Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Hellllllo Hump Day! Is anyone else freakin GRINDING it out this week!? I'm in full on beast mode so pausing to check out these distractions made for an excellent mental mini-vacation. Treat yourself as well and then let's get back to it... Friday, we're coming for ya!

* File this one under "only in NYC"...absolutely bananas, but that mom and little girl sure have a great story for life!
* THIS pretty much just ruined my day.
* The best Olympic photos taken in Sochi. Stunning.
* A natural energy drink that has just 3-4 ingredients!? Sign me up (plus I think it looks kinda cool!)
* Dear Lauren Conrad. You've come a long way from The Hills and turns out, you're pretty freakin awesome. Sincerely, All Girls (who run the world?)
* What an adorably brilliant way to "see the world".
* Olivia Pope is (finally!) coming back tomorrow night. Want to live in an apartment just like hers? Here's how.
* Toy Story fans. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN.
* I'm still hashtagging uncontrollably... so is Jimmy Fallon (#kindredspirits)
* A glowing solution to the Finnish reindeer problem and some playful crows who are apparently not sick of all the snow! (via CupofJo)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mom's gloves.

Get out the gloves!
When I was a little girl, I often used to watch my Mom get dressed for a party or her weekly date night with my Dad (sorry for the lack of personal space Mom!) and one thing I distinctly remember was my Mom's thin cotton gloves. Over time the memory has faded and I can't remember if they were black or white (I think white?) but she put them on before slipping into her panty hose, a ritual that I found both amusing and bizarre. When I questioned the need for her "getting dressed gloves", Mom would explain that her hands were sometimes rough or dry so she wore the gloves in order to put on her stockings without snagging or ripping them. I don't know if she learned this trick from my Grammy or if she thought it up herself, but as a little lady, I thought my mom half dressed but wearing little white(?) gloves was nothing more than giggle-worthy.

Fast forward 20+ years to me sitting on the edge of my bed, exasperated by my second failed attempt to slip into sheer black panty hose (which I've recently decided to bring into my wardrobe, because maybe they're cool again!?) without snagging the hell out of them. The one jagged nail I hadn't noticed, that cuticle, the ring I was too lazy to take off... snag, snag, snag. My legs looked like they'd been through a war zone and I hadn't even left the house. So mom, kuddos to you for enduring your little girl's teasing and for being a brilliant problem solver in the field of ladies leg wear. Also, can you tell me where to get a pair of thin cotton gloves!?

Monday, February 24, 2014


Dream it.
Catching up after an amazing Princess-tastic weekend with Sis (with a ridiculously sweet surprise-appearance from chEAR squad superstars Dr. H and J... because we've apparently got our very own Prince Charmings!) so I'll be back in full swing tomorrow. Until then:

* be grateful you don't work with THESE people
* too freakin adorable
* definitely going to try making THESE
* I'll never forget you Egon.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Game on Princess!

Well my merry friends, race weekend is upon us and Sis and I are currently en route to what will no doubt 
be a magical weekend in the happiest place on earth. 13.1 miles here we come!



Thursday, February 20, 2014

One Bad Bite.

I know dude. It's over.
The other day I was eating a huge salad, one of those "you combine the ingredients and we'll chop em up for you" lunch favorites, when I got a bite of "tough" grilled chicken. You know the kind... sort of rubbery, chewy and generally ick? Mid-chew, only about 1/3 of the way through my salad, I had to spit the bite out (because I'm super mature like that) and afterwards the entire salad seemed suspicious to me. My stomach pretty much did a 180 and I went from really hungry to nauseated by the idea of ingesting another forkful. Lunch was officially over thanks to that one bad bite. 

