Monday, July 15, 2013

(pin) there, done that

(pin) there, done that.
This post brought to you by the fabulous (parent)thetically speaking.

Our fearless leader, Ms. Merry Meri recently talked about some (adorable) items and ideas that she has pinned for possible-future-bambino(s). I can vouch for the awesomesauce-iness of one of those items, the bow-tie onesie from Haddon & Co. (it’s as dapper as it looks). Her post got me thinking about other home runs scored on Pinterest and the times that I struck out swinging…(nice little baseball metaphor, huh? sometimes you just have to let it happen).

* I made this for my guest room – I painted the canvas an accent color and added in a second dot color. I love the finished result.
This chicken recipe was not so good, I’m not sure where it went wrong. Too much lemon maybe? And soggy green beans, yuck.
A headband holder was in order for J’s room – iced tea mix container for the win. (I actually took a headband to the grocery store with me and walked around sliding it onto containers until I found one big enough. I have the Ziploc bag with 3 lbs of iced tea mix to prove it.) She loves that she can get her headbands all by herself.

* Last year, right before Passover, I made this bread. It was the perfect way to carb-load before the holiday got under way. I would like to make it again and try this soup for dipping.
Fail. I tried so hard to make this work, but it was just not meant to be. I think I used the wrong foam and the wrong greenery. I ended up buying a moss ball from Michaels and shoving (literally…I’m not being dramatic) on the tied-up sticks.
* And I am smack-dab in the middle of an Etsy-inspired project that could either be a success or a dud. Its fate lies with my hot glue gun.

Going through my pins as I wrote this, I realized how many ideas were lying dormant in my boards – so I am off to DIY, cook, organize and create a unique, functional wall shelf by simply hanging an old baby grand piano on the wall (I mean, c’mon. if you get a little lost in Pinterest-fantasy-land, click on over here for a reality check)
not going to happen, Pinterest.
Part of the fun of Pinterest is talking about it with fellow addicts! What have been some of your most successful pins? Any flops? 

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