Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Yes you ARE!
You know what's blowing my mind this morning?! Today is the LAST day of July... as in the day before August, also known as "Summer's Sunday" (get it, if the summer was a weekend, August would be Sunday because no matter how much you try to enjoy it, you know the end is near!!!) Ick. Let's forget about the beginning of the end for a while by distracting ourselves with some internet goodness. Enjoy :)

* I think I need to throw a party just so I can make a bunch of THESE.
* Why Americans and Brits don't have the same accent (learn something new everyday!) 
* Wait. $10,000!? Why isn't EVERYONE buying one of these?
* I might need this on my neck...
* Sesame Street never shies away from tackling tough issues.
* Made THIS quinoa deliciousness the other night and it earned a Merry Meri/Dr. H 2 thumbs up!!
* I love these images. (via ExPress-o)
* Who knew that bears were so itchy (SO adorable)!?
* My waistline is in serious trouble if this idea ever becomes real.
* And because I was scarred for life several years ago by a little something known as the bar exam... congrats to those who survived the past 2 days and fingers crossed you do not have to pull a stunt like THIS.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wild & Colorful

Pretty in Pink
Lately I've been really drawn to beautiful images of nature and animals. Perhaps I'm developing a(nother!) case of wanderlust, but there's something magical about these colorful and exotic snapshots that just makes me say "WHOA".

Lil Umbrella man.

Hello ladies!!

Seashell lust

WHOA!! Real!?!

... because sometimes Tuesday just needs a little something wild, colorful and exotic. 

Monday, July 29, 2013


Of all the forms of social media I've encountered, I recently decided that Instagram is my favorite. As a lover of photography, the simple click-edit-share platform cuts away the clutter of Facebook, the character limits of Twitter and the creepy-stalkerishness of FourSquare. It's a chance to curate and share my collection of photos, whether they be scenic views, tasty meals or adventures with Dr. H.

The biggest problem I have with Instagram however, is that I never DO anything with my 'grams other than share them through my phone... and sometimes the shots are real winners and deserve a bit more lovin than that! So today I thought I would share my recently discovered Instagram printing options with my fellow Insta-lovers.

* InstaThis - (thanks for the tip Justina!)

* Printsagram -

* CanvasPop - (30% off sale until midnight!!)

To follow me on Instagram, click HERE

Friday, July 26, 2013

Kate the Great

Smile and wave.
Let's all take a moment to discuss the utter perfection that is Kate Middleton. Ever since the morning I woke up early to watch a commoner become a princess (a feat which she executed with such stunning poise and grace that the whole world was in awe) I've been one of the many American admirers of Kate the great. Kate who shops at Top Shop and does her own cooking. Kate who accepted a highly scrutinized life in the public eye with little ability to build her image as she sees fit the way most celebrities are afforded.

Kate exudes elegance...
Lovely in lilac

And warmth...
Hug it out girl.

And so much love for her prince.
The look of love..

This week Kate managed to wow the world again, appearing less than 24 hours after GIVING BIRTH, looking ever the vision of beauty and emotional new motherhood. She even did women the world over a favor by showing off her post-baby bump, something many celebrities hide (eghm Kardashians) until they've dieted it away.
Beautiful Family.
So thank you Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, for living out the Disney dream with such perfection. Many congratulations on the birth of your son!!

And on a completely unrelated note, before you head out for the weekend, click HERE for images of true love that will tug at your heart strings. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Daily Dose...

In just one second, everything can change.
Lately I've been in need of a bit of daily inspiration. Just a little reminder that life really is good, that thinking positive is definitely the way to go and that things can always change for the better...

Earl on the inevitable

Drabble the optimist.

Conan the wise...

And when all else fails, there are always puppies. GOD do I love puppies:)  
Cavapoo for me & you.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Where!? Where do I find this!?
Do you guys ever wake up starving!?! Like stomach growling, how was dinner only 12 hours ago STARVING!? This morning's breakfast was like an appetizer and I'm literally counting the minutes until I can justifiably dig into my lunch. What's up with that? Annnnyways, here to distract you from the mid-week blues (or your hunger, as applicable) is a big ol pile of internet goodness. Happy Humping!

* THIS is amazingly creepy (via CupofJo)
* Fellow bike riders rejoice, GoogleMaps has got us covered!
* 22 habits that happy people have (most are easier said than done, but we gotta at least try!)
* Hey Dr. H... I've got our 48 hours in Paris all figured out:)
* A bitty ballerina attempts to master first position (collective awwwww!)
* Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Who's with me!?
* Bill Clinton does #THICKE
* I want.
* I also want.
* I have got to visit the real life "goodnight room"
* See, I told you guys that getting enough sleep was important to weight loss!
* If NYC kids could name the new little prince (apologies for the ANNOYING pre-roll commercial)
* What was he supposed to do, bring his own toilet paper!? (ps, eww)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month VII.

