Friday, August 31, 2012

Saturn's Return

What is it you plan to do?
Have you ever heard of "Saturn Return"? Recently, Dr. H and I were hanging out with one of our more fabulous friends, and she told us about an astrological "moment" that's happening to us right now. You see, Saturn return is when Saturn returns to the same point in the sky that it occupied at the moment of your birth. It is an alleged phenomenon which supposedly influences a person's life development at 27 to 29 year intervals or "returns" (coinciding with the approximate time it takes Saturn to make one orbit around the sun (29.4 years)). It is believed by astrologers that, as Saturn "returns" to the degree in its orbit occupied at the time of your birth, you cross over a major threshold and enter the next stage of life. With the first Saturn return (28-30) you leave youth behind and enter adulthood; with the second return (56-60) maturity; and with the third and usually final return (84-90) wise old age

I am a believer in the stars and the mystical accuracy of astrology (I am a Cancer crab through and through) so I bought into this concept immediately. There's something powerful about transition and something empowering about knowing that this is the threshold of whatever you choose to have happen next.

Be brave. Make moves.
Even though I'm no longer in school, the start of fall still has a "new year" feel for me. With the lazy sunny summer behind us, I like to think about what I want the year ahead to look like. Good thing I have a 3-day weekend to sunbathe and mull it over:) Thanks for the planetary motivation Saturn.
See you in September!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tales from the home...

I have nowhere for you to live Oscar
I'm going to let you guys in on a funny little thing that's been going on at home. You see, when Dr. H and I came back from vacation, our apartment, specifically the kitchen, smelled AWFUL. Not just bad... I'm talkin "who the hell pooped in our trash can?" levels of stank. It was appalling. We immediately threw out the nearly empty bag in the can, Febreeze-d the sh*t out of it, opened windows, lit scented candles and hoped for the best. When I came home the next day, I learned that while I was out, Dr. H had made the executive decision to throw away our trash can. "It still smelled. It could not be saved" he said. In it's place was a J. Crew shopping bag because "Bed Bath and Beyond didn't have any good ones and it was college move-in and I couldn't be in there". Oh boy.

Initially annoyed (who lives without a trash can in their kitchen!??) 24-hours into our can-less existence, I started to have a change of heart. We have a TON of folded up shopping bags in our apartment. Trader Joe's, Kate Spade, Banana Republic... I am one of those people who hoards "good" paper bags for unspecified future use. Well, unspecified no more! With a move on the horizon, all my "good" bags likely would have been tossed, BUT, being without a trash can means they can HOLD trash instead of becoming trash! Annnnd, with small capacity and a high potential for leaks, we are taking out the trash almost nightly and generally "trashing" tidier .

Is this a totally disgusting way to exist? Possibly. Are we perfectly content to be that way? Absolutely.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

That's a Hunk Day Hump Day Distraction right there!
Guess who finally snapped out of her funk!? THIS girl!! Turns out a good spin class, delicious dinner and detailed "to do" list (which I tackled 1 item at a time with gusto!) was enough to get my brain back on track. Lemonade for everyone!! Even more merry is the fact that we are half way to a glorious 3-day weekend. Hump it with me here:

* At least it wasn't Shamu?
* I'm finally cashing in my Verizon upgrade for the new iPhone next month and I plan to turn that bad boy in to a one-stop photoshop dream machine using some of THESE well reviewed apps.
* One of the greatest photobombs of all time.
* This is gonna be freakin delicious.
* "Lovely Sky Monsters" (how elegantly titled right!??)
* New baby at the zoo
* Here's to hoping our pups never figure out how to use Facebook (because who knows what they would say about us!)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lemonade Stand is Closed.

