Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hump Day Distractions

Knock Knock.        ~        Who's There?        ~        Snow.         ~        Snow Who?
Snowbody cares that it's snowing again Meri!!!

But it is. And this time there's a sh*t ton (official amount) of ice as well. Bananas. (b-a-n-a-n-a-s). Flooded streets, slick sidewalks, it's freakin paradise I tell  ya!!

Anyways, for those of you snuggled at home, stuck at work, or basking in the glory of living anywhere other than the northeast, here are a ton of delightful distractions. Enjoy!

* THIS Etsy shop has the most adorable little items (so many Valentine's Day ideas) and if you click HERE, you can enter to win a custom "Love Ring". Awwww.
* Quinoa as breading. I am intrigued.
* This video will absolutely melt your heart.
* THIS app is the most glamorous way to get your hair did (also would make an awesome gift for a new mommy or friend on the mend from surgery!) Can't wait for an excuse to try  it out.
* Absolutely obsessed with this loft space (the all white, ehhh not so much)
* The Super Bowl had a just teaser, but the entire video is absolutely worth watching.
* Get me the hell out of here (on a budget!) 
* Old people are awesome.


  1. Snowy white and freezing cold @Erika! Hope you were able to stay warm inside clicking through these goodies! Thanks for reading :) xox, m