The forgotten healthy habit.
This post is the seventh installment of SeektobeMerry's "Healthy Habit of the Month" series. Sourced from my bff's at Weight Watchers, online articles and my own efforts to keep fit and trim, throughout 2013, I will attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into my life each month. Join me!

Hello my fellow health-minded friends! How are we doing this month!? Like everything else in life, I'm finding that some days I juggle my healthy habits much better than others. "One perfect week" went really well for me (even if it would be more accurately titled "one super-close-but-not-quite-perfect week") and I never miss my scheduled weekly workout, but I'd be lying if I said my accountability buddy and I are still in touch and too many breakfasts have been sans a piece of fruit. It's a work in progress. For this month, I decided to venture a little outside the standard healthy habit line of thinking and focus on a part of our daily routine that all too often gets sacrificed for just about everything else...

Healthy Habit of the Month #7: Sleep on it.
When people think about good health, diet and exercise are usually their primary focus, but research shows that getting enough sleep is just as important to our overall wellbeing. Not only does getting enough sleep actually help us maintain a healthy weight,  but it's been linked to our mood and memory as well as serious biznaz like cardiovascular health and fighting cancer (read more HERE). The problem is (as we all know) sh*t happens. Stuck at work, out with friends, up with the baby, an AMAZING tv show... everything seems to get in the way of a good night's sleep. So what can we realistically do about it? How about for this month we all pick 1 day per week where we establish a bedtime and get our recommended 8 hours? Just like scheduling a workout, why not schedule your sleep? Because though we may not be able to reach our sleep goal every night, once a week seems do-able and our bodies will no doubt benefit from the guaranteed rest. Good luck and sweet dreams! 
(and for some "good sleep" tips, click HERE, HERE and HERE.)

Check out past "Healthy Habit of the Month" posts here: 
Month 1: Adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal
Month 2: Schedule a workout
Month 3: Find an accountability buddy
Month 4: Keep track (of your movement)
Month 5: Challenge yourself
- Month 6: 1 Perfect Week

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sensory Overload?

Always looking around. Always feeling it.
Last night, as I was strolling home from dinner with Dr. H, I commented on how wonderful it was to be outside on such a beautiful night. As I soaked up the park's live music and cool summer breeze, I felt incredibly content. "The fresh air just makes me feel so happy!" I mused. Dr. H hugged me close and chuckled in response... "You're nuts" he said. "You just feel so much. You have feelings about EVERYTHING. It's like... how do you have a feeling about being outside!? I just don't have that many sensors!" I laughed because this seemed like such a simple and perfect explanation. I do seem to have "more sensors" than Dr. H. We quickly wondered if this applies to women vs. men as a generalization - do women have more sensors?

This morning I spent longer than I'm willing to confess googling various questions like "are women more emotional than men?" and "are women more impacted by their environment than men?" in search of scientific proof that I am not an emotional nut nor is Dr. H a robot. No dice (though for some very interesting info on women's superior emotional intellect and how our empathy is the perfect yin to men's problem solver yang, click HERE and HERE). All I have to go on is me and Dr. H: I am always soaking things in and reacting to the way they make me feel. I can easily get lost in the deliciousness of a slice of pizza, the comfort of a day with my best friends or the dreariness of endless grey rain. Dr. H on the other hand seems to have two settings: "enjoying this" and "not enjoying this". He feels things, I feel things hard core. He keeps most feelings to himself, I'll talk to a wall about my mood if it will just listen. Must just be all my sensors:)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Friday

au revoir!
Here's hoping that your weekend is as triumphant and amazing as THESE guys

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling the heat...

Thick thigh beauty
Maybe the intense heat wave we're having in NYC has officially roasted my brains, but for today's post I'm really gonna "go there". Ladies, let's talk about Chub-Rub. Chub-Rub is a term coined by my sister and I many years ago to describe the horrible between-the-legs rubbing that occurs on any woman with more than 1% body fat (this is an approximation, but if your thighs don't touch when you walk, I assume you are a super model). Turns out chub-rub is a pretty common thing, in both name and general bane-of-female-existence-ness. There's nothing worse than wearing a skirt or dress on a hot day and having the friction sneak up on you. Not every outfit can accommodate bike shorts underneath (though when it can, that's a GREAT solution) and no woman wants to be caught doing the chub-rub waddle.