They say when life gives you lemons...
I am in a post-vacation mindfuzz (that's the G-rated version of clusterf**k in case you were wondering). Though my first day back at work was nothing terrible, it was especially work-y (go figure) and my mind is a bit cluttered/overwhelmed by upcoming events (moving) and travel (8 weeks, 4 states, 2 countries). No matter how hard I tried yesterday, I could not turn my lemons into lemonade. For example:
- I woke up in a toilet paper-less apartment. Nothing like starting your day by yelling for your husband to bring you the bedside tissue box.
- It rained. A rainy day in NYC is the most opposite thing from a sunshiney day in Maine one could possibly experience
- I packed a gym bag feeling super "work off that second (third?) serving of lobster mac" motivated, only to realize I failed to include a sports bra. No comment on how that spin class worked out (a bouncing good time!?)

I pride myself on seeing the sunny side no matter how funkified my mood, but funkified I was. I resorted to old techniques (call mom; listen to upbeat music; dress in a favorite outfit; look at old pictures from a happy day) and I tried new techniques (plan a delicious dinner to look forward to; splurge on a SoulCycle class) but nothing seemed to work. I wasn't even in the mood to online shop!! My revelation after all this was that maybe it's ok to just funk-out sometimes. My determination to make myself feel happier actually turned into added stress as I failed to find a way to "snap out of it". I guess we're all entitled to the occasional very un-merry mood and when it hits we should be willing to embrace it, face it and then move on. Screw lemonade, sometimes sour lemons taste just fine.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Refresh, recharge, reboot(ing).

The wonton soup Gods are so in tune with who I am.
Well hello hello. It's been a while, but I'm back from vacation-land and I hope you enjoyed your F.I.T.S. of merriment while I was gone. I spent my days smelling the fresh Maine air, biking, kayaking, hiking, lovin on my family (to whom I am, as the fortune cookie says, "deeply attached") and as promised, eating copious amounts of lobster (whole, rolls, omelets, mac cheese, salads). It was out of control awesome. Now however, it's back to work, and instead of my usual iced coffee tomorrow morning, I think I need a to go cup like THIS:

Brilliant. Totally, F'ing BRILLIANT.
It's gonna be a rough one, (may-jah ho hums!) but I'm confident that by tomorrow I will find my footing back here in this strange place called "reality" (eww). In the mean time, you admire this adorable little girl and her hedgehog friend:

Hedgehogs. So hot right now.

And I'll focus on Peter Pan's key to flight:

