Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Moses parting the red (peep) sea. Genius!
Given that we had a snowstorm in NYC last night (what the whhhhhat!?), it's hard to wrap my head around the fact that the "spring holidays", Passover and Easter, are right around the corner. But by this time next week I'll be craving carbs like it's nobody's business and binging on the last of THESE guys while willing the sun to come out and live up to March's "out like a lamb" reputation. Until then, what better way to get into the spring spirit than by thinking about delicious holiday eats and treats!? Enjoy!

Are you ready to take your Matzah Pizza to the next level!? No longer just a "throw on some sauce and cheese" situation, consider making your pizza Margarita style with THIS simple recipe and for the more adventurous eaters, there's THIS Buffalo Mushroom Matzah Pizza (both recipes from the adorably named "WhatJewWannaEat, This Aint' Yo Bubbe's Blog"!)

These spring-y crafts are easy peasy (on right) and possibly destined for PinterestFail.com (on left). THIS "vase of flowers hidden in a bigger vase stylishly stuffed with Easter candy" centerpiece can be pulled off by just about anyone (the key is to get the flowers into the center vase and then creatively fill the larger vase around it). The Flower Umbrella on the other hand may require some skills. I can't find the step by step anywhere (I hate when people Pin without providing the right link!) but I think it's just a tall colorful umbrella (hook handle seems essential) with some bouquets (wrapped with damp paper towels and aluminum foil at the base?), faux eggs and craft grass/moss (available at Michaels) shoved into the top (using a pretty ribbon to prevent it all from sliding to the bottom). If any of you actually attempt this one, I'd love to see the finished product!
Matzah Lasagna 
This dish was a HUGE hit in my house last year, so even though I featured it in the 2012 Passover/Easter post, I promise it's worth repeating! Full recipe (which I used more as a guideline than word for word) HERE.

Peeps on chocolate covered pretzels!? YES PLEASE!!
These look so simple and so cute... might have to whip up a batch for my co-workers (who I've been promising a homemade sweet treat to for weeks!) Full tutorial HERE.

Perfect for the little bunnies
in your life!
Lastly, an adorable non-chocolate treat filled with everyone's favorite fishes. Easy and perfect as decor at each place setting or as a "goody bag" on the way out the door!

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  1. I love the Peeps Vase idea, it's easy to make and adorable!