Friday, March 28, 2014

I have officially lost it. (#OscartheFriendlyPup)

Own your crazy!
Last night I created an Instagram account... for my family's dog Oscar.

I know. I have officially lost it. But allow me to explain!!
1) Oscar is freakin awesome. He is the most cuddly, lovable dog I've ever known.
2) When anyone in my family walks Oscar around NYC, people constantly stop us to pet and love on Oscar, frequently asking if they can take his picture and even the occasional selfie WITH Oscar. Can you actually imagine stopping a stranger on the street and taking a selfie with their dog?! Well it happens to Oscar all. the. time.

Recently when Sis was walking Oscar in Washington Square Park, after a young girl snapped a pic of him, she asked if he had an Instagram account or Hashtag she should use to share the photo. He did not, but obviously when Sis relayed this funny exchange to me all I could think was BEST IDEA EVER.

So now I'm officially one of those crazy dog people who has created a social media account for my animal (even the "my" being a stretch given that he's a family dog in the family I belong to, but no longer live with...) Whatever. Want to follow Oscar's adventures? Just click HERE and follow the Instagram account that his officially crazy big sister created for him. And if you ever see us on the street, you better use the hairy man's official hashtag #OscartheFriendlyPup. I promise he'll make you smile. 

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  1. Aaaand I have a new favorite Instagram account! And so do Sally and Graham :)