Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pesky Pounds Challenge - Update 1(ish)

That sounds about right.
Hey there friends and welcome to the first update of Seek to be Merry's Pesky Pounds Challenge. As a reminder, over the next several weeks, I am going to share tips for weight loss, factoids to encourage healthier living and recipes focused on cutting out the naughty stuff while also disclosing how much weight I've lost since the week prior (and I'm calling all STBM readers to turn this into a community event and do the same in the comments section below!).

Full disclosure: It's actually been two weeks since I issued this challenge so I'm a whole week overdue to share my weight loss number. Between travelling, snow storms, the Olympics and Valentine's day, a Pesky Pounds post slipped my mind... What did not get forgotten however was my weigh-in and after 2 whole weeks of effort I have lost (drum roll please....) NOTHING. Zero pounds. Now keep in mind, I haven't gained so much as an ounce either (which is somewhat praiseworthy given the weekend eat-a-thons I've been participating in) but considering I'm 1 week from a half marathon and I have been "trying", I thought for sure I'd be doing better. So what can we do now..?

Keep at it!!! My experience in the past two weeks has taught me that I'm going to have to do more than maintain my status quo if I want to lose weight. Even if I'm "good" 80% of the time, I need to say no when indulgences arise because that 20% is a doozy (2am box of mac cheese anyone?!) How much have you lost these past two weeks? Have you learned anything in the process?

And speaking of learning...
* Do you know about Hungry Girl!? Hungry Girl is one of my most favorite resources for healthy recipes and one of the few daily emails I don't mind filling my inbox. 
* Listen to or read this interesting post on 2-day mini fasts and how they can aid with weight loss. Would you ever consider it?
* THIS is a very dedicated trainer (he gained weight to better empathize with clients!)
* In pop culture weight loss news, this season's Biggest Loser winner (I don't watch, but the news was hard to miss, even making the cover or my Us Weekly this week) lost over 150 pounds during the competition and at the reveal looked "too thin" according to many. Read THIS and decide for yourself if she went too far.
* Lastly, the key to a good workout is often a great soundtrack. Click HERE for 12 Pandora stations sure to get your heart pumping!

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