Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Where!? Where do I find this!?
Do you guys ever wake up starving!?! Like stomach growling, how was dinner only 12 hours ago STARVING!? This morning's breakfast was like an appetizer and I'm literally counting the minutes until I can justifiably dig into my lunch. What's up with that? Annnnyways, here to distract you from the mid-week blues (or your hunger, as applicable) is a big ol pile of internet goodness. Happy Humping!

* THIS is amazingly creepy (via CupofJo)
* Fellow bike riders rejoice, GoogleMaps has got us covered!
* 22 habits that happy people have (most are easier said than done, but we gotta at least try!)
* Hey Dr. H... I've got our 48 hours in Paris all figured out:)
* A bitty ballerina attempts to master first position (collective awwwww!)
* Cheese, cheese and more cheese. Who's with me!?
* Bill Clinton does #THICKE
* I want.
* I also want.
* I have got to visit the real life "goodnight room"
* See, I told you guys that getting enough sleep was important to weight loss!
* If NYC kids could name the new little prince (apologies for the ANNOYING pre-roll commercial)
* What was he supposed to do, bring his own toilet paper!? (ps, eww)


  1. When I eat wheat products-I get that empty growling tummy affect. Since I cut out wheat I can go for hours perfectly happy even if Im hungry :)

  2. You know Jana, there were definitely a lot of wheat products in last night's dinner... I wonder if that could be it!! Thanks for the tip (and for reading!!) xox