Monday, March 31, 2014

Music for your Monday...

Anyone else feeling particularly ruffled today? For me it's just one of those days when even the post-work day already feels hectic, like do I go to yoga or the grocery store or pick up the drying cleaning that's been ready since Thursday??? ...will I leave the office early enough to do any of these items? Yoinks Monday you sure are a crazy lady!!

When the world gets too loud, there's always music to bring me back to my center and I've got a new artist to recommend today that's providing some awesome, soothing energy via my ear buds.

Sam Smith
Maybe you discovered him on SNL Saturday night (click HERE to watch his killer and seriously well received 2 performances!) or maybe like me you noticed his single "Money on my Mind" creeping onto the Spotify top tracks playlist a few weeks back... regardless, this UK import is sure to soul-sing his way onto American airwaves. Slow tracks like "Lay me Down" (his second song on SNL) have a John Legend-esque quality of painful romance and incredible musicality, while more funky upbeat songs like "Money on my Mind" and "Together" are sure to have you grooving down the street. Check out Sam Smith's music now and I promise this crazy Monday is gonna just melt away.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I have officially lost it. (#OscartheFriendlyPup)

Own your crazy!
Last night I created an Instagram account... for my family's dog Oscar.

I know. I have officially lost it. But allow me to explain!!
1) Oscar is freakin awesome. He is the most cuddly, lovable dog I've ever known.
2) When anyone in my family walks Oscar around NYC, people constantly stop us to pet and love on Oscar, frequently asking if they can take his picture and even the occasional selfie WITH Oscar. Can you actually imagine stopping a stranger on the street and taking a selfie with their dog?! Well it happens to Oscar all. the. time.

Recently when Sis was walking Oscar in Washington Square Park, after a young girl snapped a pic of him, she asked if he had an Instagram account or Hashtag she should use to share the photo. He did not, but obviously when Sis relayed this funny exchange to me all I could think was BEST IDEA EVER.

So now I'm officially one of those crazy dog people who has created a social media account for my animal (even the "my" being a stretch given that he's a family dog in the family I belong to, but no longer live with...) Whatever. Want to follow Oscar's adventures? Just click HERE and follow the Instagram account that his officially crazy big sister created for him. And if you ever see us on the street, you better use the hairy man's official hashtag #OscartheFriendlyPup. I promise he'll make you smile. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring (your closet) forward!

pastel, midi, sporty... spring 2014
Even though the weather is STILL not cooperating, all my favorite spots to shop are jam packed with spring fashion and I've started picking up a few new pieces to spruce up the 'ol wardrobe. As usual, I'm focused on procuring a mix of timeless and trendy additions, considering price point, wear-to-work-ability and overall utility before I make any purchases. Far from an expert, but always the avid fashion fan, here's a little of what I'm seeing out there and how I'm feelin about it.

* Pale and Pastel
Pale but oh so pretty
I am a black, white or bright colors girl at heart, so this season's pale pink, barely there light blue and 50 shades of peach are not the most inspiring to me. Nevertheless, once I get to trying on, I love the flirty femininity that styling with these colors can invoke and adding brightly colored accessories really makes your look pop (see that necklace above!) Definitely going to be even more flattering and fun once we all get a little bit of sunshine on our skin, look for feminine shapes and fabrics (e.g., silk, flowy dresses, scalloped hemlines) to capture the romance of this season's popular palette.
Merry Meri Vedict: Do!

* Midi length skirts
The midi.
Much like the crop top before it (which FYI is definitely still hanging around for another year!) this look is one I desperately want to embrace, but can't seem to pull off. Midi skirts (often pleated) fall just at the knee or down to mid-calf (hence "midi") and tend to be slightly fuller looking. Based on my "have tried on at least 20 already" experience, this 2014 trend is best worn by ladies with long legs and little to no hips or junk in the trunk. Though I'm not ready to give up yet, this is a tricky trend to pull off.
Merry Meri Verdict: Do it, but with a discerning eye. No trend is worth sporting an unflattering outfit.

