Thursday, March 28, 2013


I guess I am a heliophiliac.
I'm off to the land of sunshine and grandparents (also known as Florida). I must apologize because my midnight packing/plant watering/vacuuming left no time for a F.I.T.S. post, but I promise to make it up to you. Xoxo

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Happy Hump Day my friends. No messin around here, let's get to the distractions!

* What a great way to make your next trip to the zoo more interactive for the kiddies! (Free printable HERE)
* MTA, you've come a looooong way in the past 25 years.
* Is anyone else peeing themselves with excitement for the return of Cory and Topanga!?
* I want to go to there!!!
* In case you were wondering what you missed out on at this past weekend's Big Cheesy event. Visiting the 2013 winner, Melt Shop is on my to do list fo sho!
* So THESE photos are kind of insane...
* The most decadent Easter treat I've EVER seen (who wants to make me one!?)
* Dear Universe... can you find a way to put this sparkling wonder in my closet!?
* Like jumping into a scene from the movie.
* What an incredible accomplishment to share as a couple.
* Washi tape. So hot right now.
* Because autocorrect never stops being funny.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To have and to hold...

True love


Phyllis Siegel and Connie Kopelov celebrate after being the first New York City same-sex couple to marry at Manhattan’s City Clerk’s Office on Sunday, July 24, 2011. [Photo: Jason DeCrow/AP]
...comes in all shapes

... and sizes.

As someone who has experienced the unadulterated joy of marrying my soul mate, who geeks out for the Supreme Court's wisdom and who believes in love above all,  this week's Supreme Court docket has my fullest attention. Change does not come easy and acceptance will never be universal, but we have to start somewhere. Here's to hoping we're on our way...

Monday, March 25, 2013


Eats candy for breakfast like a boss.
... it was bound to happen. This morning, after more than a week resisting the urge, I had a Cadbury Egg for breakfast. It rocked my world. Sometimes you just have to go for the Egg and never look back... am I right?!

Anyway, this week is gonna be a weird one because there are Passover Seders to squeeze in with shortened workdays and Dr. H and I are blowin this (endless wintery) joint to jet down to Florida for some sunshine come Thursday morning. Basically, no promises on original merry musings this week, but thoughtfully curated good stuff from around the web? That I can deliver. So enjoy the last of your bread and pasta Jews, keep stocking up on Cadbury goodness Easter-lovers and Happy Monday to you all.

Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Black Olives, Garlic, and Feta Cheese

Just a little something to have at the top of my "to do" list when Passover ends. Spaghetti with Tomatoes, Black Olives, Garlic, and Feta Cheese... YUM. Full recipe HERE, via Pinterest HERE.

This is what best friends look like at 85 years young. Get ready to smile :)

easy peasy I promise
Looking for a new, simple 'do for spring/summer!? I followed this seriously simple tutorial (they aren't even braids, they're knots, like the first step of tying your shoe!!!) and the compliments came pouring in. I did it with wet hair right out of the shower (which I often find is the easiest way to try a new style because your hair is less silky/slippery/loose) and can't wait to make this my go-to look at the end of a sunny day at the beach!!

Being realistic is overrated.


And last but certainly not least, I think these adorable prints from Cosas Minimas would make fabulous decor for a kid's bedroom or playroom (don't get any crazy ideas, I'm just thinking out loud here:)
The magic bus printTraffic jam printIn the neighborhood

Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy Hell Yes.

FRIIIIIIIIDDDDDAAAAAYYYY!!!!! Did anyone else find this week to be particularly beastly!? I think I can actually hear tonight's martini calling my name. For reals. To all my fellow survivors of the weekly grind, I hope you have a beautiful weekend :)

Stay cool my friends.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month III.

Find a super buddy, share some super (will)power.
This post is the third installment of SeektobeMerry's "Healthy Habit of the Month" series. Sourced from my bff's at Weight Watchers, online articles and my own efforts to keep fit and trim, throughout 2013, I will attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into my life each month. Join me!

Can you believe that it's already time to incorporate another healthy habit into our lives!? It seems like just yesterday we were scheduling a weekly workout and making fruits and veggies mandatory at mealtime! Though my "healthy eats intake" continues to be a work in progress, I'm thrilled to report that I succeeded in scheduling (and completing, ha!) at least 1 workout every week last month. Who'dve thunk that the simple act of writing it on my calendar would increase my accountability so much!? Is anyone else on this journey with me? If so, I'd love to hear from you because having a buddy always helps. And speaking of buddies (and accountability)...

