Thursday, July 11, 2013

For the Kiddos.

Love those little tushies!
Confession: I have a "for my non-existant children" board on Pinterest. Allow me to explain... You see, with many of my friends now having kiddos of their own, my Pinterest homepage and Facebook news feed are bursting with baby/toddler goodness and there's just no way I'm going to remember it all when Dr. H and I are ready for bambinos of our own. So to make use of all the great ideas and information I've been collecting, I thought I'd start a little "For the Kiddos" column here on the blog. Just a few bits of kid goodness for all the Moms, Grandmas and #1 Aunties (eghm!!) out there looking for some info and inspiration. 

Want to have the most dapper little gentleman at the playground!? These adorable onesies are almost too cute for words and make an amazing baby gift which perfectly blends practical with unique. Click HERE to check out the entire HaddonCo collection on Etsy (25% off sale going on right now!)

A full set of chompers
Wondering when and where the teething is gonna happen? This chart has been approved by Sis (my brilliant personal Dentist) as accurate, so save it now and know exactly when it's time to stock up on teething rings!

Animals on parade!
How gorgeous is this puzzle? I almost want it for myself! Unisex colors, educational (it features upper case letters on one side and lower case on the other) and easy on the eyes, click HERE to purchase the animal parade from the MOMA store.

I cannot get enough of Greg Abbott's collection of happy monsters and adorable animals. I think these prints would be adorable as decor in a little kiddos bedroom or playroom or for my fellow whimsical adults, Abbott's art comes on iPhone and iPad cases as well as pillows and totes. LOVE it.

Kid in a box.
People always joke that kids love the box more than the toys inside, but this bright idea takes box love to a whole new level. Stick your munchkin inside a big empty box with some crayons (and stickers!) and you get a break while they stay in one place and play happily (at least for a few minutes:)


  1. Oh the box idea is brilliant. Pinning for my nephew :)

  2. So simple and sure to entertain your little dude! Thanks for reading Jana:)