* Crazy Ear Embellishments
Holy Earring!
I loooove me some accessories and I'm all about a funky piece, but this season's wild ear cuffs and long over the ear earrings are pretty next level. First spotted on the red carpet during awards season, the trend appears to have gone main stream with options available everywhere from Bloomies to Forever 21. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Don't (unless looking like a Lord of the Rings character is your thing)

* Sporty & Menswear inspired
Get. The. Look.
The yin to that midi skirt's yang, this year's prevalence of athletic looks and tuxedo inspired suits and pants are a gift from the curvy girl gods. These looks are also extremely comfortable, with looser cuts and more classic lines... even well styled sneakers are making an appearance this season (if Vogue says it, it must be true right!?) Pick up pants with that tuxedo stripe for work and an "elegant sweatshirt" for Saturday and you'll be all set. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Definite do!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Sea Horse. (hehe)
Hey hey hump day... what's cookin good lookin!? Today I'm taking the "if I act super pumped about everything, everything will be awesome" approach. Nothing slays being overtired and kinda uninspired like an extra dose of faux-enthusiasm. AmIRight!? Here to help us all survive the week and get over the hump is a heaping pile of distractions from around the web. Enjoy!!

* If you've got time (and if you don't, bookmark it for later) I highly recommend THIS article about how to excel in your 30s. The author collected from his >30 readers what they would tell their 30 year old selves and the results are inspiring (at least to this nearly 30 year old lady!) 
* An awesome craft for the iPhone case addicted (such as myself)
* This bulldog-daughter combo makes me lust for a bulldog all over again. Amazeballs.
* Rainbow bookshelf anyone!?
* Thinkin it might be time for another 30-day challenge. Abs, I'm comin for ya.
* And while we're getting fit and trim for bikini season.
* And to balance life out, this list is the opposite of abs and bikinis and it all sounds delicious:)
* New baby buggy. Shut up.
* The worst is finding out about awesome things like this, AFTER it's sold out.
* Ready to have your mind blown!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


"panty lines" hehe.
Ladies, this post is for you, because I've got to know... how much do you care about panty lines!? Visible panty lines, known in many circles as "VPL" (there's a Facebook group!) are something I've personally always taken quite seriously, because as someone with a rather large booty, the last thing I need is to be drawing lines around and through it for all the world to see. And for those who prefer not to take the easy out and just wear thongs (or for when even a thong is visible) countless brands make "no panty lines" a selling point, from everyday wear companies like Jockey to higher end lines like Hanky Panky... avoiding the dreaded VPL is apparently a priority for a great many women.

But there is a small camp of women (or maybe it isn't small? are you out there ladies!?) who say to hell with caring about their panty lines and aspire for comfort above all else. A few weeks back, when I was woefully behind on laundry, I thought I too could be a woman who said "F it, I'm wearing panties and who cares what you can see!" until I walked past a mirror and noticed the clear definition of my butt... and an overflow of "side butt" in my reflection. It was not pretty... In that moment, I decided that I am officially a woman who cares (a lot!) about panty lines, so whether it's butt floss, designer skivvies or good old commando, this chick is not interested in anything that even vaguely resembles THIS. What about you!?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Whomp whoooomp.

That little guy on the right? That's me.
So remember last week when I was all "huzzah! spring is here!! Buy some new converse, smell the flowers, soak in the sun" rejoice-y!? Well this morning when the thermometer said 21 degrees and I had to take my sad and quasi-frozen pansies and tulips off the terrace, all that joy slipped away faster than you can say "where's my puffy jacket?" And with tomorrow's forecast of  snow seeming more and more plausible, I'm about ready to cry me some wimpy, "I just want to wear my pastels" tears. Sadsies. 

Since I'm feeling lazy, unmotivated and generally annoyed at the universe for sending us this relentless and endless winter, I thought I'd share some pictures of adorable animals today. Because nothing turns my day around like procrastinating on the internet, staring at cute little critters. 

It's gonna be alright bud.
I'm pawsitive this will cheer you up!
Wake me when it's over.
Here to help make the cold more bear-able
All ears if you need to complain about the cold!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Our growing (blog) family!