About 45 minutes later, when the offending salad was long gone and my appetite had returned (as you might have guessed, I'm not the type of gal that can skip a meal without complaint!) I thought about how ridiculous it was that one bad bite had turned me off to what was likely an otherwise perfectly fine meal. But that's my thing.... an icky chicken bite, a visually unappealing "slimy" part of the turkey breast, if it looks weird or acts funny, I'm out. So food... bring me your tasty, your unusual and your adventurous, but leave your imperfections on the cutting board.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

JAM packed!! Get it!?! HA!
No time for messing around... let's get to the distractions!

* "If a woman needs it, should she be spanked?" (circa 1950 men, you cray cray!)
* Guess who turned 3 overripe bananas into her first loaf of banana bread last week!? This gal! Check out the delicious recipe I used HERE.
* Never thought I'd be a charm bracelet gal, but THIS one is absolutely... charming :)
* Do not try to photograph the octopus sir!!
* Spaghetti 19 different ways... I'll take one of each please!!
* More incredible images from the NYC 2nd Avenue subway line construction project (check out previous pictures HERE... the progress is amazing!)
* So uhhh, when can I move in? #DreamHouse
* Maybe this is a beautiful start to the end of the Mommy Wars?
* If you're gonna close school due to snow, THIS is absolutely how you should do it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pesky Pounds Challenge - Update 1(ish)

That sounds about right.
Hey there friends and welcome to the first update of Seek to be Merry's Pesky Pounds Challenge. As a reminder, over the next several weeks, I am going to share tips for weight loss, factoids to encourage healthier living and recipes focused on cutting out the naughty stuff while also disclosing how much weight I've lost since the week prior (and I'm calling all STBM readers to turn this into a community event and do the same in the comments section below!).

Full disclosure: It's actually been two weeks since I issued this challenge so I'm a whole week overdue to share my weight loss number. Between travelling, snow storms, the Olympics and Valentine's day, a Pesky Pounds post slipped my mind... What did not get forgotten however was my weigh-in and after 2 whole weeks of effort I have lost (drum roll please....) NOTHING. Zero pounds. Now keep in mind, I haven't gained so much as an ounce either (which is somewhat praiseworthy given the weekend eat-a-thons I've been participating in) but considering I'm 1 week from a half marathon and I have been "trying", I thought for sure I'd be doing better. So what can we do now..?

Keep at it!!! My experience in the past two weeks has taught me that I'm going to have to do more than maintain my status quo if I want to lose weight. Even if I'm "good" 80% of the time, I need to say no when indulgences arise because that 20% is a doozy (2am box of mac cheese anyone?!) How much have you lost these past two weeks? Have you learned anything in the process?

And speaking of learning...
* Do you know about Hungry Girl!? Hungry Girl is one of my most favorite resources for healthy recipes and one of the few daily emails I don't mind filling my inbox. 
* Listen to or read this interesting post on 2-day mini fasts and how they can aid with weight loss. Would you ever consider it?
* THIS is a very dedicated trainer (he gained weight to better empathize with clients!)
* In pop culture weight loss news, this season's Biggest Loser winner (I don't watch, but the news was hard to miss, even making the cover or my Us Weekly this week) lost over 150 pounds during the competition and at the reveal looked "too thin" according to many. Read THIS and decide for yourself if she went too far.
* Lastly, the key to a good workout is often a great soundtrack. Click HERE for 12 Pandora stations sure to get your heart pumping!

Monday, February 17, 2014

that’s what she said…

Part II.
This post brought to you by the fabulous 

part 2! Hope you’ve (mostly) enjoyed this snow-buried long weekend. With the amount of time I’ve spent stuck indoors with a rammy 3 year old and an adventurous 1 year old, I probably already have enough to do parts 3 and 4 of this series. 

