Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why so scared?

Fear is a funny thing. Sometimes a fear can be easily explained, but other times we develop a fear which festers in our mind and gets worse without any explanation or support. Whether it be the dark, heights, public speaking or small spaces, the world is chock full of things to be “afraid” of. I for example, am terrified of hospitals. Despite the fact that beautiful miracles happen in hospitals every day, I am mildly panicked by everything about them and I have been for as long as I can remember.

Do you have an illogical fear? If so, how do you talk yourself through the moments when your fear must be faced? I think the only weapon is positive thinking (“this bridge is sturdy”, “the overwhelming majority of airplanes land safely”...) but when you’re scared, that doesn’t feel like a very mighty sword. It’s hard to stay merry when you’re feeling afraid!! Here’s to staying strong and being brave, even when fear is creeping in. Image via Pinterest

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  1. My fear is falling - from high places, off of boats, etc. I'm fine on say, the Empire State Building, because you can't fall from there, but I will cling to anything bolted down if I'm on the deck of a boat that starts listing. I hate, hate, hate the Delaware Bay Bridge. I get over it (literally) by going the speed limit in the center lane and focusing on the car in front of me. I need to give myself a 5 mile pep talk prior to the tollbooth :)