Thankfully for us all, toiletry companies are in on the Chub-Rub dilemma and have developed a multitude of products to assist us thick-thigh'ed ladies in our times of greatest need. Thankfully for YOU, I've taken 3 of these products for a test drive and have an official Merry Meri Chub-Rub Relief Report.

The Products.
This product was my first ever in the anti-chafing category, discovered at a sporting goods store during the summer I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon. The deodorant-like stick is easy and mess free during application and there isn't an overly slick or greasy feeling where you apply it. The relief lasts for hours at a time making this product perfect for a workout or for a hot day (though if I'm going all day, I do need to re-apply once or twice).
Merry Meri Verdict: Awesome product, especially for exercising, but bulky packaging for day-to-day use; definitely going to check out the "for her" product when my current stick runs out.

New-Skin Anti-Chafing Spray
I purchased this product last week when a day of running errands on bike and foot led to a 
desperate moment in the Duane Reade first aid aisle. I love New-Skin's blister products and was drawn to the mess-free spray application and purse friendly size packaging. The promise of cooling relief was accurate, but the non-greasy claim was not. Well it wasn't exactly greasy... but slick isn't a good thing either. This product provides relief, but leaves you feeling a bit too lubed up (hehe) and I also had to re-apply more than once.
Merry Meri Verdict: Good in a pinch, but unlikely to become a staple in my medicine cabinet

Girls, get over the fact that it's made by "Monistat", this product is the real deal. My favorite anti-chafing product for day-to-day use, after application this gel dries completely into what truly feels like fresh powder right where you need it. Available in a small, purse friendly tube, other than a small deduction for the fact that you have to apply by hand, this is my top choice for Chub-Rub combat. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Winner!! Great for all day (same as Body Glide, all day = re-apply once or twice) and according to the product reviews, also apparently an amazing makeup primer!?

Note that all of these anti-chafing products can be used anywhere on your body that you're getting an uncomfortable rub (underarms, underboob...!) and for a few other product suggestions, click HERE. (And a nifty little "fake your thigh gap" photo trick HERE!)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Eat a cookie.
This morning I woke up early (after a fitful night's sleep - anyone else in NYC get that blaring 3:51am Amber Alert on their iPhone!?) to workout. I had a great workout, then I showered and got dressed and discovered that I omitted 1 fairly essential, very "supportive" article of clothing in my gym bag... Oops. Here's to a bouncing good Wednesday:) 

* I think my parents' house by the sea might need one of THESE.
* If only we could all see the world (and enjoy Cheerios) the way these kids do (thanks Sis!)
* If any business on the planet was going to have the name "Meri Meri", I think it is fitting that it's a party supply company. (Enter for a chance to win some Meri Meri goodness HERE!)
* Well, I am generally a Happy Camper:)
* Check out THESE crazy cute shoes for kiddos to wear at the beach.
* I think somebody at Nike lost their job this week...
* My iPhone needs an ice pop. Anybody want to make one for me?!
smörgåstårta a Swedish sandwich cake with layers of bread separating creamy fillings = YUM.
* Lookout Cronut, there's a new dessert in town!
* It's the dog's expression in this photo that really makes it so great.
* What's that!? You want to see a ton of pictures of fluffy animals!?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Naked & Afraid.

Naked & Afraid on the "island from hell"
Please tell me that you guys are watching this show. This absolutely insane, ridiculously titled, completely addicting show. Summer's television lineup leaves Dr. H and I with a bit more free time on our hands (past posts on our tv addiction HERE, HERE and HERE) so last week when our DVR of Deadliest Catch (yup) ran into the first 10 minutes of Discovery Channel's new series "Naked and Afraid" we were willing to watch and see if it could hook us. 7 days and 3 episodes later (yup) we are beyond hooked - we are talking about the show incessantly (#nakedandafraid), debating the impact of life-saving producer interventions and wondering just how many days we could survive naked in the wilderness. 

The concept of the show is simple: 1 man and 1 woman, complete strangers, are left in an extreme environment (Panamanian jungle, the Tanzanian Serengeti, etc) for 21 days, totally naked. They get to bring 1 item with them (e.g., a stainless steel cup, a machete) but beyond that, they must find food, water and shelter completely from the earth. There are no prizes for surviving all 21 days, only a chance to boost your PSR (each contestant is given an initial and final "primitive survival rating" based on mental, physical and prior experience assessments) and to win bragging rights in the "survivalist" community. The elements are EXTREME (scorching sun, days-long storms, deadly animals) and the resourcefulness of each episode's contestants consistently blows my mind (twigs weaved into a lobster pot that actually catches 2 lobsters? who does that!?) The show is so captivating you almost forget about the nudity (almost). 