Has a story (or a tiny, rambling, crazy person) made you chuckle and think “what could possibly be going on in their head?” Here are some gems that I’m oh-so-glad I wrote down…

(on wanting to tell a story…)
- I have milk in my toes and it’s called a boot
- I know Jerry Lewis! I went to college with him yesterday

(on the weather…)
- The snow came from rain. It's magic and it made it chilly. So yeah.
- Snow is getting the whole world cold

(on the challenges when your pretend patient is an entire kitchen...)
- Counters don’t really have eyes…I’ll just check its heartbeat

(on perspective…)
- Those aren’t carrots, they’re stretchy tomatoes
- Oh, those are flying babies

(on invoking self-pity…)
- I’m going to go sit on the first step and cry

(on Disney princesses as cake ingredients, acquaintances, and family members)
- I made a cake - it has apples, Sofia, strawberries, more apples, more apples and more apples
- Eric and Ariel are super married. That means they’re best friends.
- Her name is Rapunzel Jackson Tangled H*****r (our last name)

(on spelling and pronunciation…)
- Fernomitter
- Lellow
- B-O-T-S-R…Botsr, it’s another word for cheese
- Stop being stubberd

(on beefing up our savings…)
- When I get older, could you get me a me-sized horse?

(on pure sweetness…)
- Stay here always
- I have the comfiest shoulder you’ve ever slept on, baby bro

For previous posts from (parent)thetically speaking, click HERE

Friday, February 14, 2014

So this is love...

Dearest Dr. H-
Thank you for loving me, for letting me love you and for making every moment of my life feel like something out of a Disney movie. Here's to a million more kisses, shared dreams and big wishes... and of course, our very own happily ever after.

Much love,
Your Merry Meri

(image sources 1,2,3,4)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Poor Bob (and other Olympic musings)

Wonky wonk eye. POOR BOB.
As I've mentioned once or twice (or three times!?) before, we are BIG Olympics fans in my house. More so Dr. H than his missus, but even I can't resist a good pairs skate, luge run or international hockey game. Though my heart belongs to the summer games, there's plenty to love about the Winter Olympiad... Except Matt Lauer. In my house, we have absolutely NO love for Matt Lauer. I mean... what happened to your eyes Bob!? Did you wash your face with Sochi water!? Did Putin do this to you!? This is clearly the worst case of pink eye known to man and I suspect foul play. I do however love the @BobCostasEyes Twitter handle. Come back to us soon Bob!!

And even though the Winter Games kicked off last weekend, it is definitely not too late to throw an Olympics soiree (this 3-day weekend!? closing ceremony celebration next weekend!?) Here's everything you need to get into the Olympic spirit.
Invitations from the always Olympic-enthusiastic YouAreMyFave.
Just CLICK HERE and follow her link to print, they're designed and ready to go!!

Wintery decor, crafts and treats from the craft-astic OhHappyDay
CLICK HERE for the full post.

And finally, for the baking inclined Winter Olympiad enthusiast, I present this freaking confectionery masterpiece:
For reals, that thing is just awesome. Full recipe HERE.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

So cute!
Today is Wednesday. There is another blizzard headed towards NYC. The fervor with which I'm praying for a snow day definitely rivals every school-age child on the eastern seaboard. I just realllllly don't want to have to put in 5 full days this week. Is an office closure so much to ask!? While I pray to the storm gods, here are some goodies from around the web. Enjoy!

* It's not so much that I like or want this suitcase, it's that I NEED it. (NEEEEEEEED it!)
* Ohmygoodness these dancing pink flamingos are 100% going to make your day!
* 3 ways to take your scarf wearing to the next level.
* I am exceptionally sad about the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman and thought this was a beautiful tribute.
* Thinking about making an investment in this gel manicure alternative (which is well reviewed by the extremely trustworthy Belle of CapHillStyle)
* Dear Canada. NAILED IT!!!
* Do I have to pick just one cheese to use this!? (via exPress-o)
* As an OCD subway platform positioner, I would really like to see this idea take off.
* Also... the doors are apparently made of cardboard!?
* Just when you thought life couldn't get any better than the Doritos Locos Tacos...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be Mine.