A celebration is in order!
If you are super observant and really into this blog (cricket cricket..?!) you might have noticed a recent addition to the BlogRoll I keep on the right side of the page (and if you've never even noticed the BlogRoll before, scroll down past that pesky ad and you'll find a list of my most favorite blogs). Annnyways, today it is with tremendous excitement that I share the newest addition to my daily blog reading list, three girls three cities, written in part (one-third to be exact!) by our very own (parent)thetically speaking!

The joyful and fun tone of  3G3C (may I call it that!?) so far, makes me think it's going to be a lot like this merry space, except shared among three friends. Plus, today's post is by Ms (P). Speaking herself and includes a free springtime decor printable!! So before you abandon your computer for the sunny weekend ahead, pop on over to three girls three cities and welcome these fabulous ladies to the blogosphere! xox

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Attack

Who's ready for tulips!?
It is approximately 9:30am as I type this and I think I have wished at least 25 people a "happy first day of spring" already. HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!! From the moment I peeled my eyes open I've been in spring "attack mode" - mint green pants with gold flats (no socks!!!) my beloved striped trench coat, enthusiastic spring wishes to everyone from the doorman to the chick pouring my iced coffee (ICED coffee!) and even though temps are still a bit low, the official arrival of spring means the relentless cold of our snow-tastic winter MUST be behind us... right!? There is just something so refreshing, invigorating even, about this season. Here to celebrate spring are a few spring-a-licious goodies from around the web. Enjoy!!
After years of faithfully sporting black Converse, this weekend I'm going white. Chucks with a casual dress, with shorts or with cropped pants are an excellent uniform for spring (or if Converse aren't your speed, I adore my Keds and Toms and I've heard great things about Bensimon.)

Something about this "chicken bake" feels decidedly springy to me... Simply combine chopped tomatoes, a jar of artichoke hearts and ricotta cheese in a bowl (season as desired with salt, pepper, garlic, etc), then place in a casserole dish with lightly seasoned chicken breasts, top with mozzarella cheese and bake at 350 until chicken is cooked through and the cheese is melted (it's not an exact timing science since thickness of your chicken breast may vary!) Top with basil and perhaps serve with a side of tasty, healthy Shirataki noodles for a delicious and easy spring dinner!

How absolutely adorable are these Spring Chocolate Flower treats!? And even better is that they're beyond easy to create - all you need are pretzels, spring colored M&Ms and Hershey kisses! Click HERE to Pin it or HERE to go straight to the step by step instructions from The Frugal Gals.

Hello lover!
Lastly, click HERE for everything you need to know about what's going on in NYC this spring.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Current mind state.
Today is Hump Day. I am ready to get over the hump. Seriously. Is it Friday yet!?

* Taking a little joy in discovering that NYC isn't actually the worst value in the country.
* If you've been following the Malaysia flight 370 news, here's an interesting summary of plausible theories.
* Could 100% streak free windows actually be possible!?
* Sports can be so much more than "just a game" (endure the pre-roll for a quick "joyful tears" moment).
* Practical Information: This family owned shop comes highly recommended for designer bag repairs.
* Have you heard about "midi skirts"? Supposedly all the rage this spring. Hoping THIS one suits my hips and booty.
* Dad doing cute/funny things with his baby? swoon.
* So apparently Carrie and Ferris Bueller live in my DREAM HOUSE (also, cool questionnaire)
* These food maps are SO freakin cool!
* Are you obsessed with Disney's Frozen? (Don't be embarrassed, you know you are!!!) Well in any case, this fan theory seems so plausible that my head just about exploded.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ask and you just might receive!

Want it. Ask for it. Get it
Lately I've been on a roll asking for, and getting, things I want. For example: when my most favorite Skullcandy headphones unexpectedly stopped working, I inquired online about a replacement pair... and GOT THEM; at a concert when an usher offered to move Dr. H and I out of our terrible partial view seats to something better, I asked if my parents (seated 2 rows away) could come too... and he said YES; and when the lining in my beloved green coat had ripped so badly that I couldn't put my arm down the sleeve, I went to J. Crew and asked if their tailor might be able to repair it... she did... for FREE.