Get me some pixie dust

Friday, August 24, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Hooray it's Friday
(unless you're me on vacation, in that case, BOOOOOO!)
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: So GIFs are like "the new big thing" (says me). Mom, in case you're reading this, a GIF is a short clip file (somewhere between a video and a picture) and peeps loooove to match these clips with funny captions. Check some pretty awesome ones out HERE and HERE 
Interesting: Less makeup, more natural beauty 
Tasty: Anything involving Whoppers is worth a try right!?  
SiteILove: You Are My Fave - I first came to know "YAMF" when another blogger linked to one of her "Spotted and Hearted" posts (example HERE) and it was lurve at first read. Melanie Blodgett is an expert at sourcing the coolest and craftiest things from around the web  (like this brilliant birthday in a box idea) and she dreams up some pretty great stuff all on her own as well!  
Bonus site lovin: My funny as hell sis-in-law just started a blog where she creates Us Weekly-esque covers bearing the headlines we were all thinking, but didn't have the cajones to say out loud. May-jah laughs... check it out:)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Babe'in it up
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: When life gives you lemons..?
Interesting: I think I've mentioned my love-affair with the still image before. For me, there's nothing more incredible than capturing a solitary moment which evokes a feeling or tells a story far greater than the confines of that single frame. Here is a collection of some of the most powerful images ever taken (do you agree?)  
Tasty: It's called "Revolutionary Mac & Cheese" so obviously it's time to stop reading and start cooking!! (Link on Pinterest HERE
SiteILove: The Daily Muse - This blog is a great daily read about the life and interests of Rebecca Baust, a Manhattan-dwelling nutritionist/writer/photographer. All about clean lines, simple decor and healthy living, Rebecca's aesthetic is like the yin to my zig zag, organized chaos, mac cheese loving yang. We both however adore photography and sarcasm. Also, her dog Sam Wiggins is absolutely the coolest.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Love me a good adventure!
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: "The hospital was Butler and you were in the criminally insane unit! I remember you clearly!" and other incredibly heartfelt (and totally bizarre) Craigs List Missed Connections 
Interesting: Ever wonder where the most spoiled children in the country are living? Wonder no more (warning, bad news for us NYC'ers ahead) 
Tasty: It's like a whole bunch of my favorite ingredients making love between two slices of bread.  
SiteILove: NYC Taught Me -  You know that Sharon Beesley is awesome because her blog is primarily about parenting and living in NYC with three young kids, which isn't exactly my demo, but it's nevertheless one of my favorite daily reads. Sharon is a rock star at field trips, crafts and finding humor in everyday moments; I'm constantly bookmarking her site for "someday". In my next life, I'd like to come back as one of her kids so she can dress me super cool and take me adventuring.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Vacationing is just faaabulous dah-ling
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: These product displays are sure to make you a repeat customer.
InterestingI was a BIG Twitter skeptic, but Dr. H convinced me to give it a try. Though I'm still not sure I love pausing real life to talk to my online "followers" (of which I have embarrassingly few) following interesting things and people (@empirelights tells me the meaning of the Empire State Building's colors each night, @nycgo keeps me up to date on the latest and greatest in my city and @lenadunham is freakin hysterical) is definitely, as Gretchen Rubin says HERE (@gretchenrubin), a happiness booster. 
Tasty: Supposedly these are the best meatballs you'll ever have. There are a lot of ingredients (which typically I'm against due to time constraints) but for your next italian feast, it might be worth a shot! 
SiteILove: Peppermint BlissIf I could meet 1 person whose blog I read daily, it would be Bailey from Peppermint Bliss. An interior designer/young mom/fellow Britney Spears worshipper, Bailey blogs about everything from her kickass home decor ideas to her adorable 1 year old daughter. She's hysterical, creative and inspiringly unique and I want to live in pretty much every room she designs.

Monday, August 20, 2012

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Reflecting on Maine's beauty!
Merry Meri is on vacation this week so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy!

Funny: Masters of disguise (steal-ers of our hearts!)
Interesting: Want to buy basic clothing items (think t-shirts, weekend bags, belts) of designer quality, but at discount prices!? A new company called Everlane (click HERE  to check them out and sign up) is cutting out the middle man and bringing you the goods for cheap. Don't those t-shirts look cozy!?
Tasty: In shark week withdrawal!? THIS should do the trick (via Momappetit)
SiteILove: Cup of Jo  - If you visit this blog with any sort of frequency, you know I have the blogger crush to end all blogger crushes on Joanna Goddard's Cup of Jo. Named by Forbes as one of the 100 best websites for women, this blog i) inspired me to become a blogger; and ii) is a constant source of share-worthy items from recipes and fashion (Everlane!) to parenting and NYC activities.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Vacation for me, F.I.T.S. of merriment for you.

Bar Harbor, Maine HERE I COME!
HEY-O my merry friends!! It's Friday and I'm going on VACATION!!! WOOOO!!! And this isn't a long-weekend/mini-adventure/business-mixed-with-pleasure trip either... this is 7 consecutive days of cubicle free, lobster chowing, family time in Bar Harbor, Maine. I'll be with my whole extended family, enjoying the great outdoors and eating copious amounts of fresh seafood. Life is good.

In an effort to truly get away, I'm going to put not just work, but some of my more time consuming hobbies (ehgm) on hold while I'm gone. 'Tis necessary for a true "recharge". Buuuuut, you lovely folks are finally turning up in decent numbers (growing everyday!) and I didn't have it in my heart to leave you all alone. SO, for the first time ever, Seektobemerry presents F.I.T.S.! Every day next week I will give you something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site I love - hence, F.I.T.S.!! It's like a week of meatier Hump Day Distractions (which I know yous love) that I can get all queue'd up before I peace out. So come back next week just like you always do (bring your friends!) and try not to miss me too much:) 

[Full disclosure - I have not cooked most of the food I will be designating as "Tasty" (who do you think I am, freaking Julia Childs!?) but the pictures look delicious and the recipes are fairly uncomplicated so they're on my "to do" list and hopefully will earn a spot on yours as well.]

