Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time to get green!

Can you believe St. Patrick's Day is less than 1 week away!? As we discussed last year, I'm a big fan of pretending to be Irish every March 17th, if for no other reason than to wear one of my favorite colors, embellish things with rainbows and drink a bit of extra beer. If you live in NYC, we put on a pretty fantastic parade and there's no shortage of Irish Pubs for you to go celebrate at, but no matter where you are, it's easy to bring some luck 'o the Irish into your day!

This simple "marble" method of shaping your cupcakes into little shamrocks is too cute for words. Simply add some green food coloring to your cupcake batter, follow the "shape" picture tutorial above and frost with green frosting (purchased or vanilla, again colored with green food coloring). Add Mentos eyes and a little hand-drawn smile to complete this shamrock treat!

I want to eat you. NOW.
I am salivating just looking at this delicious dish. Easy enough to execute for even the most elementary of dessert chefs, this Oreo and pudding based treat will no doubt be a hit at your St. Patty's party. Click HERE for the full recipe and free printable "toppers" to embellish your sweet green creation!  

Taste the rainbow!

What a brilliantly simple way to gift the rainbow (and a "pot of gold"!) You really can't go wrong with Skittles and Rolos adorably packaged, so bust these out for your friends at the bar and brace yourself for a free round! Click HERE to download the hang tags in the picture.

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  1. Those shamrock cupcakes are really fun! Thanks so much for sharing my rainbows in a jar! Hope you have another fun day being Irish!