plus) and Dave’s World Famous Black Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Believe the hype, this shizz was AWESOME.
Stare at the deliciousness HERE
Moving on to meatballs, the MENU is a bit overwhelming. There are several types of balls and sauces and we found ourselves relying heavily on the recommendations of our waitress who patiently explained combinations, meats and flavors. In the end, I went super meaty (hehe) and Dr. H went for the sampler plate (variety is the spice of life?) 
Way better pics than my cellphone HERE
While the meatballs were certainly tasty, the main dishes took a back seat to our side dish. So much is right about roasted brussels sprouts with maple syrup & red chili sauce.
See, I ate my veggies!
And just when you're thinking "Good Lord how much can those two eat!?" we checked out the dessert menu. Meatball Factory's portions were just right - filling, but not stuffing, aka perfect for "making it" to dessert.
The Hot Tin Roof Sundae = malted hot fudge and sea salt caramel
with candied walnuts over marshmallow gelato. Seriously.
While the verdict is still out on who has the best balls in town, The Meatball Factory was a tasty, fun and reasonably priced night on the town which I'd happily re-visit. 

* Not an NYC resident? Want to do a guest post about a restaurant in your city that deserves some lovin? 
Shoot me an email at 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

"Mike" is not a fan of autocorrect
Hooray for Hump Day! Enjoy these goodies from around the web:

A little bit of Oscar humor for those readers who are extremely prepared for the Academy Awards (Sunday).
* There is a 150% chance that I will someday do THIS to my fridge.
* Heel loving gal seeks cute non-ballet flat alternatives for spring. These were super cool in elementary school and I think they're making a comeback... Thoughts? 
* Taking Judaism and puppy love to the "full on crazy person" level?
* Be still my craft-loving heart... THIS exists
* I am "definitely" guilty of doing "THIS" way too often.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I don't feel guilty at all.

These gorgeous tiffany blues are on my healthy knee to do list.
Celebrity gossip. Scented candles. Bubble baths. Shoes. (Many many high heeled shoes.) These are just a few of my "guilty pleasures" and if I'm being honest, I don't feel guilty about them at all! How on earth could something as awesome as a HUGE movie theater cup of fountain soda make me feel anything other than happy!? 

I suppose we call certain things "guilty pleasures" because they're frivolous, unhealthy or over-priced. While there's a good degree of logic in this explanation, it also seems impossible to be satisfied by a lifetime of "essential items only". If something gives you pleasure, why should you feel guilty about it? I say, you shouldn't, even if the thing you love is silly or what some might consider a waste of your time or money. Today make yourself merry with a guilty pleasure and be sure not to feel an ounce of guilt! It'll be the perfect anecdote to our post-long weekend ho hums. Now, I'm off to read my Us Weekly.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I love George Washington.

Seriously, he's my favorite President. (Yes, I have a favorite President.)
FRIDAAAAYY! Woop wooop! Hopefully most of you are anxiously awaiting a three day weekend like I am, or maybe you're one of those lucky few that's about to get an entire week off (damn you educators!) However long you'll be celebrating the great Presidents Lincoln and Washington (LOVE me an American President) I hope you've got something awesome on tap. In honor of the holiday (and because I am truly a dork at heart) here's some Presidential greatness to take you into the weekend:
Someone PLEASE make me this
(I'll take that rad print chair and red accent pillow as well please).
Did you know that George Washington's favorite foods were pineapples and Brazil Nuts? 
(I have not verified any of the information on this website, but I do believe everything I read on the internet.)
Reason number bajillion why is the coolest place to shop
Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was the first President to have a beard?
(*I told you, everything I read on the internet.)
Does anyone want to come over and do arts & crafts with me? (I'm only half kidding)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am my own pet peeve.

New Yorkers tend to move at a fast pace. I, like many of my fellow Manhattanites, am peeved by people who don’t obey the unspoken “stand to the right, walk to the left” escalator rule or who meander down the sidewalk, 5 people wide. It’s not that I’m always in a rush, or that I want to be rude, it’s just that I appreciate efficiency. I can stroll with the best of them, but sometimes I’m squeezing a lot into a little time, or I just want to get where I’m going and slow pokes get in the way!

WELL… this week has been quite the eye opener. I have returned to the real world and Gimpy over here moves SLOW. And as if the knee brace fashion faux pas, limited mobility and discomfort aren’t enough, now I have people throwing me looks!!! They’re all “hey lady, if you can’t handle the speed get off the sidewalk!” Today an SUV trying to make a turn actually honked at me to get out of the way while I was trying to hail a cab!! I realize now how disorienting and rude all these rushy people can seem! 