Healthy Habit of the Month #3: Find an "Accountability Buddy"
This one is for those of us actively seeking to lose a few pounds (eghm)... this month we're going to find an "accountability buddy". My accountability buddy and I email one another each morning with a list of everything (I mean everything, even that "fun size" piece of chocolate) we ate the day before. This allows us to keep the number on the scale private (I'm not brave enough for a "humiliation diet"), but still be accountable to someone outside our own brains for what we pile into our mouths. I've been accountabil-izing (hehe) for a few weeks now and it's seriously working. As I'm standing in front of my open fridge debating my next move, having the thought "I'm going to have to share this decision tomorrow morning" has actually stopped me from needless snacking. I have even been ordering a bit better in restaurants! Now, do we always share our Saturday night/Sunday brunch indiscretions? Not a chance... but together we're 2 buddies, taking baby steps in the right direction.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Be happy!
Happy Spring my friends!! Even though today is a "level 3 winter jacket" day here in NYC (aka, the puffy, hooded one), the sun is shining and I'm willing this to be the very last day of the season that I have to wear tights. More importantly though... did you know that today is  the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS!!!?! How fan-freakin-tastic is THAT!? Here to make your day super happy is a big 'ol pile of distractions. Enjoy!!
* Apparently not all cats are agile.
* Pure romance with a side of soggy.
* A little bit more holiday deliciousness (see my full post HERE).
* I was going to see this regardless because Hermione Granger is in it, but the trailer looks pretty awesome.
* A note from the kind of best friend I think we should all aspire to be.
* What's that you said? You want more glitter in your life!?
* Kale is so hot right now. (That's right, even veggies can be trendy!) Ever wonder what's next?
* Holy crap that looks delicious (and totally do-able!)
* I wonder who I can send THIS to..!? (via ExPress-o)
* And finally, in honor of today's "holiday", the happiest cows you ever did see.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Moses parting the red (peep) sea. Genius!
Given that we had a snowstorm in NYC last night (what the whhhhhat!?), it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that the "spring holidays", Passover and Easter, are right around the corner. But by this time next week I'll be craving carbs like it's nobody's business and binging on the last of THESE guys while willing the sun to come out and live up to March's "out like a lamb" reputation. Until then, what better way to get into the spring spirit than by thinking about delicious holiday eats and treats!? Enjoy!

Are you ready to take your Matzah Pizza to the next level!? No longer just a "throw on some sauce and cheese" situation, consider making your pizza Margarita style with THIS simple recipe and for the more adventurous eaters, there's THIS Buffalo Mushroom Matzah Pizza (both recipes from the adorably named "WhatJewWannaEat, This Aint' Yo Bubbe's Blog"!)

These spring-y crafts are easy peasy (on right) and possibly destined for (on left). THIS "vase of flowers hidden in a bigger vase stylishly stuffed with Easter candy" centerpiece can be pulled off by just about anyone (the key is to get the flowers into the center vase and then creatively fill the larger vase around it). The Flower Umbrella on the other hand may require some skills. I can't find the step by step anywhere (I hate when people Pin without providing the right link!) but I think it's just a tall colorful umbrella (hook handle seems essential) with some bouquets (wrapped with damp paper towels and aluminum foil at the base?), faux eggs and craft grass/moss (available at Michaels) shoved into the top (using a pretty ribbon to prevent it all from sliding to the bottom). If any of you actually attempt this one, I'd love to see the finished product!
Matzah Lasagna 
This dish was a HUGE hit in my house last year, so even though I featured it in the 2012 Passover/Easter post, I promise it's worth repeating! Full recipe (which I used more as a guideline than word for word) HERE.

Peeps on chocolate covered pretzels!? YES PLEASE!!
These look so simple and so cute... might have to whip up a batch for my co-workers (who I've been promising a homemade sweet treat to for weeks!) Full tutorial HERE.

Perfect for the little bunnies
in your life!
Lastly, an adorable non-chocolate treat filled with everyone's favorite fishes. Easy and perfect as decor at each place setting or as a "goody bag" on the way out the door!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Stop the yelling in my brain!!
Last night I could not get my brain to fall asleep. Though I felt physically tired (from an awesome weekend in Vermont!) my mind would not stop churning... when am I going to finish decorating the bedroom?, I need to cook with that fresh garlic I bought, is that exhibit at the museum closing soon?, when will I read my backlog of Vanity Fairs if I keep listening to Podcasts!? The (ridiculous) list went on and on in my head and sent me into an unusual, completely overwhelmed state. In a desperate attempt to restore order to my brain (and finally fall asleep!) I diagnosed myself with the newly discovered and wildly spreading condition of being "Over-Inspired". 