I'm not typically good at asking for things in situations that seem, on the surface, to be obviously in my favor (how many of you are also guilty of seeing the screw up on your nail and sitting silently across from the manicurist, illogically afraid to ask for a fix!?) but recently I've tried to be more assertive. I make sure to avoid sounding demanding or like I expect a reply in my favor, and in return I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that most people are unbothered by my inquiries and delivering good customer service or just helping me out is not such a "big ask" after all. So next time you are searching for an outcome, or wondering if maybe you could get something "above and beyond" done for you, here's a trick - ASK FOR IT!!! Because you rarely get what you don't ask for and if you ask (nicely!), who knows... you just might receive!

Monday, March 17, 2014

geeking out.

Being a geek means......
This post brought to you by the fabulous 

so guys, I think I’m a geek. Nay, I KNOW I’m a geek, but I just kinda wanted to put some stuff out there, and see if maybe we all have a little inner geek? I remember it well, when I realized and embraced my geek-ness. It was middle school, and I was the brunt of some teasing, etc (your classic middle school stuff) because I, like, voluntarily raised my hand to answer the questions the teachers were asking. And I voluntarily stayed home on the weekends to watch Nash Bridges with my dad and go thrifting with my mom and read John Grisham books. So there you had it, I was a geek, I identified it and looked forward to a lifetime of discovering the ways my inner geek would become an outer geek. So I thought I would share with you, through the magic of internet links, the ways in which I tend to geek out. Anyone else relate to this stuff…anyone? Bueller?
Basically the greatest shirt ever.

*My (mandatory) but entirely too enthusiastic participation in History Day  and my completely optional participation in Odyssey of the Mind...or maybe it was my pride in making it to states for both…word.
*my excitement for 7pm when Jeopardy would come on (to this day…though it’s on at 7:30 here, kind of life-altering) 
*My obsession with the notion that our universe has a shape – I just think it’s one of the coolest things to think about! Here’s a quick write-up, but I feel as though I could’ve taken an entire college course on the subject
*I would like to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my 5th wedding anniversary, and would like to make it a requirement that my husband read all the books before we go (he’s only seen the movies, ugh, don’t get me started). And I want my own wand. I really really do.
*Aaron Sorkin is a writing genius , and I quote parts of his dialogue daily. (full disclosure, I spent at least a half hour reading quotes before picking one to share)
from The West Wing…
CJ: Duchamp was the father of Dadaism.
Toby: I know.
CJ: The dada of Dada.
Toby: It’s like there’s nothing you can do about this joke. It’s coming and you just have to stand there.
*One of my besties (who totally gets me) got something like this for my son for his first birthday…why, yes, it is indeed a toy lightsaber

So there you have it. And this handy Buzzfeed chart lets me know that I am an offshoot of Geekus Prime. Please tell me you’re on here somewhere too?! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cheers to a joyful weekend!

Over the past few weeks, I have been making a conscious effort to pause and take in the goodness of joyful moments in my life. Maybe it's the perspective that growing older creates, but I've suddenly become extremely aware of how important it is to savor moments of happiness and pleasure so they can serve as fuel for enduring hardships and struggles... Because it's easy to become overwhelmed by stress and sadness or to take moments of joy and success for granted, or worse, to pass through them as if only bracing for the next challenge...

So this weekend, if life feels good, take a moment to pause and soak in the warm fuzzy feeling... Let it ooze out of your face in the form of smiles and laughter. Whether it hits you over lunch with friends, during snuggles on the couch, after a delicious bite or just feeling the warmth of sunny weather on your skin, don't get lost waiting or worrying about the next thing, just pause and let yourself be merry :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My new App-session!

I pretty much never pay for Apps for my iPhone, but when I spotted THIS post on Justina Blakeney's blog (loooove Justina's eye for design, her blog and Instagram feed are two personal favorites!) I knew my no-pay principle was about to go out the window! Introducing, Waterlogue, an app which transforms your photos into beautiful water color "paintings" with just a tap of your screen!!