Romance... transcends species.
With just 3 days to go until Valentine's Day, it is officially game time! If you haven't already, get those cards in the mail and be sure to schedule any delivery items asap (FYI boys, I don't think there's anything wrong with avoiding the rush/up-charge and having gifts arrive Thursday:) I know it's corny and commercial, but Valentine's Day is a moment to pause and share your love, and I don't think anyone should miss out! Here to guide you through the loveliest of holidays are a few final inspiring ideas for friends, lovers, kiddos and family. Plus, don't forget to visit past SeektobeMerry recommendations HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE!!!

Super easy to make (no baking required!) and beyond adorable to share with friends, I'm totally smitten with these "Cupid's Donut Hole Arrows". Click HERE to Pin it or HERE for the full instructions from Squirrelly Minds.

Looking for a way to keep your tiny Valentine occupied while you're hiding from the cold weather? This simple craft requires only paint and a perfectly pinched toilet paper roll to capture your heart (hehe). Pin it HERE.

And while we're on the subject of kiddos, here are 20 No Candy Valentine's for your young (or young at heart) buds.
Click HERE for the Pin or HERE to the site with links to each idea!

Gents, not sure how to show your heart to your lady? Well it couldn't be easier thanks to this awesome collection of adorable heart themed gifts curated by exPress-o:
Get all the details you need to make a purchase by clicking HERE.

And if you're wondering what to do on Valentine's Day... Time Out New York suggests THIS LIST and New York magazine has THIS AWESOME "Ditch Dinner and a Movie" list. Now get planning!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

The power of sharing a loving thought.

Say it out loud!
This past Saturday night, my ski house posse sat down to our second "family dinner" (homemade Mexican fiesta night one, Italian feast night two, because we fancy like that!) when the conversation suddenly turned into "let's go around the table and say what we really like about each other". Now before you laugh (too late?) or roll your eyes at our insane cheesiness (we know!) bear with me. For some reason, it seems that people who love one another often assume that the qualities they love are known or understood, and maybe in many instances they are... but there is nothing like hearing out loud, the qualities you possess that make your loved ones love you. You may hear confirmation that you are perceived the way you've always hoped to be, or you might learn that your impact on others runs deeper and stronger or is valued more powerfully than you could ever have imagined. You might even learn you're loved in ways you never even realized! Plus, sharing your favorite qualities about a person, with the actual person, is like giving a giant, personalized hug (and everyone loves a good hug!)

Though receiving compliments in such a straightforward fashion may feel awkward in a "we're trained to try to be modest so this is a little embarrassing" sort of way, receiving a barrage of positive reinforcement confirms the love you feel in a tangible and incredibly special way. So next time you're with loved ones (Valentine's Day is just around the corner!), don't just tell them you love them... remember to tell them why. Because that admiration is what makes your love run deep and sharing it out loud will only make the love feel stronger.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ski Bunny Out!!

Tonight I leave for my annual "I'm in love with my clique from junior high school" trip to Vermont, where I plan to spend three days in our glamorous rental house alternating between snowboarding (aka, butt bruising) and improving my apres ski skills (aka, will 1 handle of Tito's be enough!?). Unfortunately, between unearthing my snow pants and grinding out work so I can be off tomorrow, I didn't get my post for today (or tomorrow) done. I'm hoping you'll forgive me because I did scrounge up THIS:


And a recipe for THIS (click HERE to Pin, HERE for full site):
S'mores cookie bars. STFU!

* Plus if you want a good chuckle, click HERE...
* ... and if you have 5 minutes to spare and want to watch something that will remind you why love is the most powerful force on the planet, click HERE
* Lastly, THESE never ever get old!
Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Knock Knock.        ~        Who's There?        ~        Snow.         ~        Snow Who?
Snowbody cares that it's snowing again Meri!!!

But it is. And this time there's a sh*t ton (official amount) of ice as well. Bananas. (b-a-n-a-n-a-s). Flooded streets, slick sidewalks, it's freakin paradise I tell  ya!!

Anyways, for those of you snuggled at home, stuck at work, or basking in the glory of living anywhere other than the northeast, here are a ton of delightful distractions. Enjoy!

