Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have a lochte on my mind right now...

London love. Olympic fever.
I'm having a bit of trouble here folks. You see, I am apparently an Olympics addict. I've been absolutely glued to my tv for hours EVERY night, spewing facts about synchronized diving, analyzing flip turns and rating vaults. Ever since that torch reached London I've been in rare television-viewing form. It's awesome for Team USA (because obviously they can feel my unwavering support) but reeking havoc on everything else (why sleep when I can watch whitewater kayaking highlights on channel 723!?) Thankfully for all of you, I managed to pull myself away just long enough to show you this totally adorable way to make your kiddo / niece and nephew / friend who's young at heart smile:
Don't bug me, it's snack time.

And this AWESOME and easy way to kick your pretzels up a notch:
Spicy Pretzels

And what better way to honor the Olympics' Greek heritage than with this amazing Greek 5-layer dip?
Who says five layer dips are only
for Mexican? Go Greek!

More calories than the entire women's gymnastics team ate today?
Fuel for a Gold Medal in couch sitting.

The reality is, I'm not going to be able to fully focus until they extinguish that flame.
Watching the Olympics can be EXHAUSTING!

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  1. i love the title of this post. that is all :). well, and the butterfly snack idea. Soph will be seeing that soon!