So this week after you've gotten your dose of Showtime and HBO, So You Think You Can Dance and whatever you're viewing on Netflix, check out Naked and Afraid. Seriously, because to quote The Daily Beast: Naked and Afraid is, in every sense of the word, an insane show. It’s also quite possibly the most riveting reality series on television. Ever." 

Monday, July 15, 2013

(pin) there, done that

(pin) there, done that.
This post brought to you by the fabulous (parent)thetically speaking.

Our fearless leader, Ms. Merry Meri recently talked about some (adorable) items and ideas that she has pinned for possible-future-bambino(s). I can vouch for the awesomesauce-iness of one of those items, the bow-tie onesie from Haddon & Co. (it’s as dapper as it looks). Her post got me thinking about other home runs scored on Pinterest and the times that I struck out swinging…(nice little baseball metaphor, huh? sometimes you just have to let it happen).

* I made this for my guest room – I painted the canvas an accent color and added in a second dot color. I love the finished result.
This chicken recipe was not so good, I’m not sure where it went wrong. Too much lemon maybe? And soggy green beans, yuck.
A headband holder was in order for J’s room – iced tea mix container for the win. (I actually took a headband to the grocery store with me and walked around sliding it onto containers until I found one big enough. I have the Ziploc bag with 3 lbs of iced tea mix to prove it.) She loves that she can get her headbands all by herself.

* Last year, right before Passover, I made this bread. It was the perfect way to carb-load before the holiday got under way. I would like to make it again and try this soup for dipping.
Fail. I tried so hard to make this work, but it was just not meant to be. I think I used the wrong foam and the wrong greenery. I ended up buying a moss ball from Michaels and shoving (literally…I’m not being dramatic) on the tied-up sticks.
* And I am smack-dab in the middle of an Etsy-inspired project that could either be a success or a dud. Its fate lies with my hot glue gun.

Going through my pins as I wrote this, I realized how many ideas were lying dormant in my boards – so I am off to DIY, cook, organize and create a unique, functional wall shelf by simply hanging an old baby grand piano on the wall (I mean, c’mon. if you get a little lost in Pinterest-fantasy-land, click on over here for a reality check)
not going to happen, Pinterest.
Part of the fun of Pinterest is talking about it with fellow addicts! What have been some of your most successful pins? Any flops? 

For previous posts from (parent)thetically speaking, click HERE and HERE.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Friday!

Ice cream truck route with a view
May your work day be speedy and your weekend be sunny and bright
For those hanging in NYC, maybe checkout THIS beautiful moment of light? (Big thanks to CupofJo for the tip!)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

For the Kiddos.

Love those little tushies!
Confession: I have a "for my non-existant children" board on Pinterest. Allow me to explain... You see, with many of my friends now having kiddos of their own, my Pinterest homepage and Facebook news feed are bursting with baby/toddler goodness and there's just no way I'm going to remember it all when Dr. H and I are ready for bambinos of our own. So to make use of all the great ideas and information I've been collecting, I thought I'd start a little "For the Kiddos" column here on the blog. Just a few bits of kid goodness for all the Moms, Grandmas and #1 Aunties (eghm!!) out there looking for some info and inspiration. 

Want to have the most dapper little gentleman at the playground!? These adorable onesies are almost too cute for words and make an amazing baby gift which perfectly blends practical with unique. Click HERE to check out the entire HaddonCo collection on Etsy (25% off sale going on right now!)

A full set of chompers
Wondering when and where the teething is gonna happen? This chart has been approved by Sis (my brilliant personal Dentist) as accurate, so save it now and know exactly when it's time to stock up on teething rings!

Animals on parade!
How gorgeous is this puzzle? I almost want it for myself! Unisex colors, educational (it features upper case letters on one side and lower case on the other) and easy on the eyes, click HERE to purchase the animal parade from the MOMA store.

I cannot get enough of Greg Abbott's collection of happy monsters and adorable animals. I think these prints would be adorable as decor in a little kiddos bedroom or playroom or for my fellow whimsical adults, Abbott's art comes on iPhone and iPad cases as well as pillows and totes. LOVE it.

Kid in a box.
People always joke that kids love the box more than the toys inside, but this bright idea takes box love to a whole new level. Stick your munchkin inside a big empty box with some crayons (and stickers!) and you get a break while they stay in one place and play happily (at least for a few minutes:)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day Celebr-istractions

That's about right...
Hey-o my merry friends! Guess who is humping her way through a birthday today!? That's right... another year older, wiser and very merry if all goes according to plan:) I'm also really hoping that THIS happens today because how kick ass would it be to share my bday with the future King or Queen of England? (I'm hoping Queen!) Anywayysss since I'm going to be distracted all day, I thought you should be too, so here's a heaping pile of birthday-licious goodies from around the internet. Enjoy!!