* THIS Etsy shop has the most adorable little items (so many Valentine's Day ideas) and if you click HERE, you can enter to win a custom "Love Ring". Awwww.
* Quinoa as breading. I am intrigued.
* This video will absolutely melt your heart.
* THIS app is the most glamorous way to get your hair did (also would make an awesome gift for a new mommy or friend on the mend from surgery!) Can't wait for an excuse to try  it out.
* Absolutely obsessed with this loft space (the all white, ehhh not so much)
* The Super Bowl had a just teaser, but the entire video is absolutely worth watching.
* Get me the hell out of here (on a budget!) 
* Old people are awesome.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hello my loves and happy sunny, snowy Tuesday to you! With the countdown at 10 days to go, I thought I'd share a bit more Valentine's cheer from around the web. (To check out last week's love-a-licious post, click HERE.) Are you ready to share some love with all the special people in your life!?

These online Valentine's Day cards from Paperless Post are adorably witty and perfect for the favorite foodie in your life (plus an ecard is ridiculously easy to send!) Click HERE for the full page of seasonal options from my favorite online card creators!

* Click HERE for fifteen awesome, unique gifts (from pet portraits to personal chefs and family crests!) *

Another simple and sugar free way to ensure that your kiddo is giving out the best valentine's in his/her class (or maybe as a teacher-to-student valentine!?) These "Of all the fish in the sea, I'm glad you're in my school" goldfish goody bags are too cute for words and who doesn't love goldfish!? Click HERE to pin it, HERE for the original post.

All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter and some fruit to pull off this healthy and seasonally sweet treat! (And I love that you get the watermelon heart cutouts and can fill the heat-shaped holes with smaller fruit like berries!) Can anyone say Valentine's brunch!? Pin it HERE.

Like what you see!? Click HERE for 10 awesome Valentine's Day ideas from the crazy crafty and always inspiriting Jordan over at Oh Happy Day.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A few things and a new challenge.

1) It is snowing in NYC. AGAIN. And don't get me wrong, I loooove me some snowy white city scapes (that's my morning commute picture to the left!), but this is getting a little ridiculous. 50 degrees on Sunday then 30 degrees with inches of snow on Monday? what the???
2) Did you have a favorite Super Bowl commercial? There were a few I really liked, but here's a recap with "grades" (so interesting to see which ads resonated most with people!) 
3) I'm making my triumphant return to "cooking" tonight after a 2-week hiatus. Thinking I'll whip up THIS favorite.

And now, as promised in today's post title, is "a new challenge". Are you ready!? Last year we shared 12 "Healthy Habits of the Month" and based on your feedback, the series was extremely popular! Apparently people love tips for getting healthy and having a community to share the experience with. So let's try some more group motivation... introducing....

Seek to be Merry's Pesky Pounds Challenge.
For better or worse, nearly every woman I speak to is holding on to some weight she wishes she could shed. In many instances it's only 5 to 15 lbs, the "pesky pounds" which your body would prefer to keep, but you would prefer it not. And these pounds between where you're at and a "goal weight" are often the hardest to lose, so I thought maybe we could try to do it together!!!
1) Over the next 12 weeks, I am going to share tips for weight loss, factoids to encourage healthier living and recipes focused on cutting out the naughty stuff. 
2) Once per week (along with those tasty recipes and interesting articles) I am going to share how much weight I've lost since the week prior and I would LOVE to turn this into a community event where readers up for the challenge do the same in the comments section below. I will NOT be sharing how much I weigh (and you don't have to either) but instead focusing on my progress bringing the number down. Having to share creates accountability and having a community means a safe place to enjoy successes and assess failures.

So what do you think? Will you join the Seek to be Merry Pesky Pounds Challenge? Weight loss can be such a personal struggle and I don't think there's anything that makes a struggle less scary than a trusting community to face it with, so I hope you'll join me!