Have you ever been on the other side of a pet peeve and realized that it's rotten over there too? I don't like slow moving people when I'm in a rush, but I don't like rushy people when I need to move slow! I am my own pet peeve. Oy.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Invented by a genius. Obviously.
Here we are, at the hump. This week the hump feels huge for me... knee surgery recovery is full steam ahead (and going well!) and it's tiring. Despite all those days on the couch, I'm ready for a weekend. Hump it out with me...

* Ladies... did you forget your man on Valentine's Day? Maybe THIS will make up for it?
* The Grammy's happened. (Wow girl.) The Oscar's are coming... If you are a fancy pants mcgee, you should throw an Oscar party like THIS one (via Snippet & Ink). I can also recommend from experience pizza, good wine and a dry erase board with you and your friends' nominee guesses. Get the full list of nominee's HERE
* This is some pretty hysterical home decor (also likely to horrify your grandparents) (via Cup of Jo and The Daily Muse)
* I need more colorful bookshelves in my life.
* I want a dog and I want it to be able to do THIS.

Update! I tested out the "sock bun" from last hump day and learned a few things: (1) Do not expect this to go well the first time; it's likely going to take more than one test-run; (2) Use a spray bottle for the water like the video says. For some reason I thought splashing from the sink would be a good substitute. It wasn't; (3) Don't use a dress sock. I think it wasn't "plush" enough. I saw signs of a great hair trick in my efforts girls, but we're not there just yet. I will report back next week on attempt number 2.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valens Part Deux

Our day to celebrate love has arrived and the timing is perfect. My husband, the awesome Dr. H, has been the superhero of my recent bum-knee recovery and is more generally, the love of my life.  Given our shared passion for music and my complete inability to adequately express my unwavering love for this incredible man, I thought I'd leave it to the experts:

* Man, oh man, you’re my best friend, I scream it to the nothingness, there ain’t nothin’ that I need..home is wherever I’m with you * 'cause I love you more than I could ever promise and you take me the way I am * I'd gladly lose me to find you, I'd gladly give up all I've got, I'd call that a bargain, the best I ever had * how much do I love you? I'll tell you no lie, how deep is the ocean how high is the sky? * it had to be you * where you are, that's where I wanna be...  you're everything to me * so please, grow old along with me, the best is yet to be * and in the end I know that we'll find, love so beautiful and divine, we'll be lovers for a lifetime, and I'll stay with you *

Happy Valentine's day to my love, my merry readers and all those you love.

Monday, February 13, 2012

RIP Famous Person I feel like I knew.

It’s interesting how we mourn the death of a celebrity. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Whitney Houston passed away over the weekend and since the news broke, I’ve heard her music in bars, seen her videos on tv and there are too many posts on Twitter and Facebook about her to count. We all seem to feel a loss, an emotional connection to this stranger whose celebrity persona and accomplishments touched our lives, however distantly.

And this is not a new phenomena; from John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe, to Chris Farley, Aliyah, Heath Ledger or Michael Jackson... when a celebrity dies, particularly a sudden death, we gravitate to the “story” and feel loss even though the gross majority of us never met or knew these individuals personally. Is it that we are fascinated by their downfall as much as their success? Is it that their pop culture contributions are so a part of our own memories that we feel the loss on a personal level? Whatever the reason, it’s amazing that these famous strangers have made their way into our hearts. Rest in peace celebrity "friends" and thank you for your contributions to our lives.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Power of the Green Coat.

Hello lovely.
It's jade green with turquoise, yellow and cream satin lining. It prefers collar up and all but the bottom button closed. It makes me feel unique, put together and happy... Pulling my green peacoat out of the closet for the first time each year is one of my favorite parts of winter.

I believe that there are few things more fabulous than the simple joy of finding an article of clothing which makes you feel confident and proud to step out and I know many women (and more than a handful of men) who agree. What's better than those heels that make you strut a little sexier or that suit jacket which makes you feel powerful and confident? While it may seem materialistic to equate a feeling to a piece of clothing, getting dressed can be more than a functional activity without breaking the bank! One of my favorite dresses came from the sale rack of a no-name store!! It isn't the cost or brand that matters for your "it" item, it's how wearing it makes you feel. Everyone deserves an article of clothing that makes you feel like your "best self" no matter what else life is throwing your way. This weekend, I say put on your "green coat" and work it!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thank Goodness.