Over-inspired (adj.): the state of being overwhelmed by a plethora of good ideas, beautiful images, creative opportunities and content for consumption.

Thanks to social media, blogs, smart phones and crowd-sourcing sites like Pinterest, our days are filled with more inspiration than ever. We see beautiful homes filled with creative DIYs, our meals should be delicious and Instagram-worthy and every possible cool activity is advertised to us as something that shouldn't be missed. We see constant examples of how to be styled, organized, creative and active and though it's wonderful to have so much inspiration,  it's easy to feel overwhelmed by ideas and opportunities to go, do, see, eat, play and create.

To successfully treat a case of "over-inspiration" (as I did, around 2 a.m.) remember these important truths: (1) we are not all professional chefs, decorators, craft-ers or travelers; (2) half-finished projects are not failures, "eventually" is just fine!; and (3) ya can't do it all. The planet is filled with more coolness than 1 person can possibly absorb so sometimes you just have to pass. And if all else fails, there's THIS.

Friday, March 15, 2013

For thought and laughter

always look lovely.
Every so often, I come across a quote, either on a blog or Pinterest, that really resonates with me. It makes me think...

So true.
Or smile.

oh kate...

Or laugh. Laughing is good...

I heard unicorns poop rainbows.

Happy Friday my Merry Friends

Thursday, March 14, 2013

variety is the spice of life.

Pick a jacket, any jacket.
The other day, as I was throwing on my raincoat to run out for lunch, my colleague said "you have so many coats! It's like you have the perfect coat for every kind of weather!!" which I found a touch embarrassing (if a dude noticed, it must be very noticeable!) but mostly it just made me smile. "You're right!" I exclaimed, "I have a bit of a coat habit, but I wear them ALL so I think it's not such a bad habit to have!" 

If you ask me, coats, like shoes, scarves, jeans, jewelry and hats are items one can never have enough of. There's the heavy coat, the ski coat, rain coat, dressy coat, lightweight winter coat, lightweight spring coat, puffy vest, stylish cape-let, the list goes on and on. Outerwear can easily be an extension of your outfit and what better way to polish your shine than with the perfect jacket (or shoes or statement necklace) for that particular day!? I mean I've got enough pashminas to run my own street vendor business, but always having the "perfect" color or print makes me happy every time. I think the key is to focus on occasion and variety... it's not "I have a hat already" it's "do I already have a hat that I'd wear when I would wear this one?" Variety is the spice of life and in my opinion, the spicier the better!

Ed. Note: I've also been told I'm excellent at justifying things... purchases in particular :) 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

This is not my sex tape.
Happy Hump Day my merry friends! How are we holding up this week? My body finally seems to have adjusted to daylight savings (that 1 hour will kill ya in the morning!) and today looks to be sunny and spring-like; not too shabby for a Wednesday! Here's another long list of distractions though... just in case :)

* 12 adorable ways to jazz up your cellphone case
* I am tooootally guilty of doing THIS (hehe).
* You ever see a pair of shoes and think "I need to have those shoes" but then they're sold out so you wonder "will I ever have those shoes?" Right now, THESE are those shoes.
* Cannot wait to see how my hair looks in these knots!
* Do you live in NYC? Do you love Grilled Cheese!?? Then THIS event is for you (and me and Sis!)
* What a totally awesome return address stamp idea! (via CupofJo)
* A great piece on knowing what's bad to eat and accepting that sometimes we're going to eat it anyway.
* Would you ever pay to snuggle with a stranger? (even stranger than it sounds!)
* Goats yelling like humans (so freakin funny)
* Humans yelling like goats yelling like humans (so freakin funny/where do people find the time!?)
* And finally, who doesn't love a penguin blooper reel

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time to get green!

Can you believe St. Patrick's Day is less than 1 week away!? As we discussed last year, I'm a big fan of pretending to be Irish every March 17th, if for no other reason than to wear one of my favorite colors, embellish things with rainbows and drink a bit of extra beer. If you live in NYC, we put on a pretty fantastic parade and there's no shortage of Irish Pubs for you to go celebrate at, but no matter where you are, it's easy to bring some luck 'o the Irish into your day!

