Friday, March 1, 2013

Hear it, Read it, Make it, Love it.

babe'in it up beach style... coming soon.
Hellllo Friday! This week Dr. H and I booked a little trip to Florida for the end of the month so my spirits are flying high with thoughts of sunshine, family and dipping my toes in the sea. (This is scientifically proven by the way... "vacation anticipation" says that people are happiest in the pre-vacation, planning phase, more so than even during or after their trip!! Thanks to the NY Times via CupofJo for that tidbit). Anywayssss... it's been a while so to send you off into the weekend, here's another installment of "Hear it, read it, make it, LOVE it" for your listening/reading/crafting/buying pleasure (previous posts HERE and HERE). Have a good one!

Hear it
Months ago, Sis's (awesome) boyfriend J introduced me to "Thrift Shop", the Macklemore/Ryan Lewis track that everyone is digging right now. Ever since then, I've been preaching that their entire album, The Heist, is the freakin bombdiggitysmack (<-- official term) because it really is. Back in November, Rolling Stone called The Heist, "one of the year's big sleeper hits", but I think we're all finally waking up to the awesomeness that is Macklemore. Plus, he stands for goodness like THIS

Thanks to the always hip Nana (Dr. H's beloved grandmother) I am now subscribed to Architectural Digest. Shortly after we moved, Nana thought I would enjoy reading the home decor magazine and she was totally right! Though Pinterest and online shopping dominate most young people's decorating decisions, there's something really refreshing about the shiny pages and brief articles which accompany what is essentially a picture book for the home decor obsessed. If you like thinking about design and creating "special spaces" pick up a copy! 

One of my favorite go-to gifts for any occasion is to assemble several relatively inexpensive items and wrap them together cutely. Most people appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness and get to enjoy the practical items that you bundled together for them. Click HERE and HERE for some adorable "wrap it up pretty" inspiration.

I have finally found "my kind of camping". Perfect for bringing your bed and a full size dinner table along with you (also, for watching the rain in style or star gazing all night long) I think owning one of these Transparent Camping Tents would be completely impractical, but totally awesome.

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