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Get me a cocktail!

Grey Goose martini. Dirty. Extra olives - that's me.
Ever have one of thoooose weeks? You know the kind... you're workin it hard core at the office, juggling a ton of personal projects at home and are just in desperate need of a DRINK?!? Well, I am having one of thoooose weeks and if you're there with me, have I got the post for you! No expert mixologists needed, just stop at the liquor store on your way home and whip up a little something to take the edge off tonight.
Blended Raspberry Cocktail
1/2 cup ice or several ice cubes; 8 ounces Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion; 1 1/2 ounces vodka. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better (or easier) than that - this lil cocktail is just 115 calories! (I might try adding a few crushed raspberries for extra berry goodness).

"Grown Up" Root Beer Float
Two ways to make this bad boy: 1. Root beer (I like Diet A&W Root Beer best), Pinnacle Whip vodka and a dollop of vanilla ice cream to top it off (whipped cream works too!); or 2. if Pinnacle is too "flavored" for your taste buds, switch it out for plain vanilla vodka. Makes a sweet treat that will leave you feeling saucy:)

The Cayman Lemonade
Watch out ladies... this one's gonna go down easy! A few more ingredients than I usually prefer, this cocktail seems worth the effort - 1 oz Vodka; 1 oz Triple Sec; 1 oz Peach Schnapps; Cranberry juice; and Club Soda. Mix the vodka, triple sec and peach schnapps in a shaker, pour over ice, add a squeeze of lime, a splash of cranberry juice and club soda, stir and enjoy. (Easy peasy imitation: Crystal Light lemonade, vodka, splash of club soda. BOOM!)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Wiser words have never been said.
Holy hell how is it not Friday yet!? This week is taking FOR-EVA. Dr. H and I are heading out of town on a family vacation Friday and I think that might have something to do with my feeling every second, of every minute, of every hour... you get the picture. Here to save us from the mid-week blues are some goodies from around the web. Happy humping!

* Duuuuh dun. duuuuh dun. duuuh dun. duuh dun. duh dun. duh dun. Been waiting for this week all summer! 
* As if string cheese wasn't awesome enough on it's lonesome... along came THIS tasty idea 
* A little pricey, but a lot adorable if anyone is looking to buy me a gift (lookin at you Sis hehe!) 
* This might not be real. But I think it is. Dolphins are awesome.  
* Delicious and cheap... awwwww yeah.  
* Sometimes I make silly faces when I discover a "hidden" camera. So does THIS guy
* "You can choose to resignedly click "Like"... or you can do like the commenters gathered HERE, who deserve awards for their attention to detail and their willingness to turn a glimpse of another person's existence into something we can all laugh at."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

But are you going to work?

This is not real life (except the heels of course).
Lately I've been doing A LOT of thinking about what my life will look like as a parent. NO I am not becoming a parent any time soon and NO I'm not developing baby brain (still purely puppy focused thank you very much) but nearly three years into my "working life" (thanks for the delayed start law school!) I've been thinking a lot about my "career track". Poised to grow in whatever direction I please professionally (for which I am thankful and grateful my career compass can't help but consider whatever direction I will want to go in once raising a child becomes part of the picture. We ladies are blessed with maternal instinct and unprecedented opportunities in the work force which is a bit of curse if you're a die-hard "planner" like myself.

Much like my pondering the right time to have a baby, I wonder (without any expectation of finding an answer) how to steer a career that will someday have stiff competition for my attention from a totally-awesome (duh) miniature family member. How do you plan for something that you cannot predict in time OR emotion? Do you throw caution to the wind and hope that when the occasion arises you'll know what to do, or is it better to start thinking ahead of time about what you want? It all feels very impossible to determine at the moment. For now I suppose, I will just keep enjoying the 9 to 5 hustle (9 to 5!?) and wonder what the future will hold for me and my merry minion.

