Friday, March 30, 2012

Good Eats.

As the weather warms up and we start shedding our layers of bulky winter clothing, I find myself craving a totally different type of cuisine. Though I love me some rich, creamy goodness, come spring I gravitate towards more fresh and colorful foods. Though I may be eating Cadbury Eggs for breakfast, here are a few recipes which include "good eats" for your weekend enjoyment. Happy cooking! ("eat me" via Pinterest)

Holy YUM and other possible deliciousness
(butternut squash mac cheese!?) over at PinchofYum
Hailed by many as the superior tater, I recently decided to give cooking sweet potatoes a try and I'm lurve. For a super easy side dish, I like to slice the potato into thin "discs", rub on a little olive oil and kosher salt, and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes (depending on thickness and desired crispness). Stuffed potato skins coming soon!

The healthiest Paula Deen recipe EVER.
Dr. H is obsessed with avocado. OBSESSED. I am definitely a fan, but unlike hubs, I don't sit around eating it with a spoon - I need a little flava. I know how to guac or serve it up with Mexican, but this might be my next dinner party dish.

Buffalo Chicken Quinoa Mac & Cheese.
Kitchen to do list fo sho
I like quinoa, but I haven't figured out how to take the grain "to the next level". I usually eat it as a side dish, prepared in chicken stock instead of water with seasoning  to taste, but with the help of Iowa Girl Eats, I think I'm ready to get fancy!

Pizza. Fruit. Sugar. YUM.
Leave it to Betty Crocker to help us make fruit less healthy right?! To lighten up this recipe a bit, I'm thinking of substituting the cream cheese frosting for Light Cool Whip, or maybe Greek Yogurt with some Splenda mixed in? (suggestions welcome!)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Know your roll?

These two definitely "know their rolls" (hehe)
Earlier this week I asked Dr. H if he wanted to have a "date night" tomorrow. It's rare that we approach the weekend without plans (or the burning desire to lay on our couch and have NO plans) so I thought it might be fun to dress up cool and eat somewhere trendy (something we do far less of since moving uptown... we'll be back soon Soho!)  "I'll pick wine and cheese for while we get dressed, you make reservations." Dr. H loved the idea, but rejected my suggestion that HE make the dinner plans. "But you're better at finding good food and cool places" he whined... I paused. This is true. I insisted however, that he play the planner role so I gave him a road map (aka a trusted friend to consult) and sent him on his way.

The exchange got me thinking though, about the roles we play. In my house, I am the planner and Dr. H is the participant. It's not that he can't plan; it's that he doesn't like to. To his credit, he married the perfect gal for this attitude because I truly enjoy researching and planning... but not allllways! Is it bad to want to step outside your "role" every once in a while? How do you play your role without getting locked into it? If one person in a relationship is better at some things, maybe it doesn't make sense to ever put those tasks on the other persons' plate. I don't know... I mean, I'm just not as good at washing the dishes as Dr. H is:)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

You ask, I deliver... Enjoy your weekly dose of distraction:

* Quickly grab all the
bread and cheese you can find and meet me in the kitchen.
* A cool "behind the scenes" for my fellow retro-lovers and fans of smokin' hot babes (via CupofJo).
* Corporate girl sports colorful weekend hairstyle?
* Glow in the dark dance routines. So hot right now.
You're more awesome than a monkey wearing a tuxedo made of bacon riding a cyborg unicorn (this child is my hero).
* Andddd a little more humor at the expense of small children.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A tribute.

Get in my belly!
I would like to dedicate this blog post to one of my favorite things on planet earth: seasonal candy. Specifically, I’m giving a shout out to my true loves, Candy Corn and Cadbury Eggs  (how on earth am I the daughter of a dentist!?). There is no match for the sheer joy I feel when I’m in the checkout line at Duane Reade and there, perfectly situated for impulse-purchase suckers like myself, is the Easter season’s first bucket of goop-filled chocolate egg deliciousness (I lied, this feeling is matched by that aisle of orange and black which pops up sometime late-September).

Seasonal candy rocks for a ton of reasons, the most obvious being that it’s freaking delicious, but the less obvious being that its presence is fleeting. M&Ms may be my favorite candy, but I can get an M&M any time of day, any day of the year. The “egg and corn” seasons however, are short: that delicious creme center thickens over time and corn hardens beyond chew-ability by spring (not that I’ve ever attempted to stockpile and last the whole year or anything...) You have to enjoy your seasonal candy while it's fresh and then wait until its corresponding holiday rolls around again the following year. In my opinion, this makes every sugary bite that much more fantastic. So cheers to you seasonal candy; may you never lose your magic by having manufacturers realize that there's totally a market for selling you 365 days a year!

Photo credit and Cadbury awesomeness HERE.

Monday, March 26, 2012

You look tired.

