Thursday, March 7, 2013

On predicting the weather.

Brick Tamland. Trustworthy and lamp loving.
Does anyone else out there regret not becoming a weather(wo)man? I mean, I totally get that weather is unpredictable and asking someone to determine with certainty what mother nature has in store is completely unreasonable, but still... Yesterday I came across the headline "Winter Storm May or May Not Blast City". For reals. Can you imagine a teacher saying "2 + 2 may or may not equal 5" or how about hearing "this food may or may not taste terrible" from your waiter!? Being a weather(wo)man means living in a world of best guesses and never having to worry about accuracy. Sounds awesome. 

And the worst part is that we all get super worked up when they forecast a possibility of snow (in winter... when it often snows) and every damn time I buy into the hype, like this morning when I hit snooze an extra two times, willing there to be a work-canceling mountain of snow behind my unopened bedroom curtains (no dice). When will I learn (or finally leave my job in pursuit of a lifetime of accountability-less colorful map pointing)? 

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