P to the S: For more on balancing work and motherhood, check out Cup of Jo's recent (awesomely interesting) interview series with some super-powerful mamas.

Monday, August 13, 2012

On vanity.

It didn't look anything like this...
Forgive me fashion gods for I have sinned. Last week I committed my number ONE fashion "don't" - I wore gym sneakers with my work clothing - in public! Now perhaps some of you are willing to concede vanity for practicality and comfort, but merry meri is not that kind of girl. Nevertheless, on this particular occasion (10pm on a spontaneous (and much needed) 40 block walk home from fried chicken, mac cheese, ribs and beer) I felt it was the "right" decision to slip out of my slightly heeled sandals and into the running sneakers I was carrying in my gym bag. 
much more like THIS (whomp whomp)
I prayed no one would see me as I scurried down West End Avenue, cracking Dr. H up with my shame. "It's happening!! I'm abandoning fashion for function... I'm OLD!!!" I walk in everything from Converse and ballet flats to Toms and flip flops, but how many shoes am I supposed to have on my person on a daily basis!? I'm like a walking DSW,  needing flats for my commute, heels for the office and Asics for the gym. It's hard work (and a lot to carry!) Though a beautiful summer evening stroll with my hubs was well worth the faux pas, my gym sneakers shouldn't expect it to happen again any time soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Farewell Bob.

Dr. H will miss your nightly chats
The time has come. After a two week love affair with all things Olympic, on Sunday night we will say goodbye to the XXX Olympiad in the best possible fashion (with The Who and the Spice Girls). It's been an awesome marathon of television viewing, transforming me into a certified couch potato/online streaming addict (I actually watched several events twice yesterday, once live and again during the primetime broadcast. I know, I'm out of control.) but all good things must come to an end...
Thanks for this Sis.
Dr. H and I will go back to streaming Netflix (we've missed you Coach Taylor) until Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson return. I also plan to finally make some homemade soft serve. But for now, enjoy this witty joke:

And consider the sheer greatness of THIS picnic table modification:
Someone get me this table (and a yard.)
Most importantly...
See ya Monday!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I want to go to there.

Goodbye high-rise, hello pre-war!
Dr. H and I are planning to move this fall. After a two year "experiment" north of midtown, we've decided that we are, without question, "downtown people". So when our lease ends, we plan to migrate back towards our first apartment together in the Soho/Village/Tribeca-ish area. Now anyone familiar with NYC real estate knows that you cannot look for an apartment here until you are ready to sign on the dotted line (literally. Holding onto an apartment for more than 4 weeks before your lease starts is unheard of) but given my tendency to plan and our eagerness to relocate, I've been doing a bit of fantasizing...
about things like THIS...
... and THIS.
It's a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing to do for many reasons, but mostly because my Pinterest-lusting might be a tad larger than my budget (insert Dr. H eye roll here). So in an effort to re-direct my energy from fantasy to reality, I thought I would share some of the fantastic home DIY projects and decor ideas that I've come across in my browsing...

Calorie free cake stands for your bathroom & kitchen!
NYC apartments are notoriously short on counter space in places like bathrooms and kitchens so I will definitely be using this creative (and adorable) storage solution in the future.

Use every inch of space you have!
Our Soho apartment had a shelf above the hallway doors and it was a brilliant way to display some of our knicknacks and sports paraphernalia (we both have A LOT of sports paraphernalia!) Chic-ify the idea with a lovely corner like this one.