This simple "marble" method of shaping your cupcakes into little shamrocks is too cute for words. Simply add some green food coloring to your cupcake batter, follow the "shape" picture tutorial above and frost with green frosting (purchased or vanilla, again colored with green food coloring). Add Mentos eyes and a little hand-drawn smile to complete this shamrock treat!

I want to eat you. NOW.
I am salivating just looking at this delicious dish. Easy enough to execute for even the most elementary of dessert chefs, this Oreo and pudding based treat will no doubt be a hit at your St. Patty's party. Click HERE for the full recipe and free printable "toppers" to embellish your sweet green creation!  

Taste the rainbow!

What a brilliantly simple way to gift the rainbow (and a "pot of gold"!) You really can't go wrong with Skittles and Rolos adorably packaged, so bust these out for your friends at the bar and brace yourself for a free round! Click HERE to download the hang tags in the picture.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Who run the world?

Did you know that today is International Women's Day? Throughout the world, celebrations range from remembering general sentiments (commitments to respect, appreciation and love towards women) to acknowledging more tangible accomplishments (women's economic, political and social achievements). Observed for the first time in 1909 (following a declaration by the Socialist Party of America) in the western world, International Women's Day became a more well-known popular event in 1977 when the UN General Assembly invited member states to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women's rights and world peace. (Thanks Wiki!)

Now you're probably thinking "this shizz is right up Meri's alley" she's all "I want it all" (HERE) and "celebrate my accomplishments" (HERE) but something about International Women's Day just sorta irks me. I admit, women often travel a tougher road than men and far too many women face brutal discrimination and a complete lack of basic human rights; extra attention needs to be paid for sure, but is elevating women's problems over general societal inequalities really the answer? Maybe, but I'm not completely sold. I believe that if we focused on equality as a general concept, women would find allies among other disenfranchised groups and we could elevate the rights of all instead of just the rights of "she". Studies have proven that supporting women (via education, financial assistance and basic medical care) often lifts a community as a whole better than providing that same support to men, so maybe instead of a day that focuses on women as group in need, we can work towards a global culture that recognizes women as a most powerful tool. Intelligent, capable and caring individuals with as much ability to impact positive change on the world as anybody else. So whether it's "our" day or any other day... go get em girls!

And on a completely unrelated note...
Yesterday's snowstorm finally decided to make an appearance. Way to go weather(wo)man. Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

On predicting the weather.

Brick Tamland. Trustworthy and lamp loving.
Does anyone else out there regret not becoming a weather(wo)man? I mean, I totally get that weather is unpredictable and asking someone to determine with certainty what mother nature has in store is completely unreasonable, but still... Yesterday I came across the headline "Winter Storm May or May Not Blast City". For reals. Can you imagine a teacher saying "2 + 2 may or may not equal 5" or how about hearing "this food may or may not taste terrible" from your waiter!? Being a weather(wo)man means living in a world of best guesses and never having to worry about accuracy. Sounds awesome. 

And the worst part is that we all get super worked up when they forecast a possibility of snow (in winter... when it often snows) and every damn time I buy into the hype, like this morning when I hit snooze an extra two times, willing there to be a work-canceling mountain of snow behind my unopened bedroom curtains (no dice). When will I learn (or finally leave my job in pursuit of a lifetime of accountability-less colorful map pointing)? 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

So Easter is just a few weeks away which means my love affair with Cadbury Eggs has officially been rekindled. I purchased those bad boys at the grocery store (so conveniently placed near the register) last night. What I'm wondering is whether Cadbury Egg + Banana = good breakfast (certainly seems to satisfy THIS healthy habit requirement!) While I distract myself with dreams of soft fondant center gooey goodness, you folks enjoy this heaping pile of internet fun. Happy Hump Day!

* Mila Kunis gives a newbie reporter the interview of his life.
* No better place to meet someone new than in a ball pit. (via ExPress-O)
* So THESE are going to be pretty f'ing amazing huh!?
* Dr. H is gonna hate, but I think it could be fun.
* I dream of an NYC with stars...

* A great piece on why Yahoo!'s new CEO is getting a bad wrap as a feminist (hint, she isn't one!)
* This is just too adorable. PERFECT for that "ice cream social" party I'm planning (seriously)
* My screening of Life of Pi was not nearly as awesome as THIS one.
* New good music! Check our Lorde.
* Now that is my kind of (potato) party!
* For this, I think Evie deserves a promotion from Junior Ranger...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adorable randoms

Bunnies on Bunnies. HA!
When life's too busy for intelligent thoughts, thank goodness for adorable images. 
Happy smiling :)


Spud life.