* This is oh so perfectly timed...
* How to make your birthday snap, crackle and POP!
* Just when I though I couldn't love Mr. Met any more, he invited me to meet his wife.
* Nothin wrong with getting a little cheesy on your birthday!
* Get high, get happy... just drink some beer (I knew it!!) (via CupofJo)
* "I am sitting right next to my air conditioner and it's on turbo. WTF do I need to put this b*tch on? Power Ranger?!"   - One sassy woman's rant about the heat wave. (warning, contains some "adult" language)
* Looking for a splurge? Maybe your iPhone wants to walk like an Egyptian!?
* Some more tips for getting yourself organized.
* Why on earth did Avon stop making these!!?
* I could click through this list and crack myself up all damn day (and because it's my birthday, I just might!)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Be brave. Think pink.

Yesterday I dyed my hair pink. Well not my whole hair, but a small section of tips located in the back, under a layer and only visible from the front if I pull my hair forward. It's no doubt a wuss's version of brightly colored hair, as subtle as putting pink in your hair can be, but you cannot deny... it's pink. 

Ever since I was caught coloring my hair with washable markers in the elementary school bathroom (true story), I've dreamed of having the courage to dye my hair a bold color. Colored hair is on my bucket list I suppose. So yesterday I finally just said "why the hell not!?" and went for it. I felt nervous the entire time, knowing I would love it, but worried beyond belief about what others would think. "Am I too old? Is this unprofessional? Will it seem silly?" The list of doubts went on and on even as my stylist blew out my hair to reveal a bit of pinkalicious fabulousity that made my insides sing. Isn't it funny how much you can intimidate yourself worrying about the thoughts of others? 

My bold stand against conventional hair color will fade within the next few weeks, but just like the last time I took my hair out to play, I couldn't be happier that I finally stopped stressing about "supposed to" and allowed myself a tiny slice of "just because I want to".

Monday, July 8, 2013

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Summer scenery.
... this morning on the subway everyone had the same look on their face. After a gorgeously hot and sunny long holiday weekend (4 days away from desks for most!) there was a noticeable collective case of the Mondays going on. Sun-kissed cheeks located just below eyes that said "really? back to this again?" Because yes, ugh, back to this again. But all hope is not lost! Below is a comprehensive list of Merry Meri curated "just a little somethings" to satisfy each of your 5 senses and to keep you smiling through the week and surviving until the weekend. Enjoy!!

* Taste
An unlikely combination of awesome.
I would never have thought to put these ingredients together, but I'm thrilled that somebody did because holy delicious! A little watermelon for sweetness, mint for even more refreshment, plus feta for a savory pop (I like Athena fat free feta for a guiltless version of the already healthy(ish) cheese) and ta da! you have a tasty summer salad. Other additions like balsamic dressing, red onion and cherry tomatoes are welcome. Check out a few takes on the deliciously simple summer recipe HERE, HERE and HERE.

* Hear
Worthy of more than just a "little talk" :)
Most people recognize the hit single "Little Talks" by the indie folk rock band Of Monsters and Men, but I'm here to encourage you to buy their entire album! The group's first full studio release, My Head is an Animal is filled with light vocals and pleasant melodies perfect for lounging at the beach or floating in the pool. With a sound reminiscent of great bands like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Arcade Fire, pick up this no-need-to-skip-any-tracks album today!

* Smell & Touch

Lemon Zest-y
Over the weekend I picked up a big bottle of Bath & Body Works "Energy" aromatherapy body lotion in the Lemon Zest scent for my desk. I try hard to follow the drying generic office bathroom soap with lotion, but working in a cubicle demands some "scent-etiquette" for my nearby neighbors. The light lemon fragrance of this lotion is genuinely invigorating (as the bottle promises!) and it didn't infiltrate my shared air space with girlie-ness. Just as important, the lotion isn't heavy or creamy after application. For a bit of light summer  energy, pick up some BBW Lemon Zest (bonus - it's 50% off on their website right now)

* See
Babe it up like Grace Kelly used to in Newport

With summer Fridays in full effect, now is the perfect time to see what's just outside New York City.  Click HERE for 29 outstanding no-plane-required getaways including "glamping" (more thoughts on that in a future post!) in the Adirondacks and glamorous gambling in Atlantic City.