Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Hellllllo Hump Day! Is anyone else freakin GRINDING it out this week!? I'm in full on beast mode so pausing to check out these distractions made for an excellent mental mini-vacation. Treat yourself as well and then let's get back to it... Friday, we're coming for ya!

* File this one under "only in NYC"...absolutely bananas, but that mom and little girl sure have a great story for life!
* THIS pretty much just ruined my day.
* The best Olympic photos taken in Sochi. Stunning.
* A natural energy drink that has just 3-4 ingredients!? Sign me up (plus I think it looks kinda cool!)
* Dear Lauren Conrad. You've come a long way from The Hills and turns out, you're pretty freakin awesome. Sincerely, All Girls (who run the world?)
* What an adorably brilliant way to "see the world".
* Olivia Pope is (finally!) coming back tomorrow night. Want to live in an apartment just like hers? Here's how.
* Toy Story fans. Prepare to have your mind BLOWN.
* I'm still hashtagging uncontrollably... so is Jimmy Fallon (#kindredspirits)
* A glowing solution to the Finnish reindeer problem and some playful crows who are apparently not sick of all the snow! (via CupofJo)

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