Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feeling the heat...

Thick thigh beauty
Maybe the intense heat wave we're having in NYC has officially roasted my brains, but for today's post I'm really gonna "go there". Ladies, let's talk about Chub-Rub. Chub-Rub is a term coined by my sister and I many years ago to describe the horrible between-the-legs rubbing that occurs on any woman with more than 1% body fat (this is an approximation, but if your thighs don't touch when you walk, I assume you are a super model). Turns out chub-rub is a pretty common thing, in both name and general bane-of-female-existence-ness. There's nothing worse than wearing a skirt or dress on a hot day and having the friction sneak up on you. Not every outfit can accommodate bike shorts underneath (though when it can, that's a GREAT solution) and no woman wants to be caught doing the chub-rub waddle.

Thankfully for us all, toiletry companies are in on the Chub-Rub dilemma and have developed a multitude of products to assist us thick-thigh'ed ladies in our times of greatest need. Thankfully for YOU, I've taken 3 of these products for a test drive and have an official Merry Meri Chub-Rub Relief Report.

The Products.
This product was my first ever in the anti-chafing category, discovered at a sporting goods store during the summer I trained for the Marine Corps Marathon. The deodorant-like stick is easy and mess free during application and there isn't an overly slick or greasy feeling where you apply it. The relief lasts for hours at a time making this product perfect for a workout or for a hot day (though if I'm going all day, I do need to re-apply once or twice).
Merry Meri Verdict: Awesome product, especially for exercising, but bulky packaging for day-to-day use; definitely going to check out the "for her" product when my current stick runs out.

New-Skin Anti-Chafing Spray
I purchased this product last week when a day of running errands on bike and foot led to a 
desperate moment in the Duane Reade first aid aisle. I love New-Skin's blister products and was drawn to the mess-free spray application and purse friendly size packaging. The promise of cooling relief was accurate, but the non-greasy claim was not. Well it wasn't exactly greasy... but slick isn't a good thing either. This product provides relief, but leaves you feeling a bit too lubed up (hehe) and I also had to re-apply more than once.
Merry Meri Verdict: Good in a pinch, but unlikely to become a staple in my medicine cabinet

Girls, get over the fact that it's made by "Monistat", this product is the real deal. My favorite anti-chafing product for day-to-day use, after application this gel dries completely into what truly feels like fresh powder right where you need it. Available in a small, purse friendly tube, other than a small deduction for the fact that you have to apply by hand, this is my top choice for Chub-Rub combat. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Winner!! Great for all day (same as Body Glide, all day = re-apply once or twice) and according to the product reviews, also apparently an amazing makeup primer!?

Note that all of these anti-chafing products can be used anywhere on your body that you're getting an uncomfortable rub (underarms, underboob...!) and for a few other product suggestions, click HERE. (And a nifty little "fake your thigh gap" photo trick HERE!)

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