Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Be happy!
Happy Spring my friends!! Even though today is a "level 3 winter jacket" day here in NYC (aka, the puffy, hooded one), the sun is shining and I'm willing this to be the very last day of the season that I have to wear tights. More importantly though... did you know that today is  the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS!!!?! How fan-freakin-tastic is THAT!? Here to make your day super happy is a big 'ol pile of distractions. Enjoy!!
* Apparently not all cats are agile.
* Pure romance with a side of soggy.
* A little bit more holiday deliciousness (see my full post HERE).
* I was going to see this regardless because Hermione Granger is in it, but the trailer looks pretty awesome.
* A note from the kind of best friend I think we should all aspire to be.
* What's that you said? You want more glitter in your life!?
* Kale is so hot right now. (That's right, even veggies can be trendy!) Ever wonder what's next?
* Holy crap that looks delicious (and totally do-able!)
* I wonder who I can send THIS to..!? (via ExPress-o)
* And finally, in honor of today's "holiday", the happiest cows you ever did see.

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