Thank goodness for my mom. Thank goodness I have someone to call when I need to know how to cook shrimp ("Meri, read the package, if they're pink that means you bought PRE-COOKED shrimp") or how long is too long for my turkey sandwich to be un-refrigerated ("It was on the counter ALL NIGHT!? Throw it out Meri!") Thank goodness for my mother's honesty ("you're not going to wear that are you?") and her amazing sense of humor (7:49am text message: "today is National Popcorn Day!") Thank goodness for lessons in bargain hunting and wine drinking, jeans washing and thoughtful gift-giving. Thank goodness for unwavering emotional support (my cell phone pretty much auto-dials “mom” when it senses I'm on the verge of tears) and years of cheerleading (I didn’t know Hallmark made so many “you can do it!” cards). Thank goodness for a shining example of love, caring, compassion and courage.

Thank goodness for my mom (and the happiest of birthdays to YOU).

Image via Pinterest

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Hump day is a significant occasion even when you're spending the week on the couch! Here's some stuff to help us all rally and get through the week:

This would definitely result in a call from HR
* Chocolate and salt. COMBINED. Ooooh yeah. Be a Betty Crocker or just a saavy shopper
* I wonder if Dr. H would mind if I started hanging these ALL over the apartment
* I think I need to order a case of these (and it still might not be enough to hold me over until summer time) (via Cup of Jo)
* Trying this out tomorrow (girl's gotta feel glam even if she's on crutches and wearing sweatpants!)
* Kids say the darndest things! (You absolutely MUST view more than just the first page. The gems go on and on)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On the mend!

Happy to report that I'm back in one piece... one achy, napping, constantly icing piece. Awesome. I could give you a deep blog post about facing my fear of hospitals like a champ (woop wooop!) but instead I think we'll focus on being distracted and happy. Dr. H making me mac cheese from scratch = happy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I have a boo boo.

It’s not a serious boo boo (thankfully) but it’s an ouchie one... I have a torn ACL and medial meniscus. It’s similar to what happened to THIS GUY and THIS GUY. Somebody send me to the Superbowl! It’s also the same thing that happened to ME when I was 15 years old. Somehow in the many years since my surgical repair (dancing, running marathons, wearing 3” high heels and hiking the Inka Trail?) I broke my “brand new knee”. Brand new no more...

Today I am having surgery to fix this bad boy, hopefully once and for all. Luckily, I get to come home the same day and let Dr. H nurse me back to health. Though it’s possible I’ll be MIA for a day or two, in all likelihood I’ll be bored out of my mind and blogging up something special for you. To be determined. In the meantime, wish me luck facing my illogical fear and I’ll see you on the other side.
Image via google

Friday, February 3, 2012


Fact – I LOVE love. Hearts, romantic gestures, smiles which have a meaning far greater than just happiness... love is my favorite emotion because it wraps so many other wonderful feelings up into it. In honor of February (“love month” as one of my fellow bloggers (iheartthisblog, check her OUT!) calls it) I would like to dedicate today’s post to something I love. This post is dedicated to friendship; specifically, my very bestest girlfriends and the incredibly special friendship we share.
“My girls” are the definition of unwavering love. For 15 years (did you know girls could get along with one another for that long!?) across continents and colleges, through relationships and tragedies, we have managed to forge a bond that is truly unique. We are, at times, the definition of cheesy, but the love we share is exactly what love is supposed to be – unconditional, joyful and completely fulfilling. Who in your life fills you with love? Though February tends to emphasize love between romantic partners, the name "Valentine", is derived from valens (4 years of latin and 5 seconds on Wikipedia) which means “worthy, strong, powerful”. What I have with my girls is the very essence of valens. May the love you share with friends, parents, children and siblings fill you up this month and every day thereafter.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why so scared?

Fear is a funny thing. Sometimes a fear can be easily explained, but other times we develop a fear which festers in our mind and gets worse without any explanation or support. Whether it be the dark, heights, public speaking or small spaces, the world is chock full of things to be “afraid” of. I for example, am terrified of hospitals. Despite the fact that beautiful miracles happen in hospitals every day, I am mildly panicked by everything about them and I have been for as long as I can remember.

Do you have an illogical fear? If so, how do you talk yourself through the moments when your fear must be faced? I think the only weapon is positive thinking (“this bridge is sturdy”, “the overwhelming majority of airplanes land safely”...) but when you’re scared, that doesn’t feel like a very mighty sword. It’s hard to stay merry when you’re feeling afraid!! Here’s to staying strong and being brave, even when fear is creeping in. Image via Pinterest

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

If this isn't a Hump Day DISTRACTION, I don't know what is...
Another Wednesday is upon us, so here are some links from around the web to get you over the hump!
* Just in time for Superbowl parties, here's a link to some ridonky looking dips.
* Remember when Aaron Carter dated Lindsay Lohan? How about Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong? Take a walk down famous couple memory lane...
* Amusing and True.
* When a groom takes his bride's Bieber Fever to the next level.
* This hairdo looks super easy and very do-able.
* Are you sending SomeeCards to your family and friends? You should be.