Wallpaper lined bookshelves
What an awesome way to jazz up those Ikea/thrift shop/flea market purchases!! I've seen this done with paint or wallpaper, in china/display type cabinets and on bookshelves. I guess if I do this I'll have to commit to not overfilling my shelves with crap!?

twinkle twinkle little star...
How awesome is that curtain!? I'm thinking it might be a perfect surprise for friends when they go to sleep in our guest bedroom (fantasizing again?) Anyyyyways, this starry night is NOT just for the babies... it can be purchased here on Etsy or if you're feeling bold, a craft store hole-punch and cheap shade (like this one) could make for some DIY magic!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

No need to speak Ryan. Just let me look.
Well it was bound to happen folks. Somewhere between the uneven bars and the 100M dash, I hit my Olympic wall. On Sunday night, the rigor of sitting on my ass watching hours upon hours of other people being athletic finally took it's toll and I conceded to my exhaustion, retreating to bed earlier than I have in ages. Thankfully, I awoke Monday feeling rested and super motivated to face the week so I'm running full speed over today's hump like THIS GUY.  Join me as we sprint to the finish of this week!!

* According to THIS, I am the physical equivalent of Ms. Britt Goodwin (sign me up for the GB Handball team!?)  
* It isn't called the XXX Olympiad for nothing!  
* Football fandom taken to a level of adorable that's impossible to beat (an especially "awww moment" at the :45 mark) 
* And while we're saying "awwww"...  
* THIS seems pretty freakin brilliant (also, delicious)  
* New Yorkers are a special breed of beautiful (and I love it; be sure to read the captions) [viaCupofJo] 
* Judd Apatow seems to have nailed it again. Always a good sign when you're laughing out loud at the trailer.
* I must erect a warning. This link is a real weiner.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Have you heard about...

Let me tell you a something...
Hey-o my fellow merry readers. Here for your Tuesday reading pleasure is the latest and greatest installment of "Have you Heard About?". I've been known to nail it with past "have you heard" posts (Fifty Shades of Grey back in March... The Lumineers before they were heating up the Summerstage in Central Park!) so seize this chance to be cooler than the cool kids and get out ahead of the latest trends! 

* The Happiness Project 
Read it!
A title perfectly suited for a blog that hopes to inspire merriment! Though asking if you've heard about a book which is already on the NY Times Bestseller list might be a bit behind the times (hehe), I finally started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and I'm totally hooked. Rubin, a lawyer-turned writer (woah) writes about her one-year journey towards greater happiness, endeavoring to focus not on a total do-over of her life, but on improving her life as it was. Written in a conversational tone that reads more like a chat with your girlfriend than a self-help book, I am already inspired to start my own happiness project asap! 

* The Hair Donut
A delicious "treat" for your lovely locks
I mentioned this little gem in a Hump Day Distractions a couple of weeks back, but based on feedback from peeps out here in the real world, this brilliant hair-tool needs to be pushed out into the spotlight. First brought to my attention by the always-ahead-of-the-curve Joanna Goddard, the hair donut is the "sock bun" (remember that diy experiment!?) perfected. You simply pull your hair into a ponytail (no twisty needed) and holding the pony above your head, roll the donut from the tip of your hair down, folding the hair into the donut as you go (and an even easier application with bobby pins HERE). Just like that, you get the fullness of a Hepburn-esque professional 'do with none of the fuss. I bought my donut from ASOS but a quick google search reveals that these guys are available all ova the place. Snatch one up and prepare for a day of delightful compliments. 

* Prints, Patterns and Bold Colors 
Not sure how we common folk are
going to pull off this trend...
With the season of neon nearly in our rearview, it looks like all things printed and patterned are going to be big for the fall. Based on highly scientific research (aka window-shopping and fashion magazine combing) I think we're in for a mish-mash of polka dots, stripes, florals and elaborate graphic-esque designs which look a bit like an explosion in a thrift-store back room. I often struggle to "edit" when it comes to composing an outfit, so if this prediction is accurate, Dr. H is going to be hearing a whole lot of "is this too much?" in the coming months! 

