Monday, March 4, 2013

Dinner & a Movie (at the same time)

Relax and enjoy more than just the show!
Dr. H and I are what I like to call "seasonal movie goers". Prone to avoiding movie theaters through most of summer (superheros and action-packed blockbusters aren't usually our thing) we binge on movies throughout fall and winter as film festival/awards season favorites hit the screens. This year, seeing lots of movies in close succession left me a little bored of megaplex popcorn and fountain soda (and I love fountain soda)... I wanted something more fun and interesting for movie date night and perhaps maybe a beer!? Enter Nitehawk Cinema

The bar/waiting area before entering your theater.
Nighthawk Cinema, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn just a few blocks off the Bedford Ave. L train stop is a total treat. Their three small theaters include triangular tables situated between every two chairs and the menu, designed by the owner of (the exceptionally well reviewed) Saul, includes a selection of funkified classic snacks, as well as full entrees and dessert. There are also specials inspired by the films. You don't have to eat dinner, though I highly recommend it - the eats were TASTY. Additionally, Nitehawk's unique popcorn is an absolute MUST. Topped with a delicious mix of lime juice, mild cotija cheese and cilantro, the plentiful $5 snack (served in a stainless-steel bowl, infinitely better for flavor and warmth preservation than a paper bag) was unlike anything I've ever tasted.

And since I'm sure you're are wondering, YES, you can order food throughout the film and NO, it does not hinder your movie-going experience. Servers are seasoned in the art of the "crouched-down walk" and orders are taken by placing a piece of paper with your food/drink items written down, in a little slot on your tray table. No need for whispering. Nitehawk has everything pretty much down to a science, even strategically timing presentation of your bill so that you can  be fully paid and can leave right at the end of the movie.  If you're looking for a way to spice up movie night (and enjoy a tasty meal at the same time!) I highly recommend a trip to Nitehawk Cinema!

Visitor's Notes: Arrive early (at least 30 minutes, but I'd say more like 45) to ensure a good place in line for entry into the theater. Pretty much the whole capacity queues up in advance and then files in all together * There's a bar where you wait so beer and small talk pass the time! * There's a bar downstairs which Dr. H and I did not check out, but it had live music and looked awesome * Shows sell out for Fri and Sat nights. Buy your tickets well in advance.

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