Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

So Easter is just a few weeks away which means my love affair with Cadbury Eggs has officially been rekindled. I purchased those bad boys at the grocery store (so conveniently placed near the register) last night. What I'm wondering is whether Cadbury Egg + Banana = good breakfast (certainly seems to satisfy THIS healthy habit requirement!) While I distract myself with dreams of soft fondant center gooey goodness, you folks enjoy this heaping pile of internet fun. Happy Hump Day!

* Mila Kunis gives a newbie reporter the interview of his life.
* No better place to meet someone new than in a ball pit. (via ExPress-O)
* So THESE are going to be pretty f'ing amazing huh!?
* Dr. H is gonna hate, but I think it could be fun.
* I dream of an NYC with stars...

* A great piece on why Yahoo!'s new CEO is getting a bad wrap as a feminist (hint, she isn't one!)
* This is just too adorable. PERFECT for that "ice cream social" party I'm planning (seriously)
* My screening of Life of Pi was not nearly as awesome as THIS one.
* New good music! Check our Lorde.
* Now that is my kind of (potato) party!
* For this, I think Evie deserves a promotion from Junior Ranger...

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