Once you open the Waterlogue App you can select from any of the images you have saved to your telephone and then you actually get to watch the app "paint" starting with a sketch, "wetting brushes" and finally filling in colors. There are also about a dozen different types of painting styles to choose from.

Though I'm not going to pretend that this app makes me a master painter (just like Instagram hasn't turned me into a professional photographer!) it is a lot of fun to "paint" your photos and I can definitely see myself printing a few and figuring out a cool way to display them in my home. Plus, it's really cool to watch the app convert your images and interesting to see which photos work well as "paintings". The verdict: $2.99 very well spent! To purchase Waterlogue, click HERE.

For other SeektobeMerry app recommendations (free ones!), click HERE.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Wooooo Wednesday!
Hey hey hump day, welcome to my week! I woke up feeling like a minimum of 3 more hours sleep was required, but then I got my ass to Soul Cycle and it's like hey! maybe those exercise will make you happy folks are on to something (or maybe it's just the post-spin large iced coffee talking?) Either way I'm up and at em and in a great mood because tonight my fam is getting together for dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday. My Dad is pretty awesome so celebrating him makes me smiley:) Happy Birthday Dad!!! And for the rest of you, get over the hump with some of this good stuff:

* Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel is at it again, but this time he's using milk and cookies!
* Would you, could you, make out with a stranger (on film!!)?
* Just signed up for THIS cool delivery-turned-healthy(er) site and can't wait to see how it works!
* When we look back on his two terms as President, it's possible THIS interview will be Barack Obama's greatest achievement (it's seriously laugh out loud funny, I highly recommend!)
* I'd started to suspect as much, but this deposition proves that Justin Bieber really is a spoiled little sh*t. doh!
* After recently being served roasted garlic instead of butter with my bread at an Italian restaurant and freakin LOVING it, I was excited to stumble upon this recipe.
* What a lovely and easy way to create candle light decor for your dinner!
* These moving pictures are pretty freakin cool!
* Reading THIS will change some of your favorite songs forever.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who run the world!? (#BanBossy)

Have you ever heard someone call a little boy bossy? What about a male colleague or friend? I never thought much about this until reading (the awesome) Sheryl Sandberg's book, Lean In (READ it!), but when she talked about this interesting social "habit" of labeling outspoken girls who exhibit leadership skills as bossy, it really struck a chord with me. You see, I was definitely a "bossy" little girl (shocking I know!) but in hind site, I was probably just louder than many other kids, always willing to volunteer my ideas, plans or take the lead. These are all valuable life skills that immediately take on a negative connotation when the person who possesses them is described as "bossy."

Well this morning, I was pumped when my Facebook feed was filled with people sharing the #BanBossy campaign website (yay social media!). is a partnership between and the Girls Scouts of America which serves not only as a platform to raise awareness about our cultural use of the word "bossy", but also hard facts about the impact it has on young girls as well as leadership resources for women, parents, teachers, managers and troop leaders (aka, everyone).

Did you know:
- Girls are twice as likely as boys to worry that leadership roles will make them seem "bossy"
- Both boys and girls believe it's easier for men to become leaders
- Women make up just 19% of US Congress, 5% of Fortune 1,000 CEOs and 17% of corporate boards

I cannot tell you how much I take this campaign to heart. Even though my "bossy girl" fears may not show on the outside, on the inside I'm often riddled with self-consciousness, worried I am "too in charge" or make too many suggestions or plans in group situations. Well bossy girl no more!!!! Today is the day I work harder to put my own insecurities to rest and champion this campaign to help all the little ladies in my life. Because, to quote my "run the world" sassy female idol Beyonce, "I'm not bossy, I'm the boss"* 

To visit Ban Bossy, click HERE.
To listen to Sheryl Sandberg talk about why "bossy" should be banned, click HERE.
And for one more great article on this campaign, HERE.

*bow down bitches.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Snip-its and Suggestions.