* Hedgehogs
Hey there little buddy. Are you the next big thing!?
I think hedgehogs are the new owl. What I mean by that is the indie/hipster/crafting/diy crowd loves to pick obscure and uniquely adorable animals for incorporation into decor and accessories and hedgehogs are toootally the next big thing. Move over owls, it's time to give a hoot about Sonic and his adorable little buds. (PS- my Mom got to hold a hedgehog at the Central Park Zoo last week (my Mom is a guide/volunteer at the zoo because she's awesome like that) and I'm super jealous!)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fishergirl vs. Fisherman

Yesterday I was out fishing (yup, and I even bait my own hook!) with my parents, Dr. H and a friend of my Dad's. As my mom and I chatted about everything from "so and so's wedding" to the brilliance of THIS Greek dip, the gentlemen of our party couldn't help but joke about the differences between our genders. My Dad, often known to enjoy all day fishing excursions will come home after 4+ hours at sea with friends and say he had a great day. But when you ask what the group talked about, the answer is usually "nothing". "You don't know how his wife is doing or how their vacation to Europe was?" "Nope, it didn't come up." Hours together on a boat can spark no greater conversation than "will you pass me a soda?" "Sure." and "Thanks." It seems that men have an uncanny ability to sit in absolute silence for hours on end, enjoying one another's company while women would consider a day without conversation to be an indication that something is terribly wrong. 

While I can certainly appreciate a relationship so deep that there's no need for small talk, much of what I enjoy about time with girl friends is catching up and chatting about whatever random topics come to mind. Our male counterparts however, mysteriously create closeness in total silence, their mere mutual presence in a location being enough to make the day great.  It's crazy how different we can be. So you men go off and enjoy your silence, I'll stay here with the ladies and talk about how you all never seem to have anything you want to talk about. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

The end is near.

See you later alligator
(Note: I DO have a gator float & I WILL be laying on it this weekend)
I saw something tragic yesterday… I’m innocently walking down 6th Avenue when there it was - a window display for Gap’s new “back to school/fall line”.  Fall. As in shorter days, good bye flip flops and hello outfits that involve more than 1 article of clothing. *Grooooooan* Even though I actually find fall to be a beautiful season, I don’t like thinking about it. I am a warm, sunshiney kind of gal.  So to combat the inevitable end of summer blues, I thought I would compile a “to do list” for the rest of the GREATEST SEASON of them ALL (does this count as plans?). Whether you’re an NYC’er like me or far across the country, be inspired to soak up the sunshine! Happy Weekend!!

1. Swim in the ocean. This is just about the warmest it’s going to get all summer. Time to stop wading and dive in.
2. Visit Coney Island. No more “I really want to go to Coney this summer”
3. Be barefoot. As much as possible.
4. Learn to use my soft serve ice cream maker (or at the very least, eat more soft serve ice cream)
5. Shop the end of season sales. No better way to end the summer than sporting all the trends (for half the price!)
6. Picnic in the park.
7. Kayak (it must be the Olympics, I’m feeling inspired)
8. Eat more lobster (and corn on the cob and watermelon)
9. Make my own Sangria (because those pinterest recipes aren’t going to make themselves!)
10. Stargaze. Lay in the grass and stare at the sky while the crickets serenade you.
11. (One more for good luck) Do a running jump into a pool, lake or other large body of water (because it's FUN!)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have a lochte on my mind right now...

London love. Olympic fever.
I'm having a bit of trouble here folks. You see, I am apparently an Olympics addict. I've been absolutely glued to my tv for hours EVERY night, spewing facts about synchronized diving, analyzing flip turns and rating vaults. Ever since that torch reached London I've been in rare television-viewing form. It's awesome for Team USA (because obviously they can feel my unwavering support) but reeking havoc on everything else (why sleep when I can watch whitewater kayaking highlights on channel 723!?) Thankfully for all of you, I managed to pull myself away just long enough to show you this totally adorable way to make your kiddo / niece and nephew / friend who's young at heart smile:
Don't bug me, it's snack time.

And this AWESOME and easy way to kick your pretzels up a notch:
Spicy Pretzels

And what better way to honor the Olympics' Greek heritage than with this amazing Greek 5-layer dip?
Who says five layer dips are only
for Mexican? Go Greek!

More calories than the entire women's gymnastics team ate today?
Fuel for a Gold Medal in couch sitting.

The reality is, I'm not going to be able to fully focus until they extinguish that flame.
Watching the Olympics can be EXHAUSTING!