Snowman humor.

How cheesy is this!?

you tube. YOU TUBE! HA!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dinner & a Movie (at the same time)

Relax and enjoy more than just the show!
Dr. H and I are what I like to call "seasonal movie goers". Prone to avoiding movie theaters through most of summer (superheros and action-packed blockbusters aren't usually our thing) we binge on movies throughout fall and winter as film festival/awards season favorites hit the screens. This year, seeing lots of movies in close succession left me a little bored of megaplex popcorn and fountain soda (and I love fountain soda)... I wanted something more fun and interesting for movie date night and perhaps maybe a beer!? Enter Nitehawk Cinema

The bar/waiting area before entering your theater.
Nighthawk Cinema, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just a few blocks off the Bedford Ave. L train stop is a total treat. Their three small theaters include triangular tables situated between every two chairs and the menu, designed by the owner of (the exceptionally well reviewed) Saul, includes a selection of funkified classic snacks, as well as full entrees and dessert. There are also specials inspired by the films. You don't have to eat dinner, though I highly recommend it - the eats were TASTY. Additionally, Nitehawk's unique popcorn is an absolute MUST. Topped with a delicious mix of lime juice, mild cotija cheese and cilantro, the plentiful $5 snack (served in a stainless-steel bowl, infinitely better for flavor and warmth preservation than a paper bag) was unlike anything I've ever tasted.

And since I'm sure you're are wondering, YES, you can order food throughout the film and NO, it does not hinder your movie-going experience. Servers are seasoned in the art of the "crouched-down walk" and orders are taken by placing a piece of paper with your food/drink items written down, in a little slot on your tray table. No need for whispering. Nitehawk has everything pretty much down to a science, even strategically timing presentation of your bill so that you can  be fully paid and can leave right at the end of the movie.  If you're looking for a way to spice up movie night (and enjoy a tasty meal at the same time!) I highly recommend a trip to Nitehawk Cinema!

Visitor's Notes: Arrive early (at least 30 minutes, but I'd say more like 45) to ensure a good place in line for entry into the theater. Pretty much the whole capacity queues up in advance and then files in all together * There's a bar where you wait so beer and small talk pass the time! * There's a bar downstairs which Dr. H and I did not check out, but it had live music and looked awesome * Shows sell out for Fri and Sat nights. Buy your tickets well in advance.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Hear it, Read it, Make it, Love it.

babe'in it up beach style... coming soon.
Hellllo Friday! This week Dr. H and I booked a little trip to Florida for the end of the month so my spirits are flying high with thoughts of sunshine, family and dipping my toes in the sea. (This is scientifically proven by the way... "vacation anticipation" says that people are happiest in the pre-vacation, planning phase, more so than even during or after their trip!! Thanks to the NY Times via CupofJo for that tidbit). Anywayssss... it's been a while so to send you off into the weekend, here's another installment of "Hear it, read it, make it, LOVE it" for your listening/reading/crafting/buying pleasure (previous posts HERE and HERE). Have a good one!

Hear it
Months ago, Sis's (awesome) boyfriend J introduced me to "Thrift Shop", the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis track that everyone is digging right now. Ever since then, I've been preaching that their entire album, The Heist, is the freakin bombdiggitysmack (<-- official term) because it really is. Back in November, Rolling Stone called The Heist, "one of the year's big sleeper hits", but I think we're all finally waking up to the awesomeness that is Macklemore. Plus, he stands for goodness like THIS

Thanks to the always hip Nana (Dr. H's beloved grandmother) I am now subscribed to Architectural Digest. Shortly after we moved, Nana thought I would enjoy reading the home decor magazine and she was totally right! Though Pinterest and online shopping dominate most young people's decorating decisions, there's something really refreshing about the shiny pages and brief articles which accompany what is essentially a picture book for the home decor obsessed. If you like thinking about design and creating "special spaces" pick up a copy! 

One of my favorite go-to gifts for any occasion is to assemble several relatively inexpensive items and wrap them together cutely. Most people appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness and get to enjoy the practical items that you bundled together for them. Click HERE and HERE for some adorable "wrap it up pretty" inspiration.

I have finally found "my kind of camping". Perfect for bringing your bed and a full size dinner table along with you (also, for watching the rain in style or star gazing all night long) I think owning one of these Transparent Camping Tents would be completely impractical, but totally awesome.