Ain't that the truth!? Here we are at Monday and man oh man am I unprepared. If I could just get 1 more day of weekend, I think I'd be in much better shape, but since "Saturunday" does not exist anywhere but my fantasies, I'm snuggled up to my double shot cappuccino and hoping for a quiet day in the inbox. While we all try to keep a low profile and countdown the minutes until Friday, here are some snip-its from my wonderful weekend and at the very least a tv-related excuse for this morning's exhaustion!

True Detective
Did you watch True Detective!? The finale of the HBO crime thriller's inaugural 8-episode season aired last night and I'm going to declare it the most suspenseful 60 minutes of television I have ever watched. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, this series takes a unique and mini-series-esque approach, with a story line that starts and ends in 1 season, promising an entirely new cast of characters come next year. Dr. H and I binge-watched the last 3 episodes in a row last night (thank you (but not really!) daylight savings for giving us enough energy around 12:45am to make the decision to power through "just 1 more" to the end) and now I cannot recommend this incredibly cast, impeccably scripted, insanely suspenseful series highly enough. If you're late to the party, find a buddy whose arm you can grip (seriously!) fire up the HBOGo and get watching.

Manuel Racim
The remote controlled fabric wall is awesome!
Want to make the man in your life look the swankiest you've ever seen him!? A Manuel Racim custom made shirt is sure to do the trick! On the suggestion of Rebecca of The Daily Muse (love when I can turn an online recommendation into a real life success!) I gave Dr. H the gift of a custom designed shirt for Valentine's Day. Together we went to Manuel Racim's Tribeca shop and selected everything from fabric, to pocket type, collar shape to button color and upon pick up and fitting Saturday, I must say, my man could not have looked hotter. Though absolutely a splurge (prices start at $165) MR's pristine tailoring and "just your style" design options make these shirts an awesome gift for the well dressed man in your life!

exposed brick and homemade pasta!? Bring it.
Want to enjoy some of the tastiest Italian in downtown Manhattan!? On Saturday night Dr. H and I found ourselves at this chic and delicious Soho neighborhood favorite, oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over every bite from the I Cavoletti (roasted brussel sprout and cauliflower salad with melted cherry tomatoes and bottarga) to Le Pappardelle (with a veal ragu that would blow ya mind!) To compliment their homemade pastas and other delicious dishes, Aurora has a warm and inviting downtown vibe with a lively crowd (though thankfully not an "I can't hear you across the table" scene). Moderate pricing makes for an awesome night out with your honey or a small group. And for those preferring the outer boroughs, there's a second location (just as tasty!) in Williamsburg. (ps- they also make a killer brunch!)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Potato lovers rejoice!

There is a place... a heavenly place... where the potatoes are baked and sweet, fried and smashed, pure or smothered with toppings and sauces... The name of this potato utopia is, naturally, Pota*topia.

You see, s
everal months ago, as I was walking home from the W4 subway station, I noticed a small "coming soon" storefront on 6th Ave between Waverly and 8th St. that immediately caught my eye:

Hello friend....
As a life long potato lover (duh), clearly I was going to have to visit this fine institution. Well..! last week I was on my own for dinner, hungry and hopping off the subway when it struck me - my date with potato destiny was THIS night. So I walked in to Pota*topia and was immediately floored by the sheer number of options, combinations, potato styles and sauces...

But fear not my fellow potato loving friends! The helpful staff at Pota*topia is there to support and guide you as you select a pre-created "signature meal" combination or devise your own potato masterpiece...

And while yes, 10ish dollars is a pretty penny for fancily dressed potatoes, if you consider that I was stuffed to the brim after my baked po loaded with homemade veggie chili, fresh veggies and topped off with chipotle sauce, then it's not too bad at all! 

Basically, I cannot sing the praises of this pota-stitution highly enough. I want to go back a bajillion more times to try the smashed and the au gratin, the sweet potatoes and the fries. With so many options,the combination possibilities are endless. Also, they're open late (4am "snack"!? Yes please!!) and have some pretty hysterical/witty branding. So do not delay, get your Pota*topia on today!!!