Monday, July 1, 2013

A very merry start to your week...

Meet Ms. Cescapades!
Even though the skies are grey and rainy, it's a very sunny day here on the blog because I have ANOTHER wonderful friend to introduce to you all! In my continuing effort to keep the content here fresh (and to get the occasional reprieve from dreaming up original posts!) I'm bringing a 2nd guest blogger into the Seek to be Merry family. So... welcome to the lovely Cesca, also know as Cescapades, an aspiring writer, college student and all around awesome girly who will be stopping by once a month to share adventures, stories and merriment with all of you. Today we’ll have a “meet n greet” and tomorrow you’ll get to go on your first Cescapade! Enjoy!!

A few weeks ago, our favorite merry blogger asked me to join the team. This left me to ponder… what do I do in the pursuit of merriness? I am a Bostonian, a college student, a runner. I love children’s books, writing, and oriental ramen noodles. I’m known to quote Nikki Menaj inaccurately, talk about my goats, and brush my teeth six times a day. I come from a noisy family of six. I’m happy. On the Seek to be Merry team I hope to share a little piece of my merriment with all you beautiful people—everyone who loves Meri enough to read the ramblings of her father’s sister’s son’s girlfriend that is. Stay happy everyone :)

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