We've all been there little buddy!
"You look tired" = the worst social chit chat line ever invented. Seriously! Is there anything more rotten than having someone say this to you!? When someone says "you look tired", there are two possibilities, either a) you are exhausted and now must face the rest of the day knowing you look as crap-tastic as you feel, or b) you're actually feeling quite bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but for some reason you apparently look like you're about to pass out. Awesome.

What are we hoping to accomplish by saying "you look tired" to one another?! Are we  really so strapped for conversation that we have to remark about one another's bleary eyes and dark circles!? Maybe if someone saying you look tired meant you got to go take a nap, it would make more sense, but last I checked, no one was pulling out the futon for me! Truth is, most of us are tired and we're doing everything we can (caffeine, concealer, hitting snooze just one more time!) to hide it. So here and now I vow to eliminate "you look tired" from my vocabulary and I hope you'll join me in my jargon crusade. Next week maybe we'll move on to "so how about this weather we're having!?"

Friday, March 23, 2012

Arrivederci! Adios! Caio! Ta-ta!

Hit the road jack!
Friday! Woop woooop! To wrap up "travel week" I thought I'd share some tips which have served me and my fam well during vacations. My merry jet setters, consider the following:

Before you leave: 
- Splurge on pre-arranged transfers. It can be stressful getting from an airport to a hotel in a foreign city. Often transfers don't cost more than hailing a cab and the advantage is you're greeted by a nice person holding a sign with your name, ready to take you where you want to go (and those signs make you feel way cool).
- Scan your passport. Carry a copy in your luggage and email it to a "home base" person. In the event your stuff ends up lost or stolen, copies will help get you back on track. 
- Rent a car (if maps and signs are in a language you understand!) Some of my greatest sites and eats were found on the way from A to B. 

While you're there: 
- Ask hotel staff their favorite places to eat, drink and hangout. Concierges are great, but sometimes they steer you to places that have a deal with the hotel. Mix in advice from locals with recommendations from hospitality professionals. 
- Don't be afraid to not plan! This is tough for Type As like me, but if you know your "must do" activities you can a. spread them out so you're never too busy or b. pack them in so you have whole days for relaxing and exploring. 
- UNPLUG! Unless you absolutely need to stay connected, put away email, facebook, twitter and texting. Be mentally, physically and technologically on vacation; it's more awesome that way.
- Carry your hotel's business card. Very helpful in taxis. 
- Send postcards. People love knowing you thought of them, even on vacation. (Extra fun =  "embellish" the scenes they depict with your own doodles!) 
- Be cool. Maybe you and mom get lost without money or a phone in Spain or you come down with terrible mono and need to rest on every bench you see in the museum (maybe!) It's ok. Be smart and safe, but have a sense of humor when your fam is out of dry clothes because for some reason you didn't think it would be "that rainy" in the rainforest. 

When you get home: 
- Do something with all those pictures! I highly recommend Snapfish photobooks; the quality is great, you can add captions and pictures just look better in person. 

May the odds ever be in your favor :) 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dream big, travel often.

Sky Lantern Festival, Thailand
fan•ta•sy [fan-tuh-see, -zee] noun. 1. imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained. 2. the forming of mental images, especially wondrous or strange fancies; imaginative conceptualizing. Isn't that definition amazing!? "extravagant and unrestrained"!? "wonderous"?! The word fantasy was MEANT to be applied to travel because the world is just filled with so much to fantasize about. Whether its wishing to explore a new neighborhood in your own city, or to go to the farthest corners of the earth, there's more beauty out there than most of us will ever be lucky enough to see, but that doesn't mean you can't have a wish list!

I fantasize about sleeping in an igloo and watching vibrant colors light up the sky:
Northern lights, Canada
I fantasize about hotel rooms on stilts surrounded by only the bluest ocean: 
... and staring at stars from my bed:
"star bed" in Kenya
And of course castles; lots and lots of beautiful castles:
Mont Saint Michel, France
And though some prefer not to dream beyond their definitive reach, I am simply not one of those people. I say make a list of all your "wondrous or strange fancies" and fight your face off to get there; whether it's a motel or the Ritz, a Louis Vuitton trunk or a backpack. Dream big and travel often.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day Distractions (Jet Setter Ed.)

What could be more distracting then thinking about a fantastic getaway? Get over the hump by getting inspired for your next vacation:
* Why pay a bag check fee when these guys will deliver your luggage for you!? Amazeballs (via CupofJo... just yesterday, what timing!)  
* I'll close my eyes and pretend I'm riding the Hogwarts Express (via Snippet&Ink)
* Thinking of adding this "shower in a can" to my carry-on (and my work week?) Recommended by my "hair guy" and he never steers me wrong:)
* A few suggestions on how to avoid being that person with the screaming child (would you ever make/buy THIS?)
* Another cool idea for saving all that "stuff" you brought home from vacation 
* Where all the music lovers are going
* I've been fantasizing about an apartment rental for my next trip to Europe so I can pretend I actually live there
* This has nothing to do with travel, but it's awesome.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Come Fly With Me...

Dear airlines: I’d like 1 extremely narrow seat with minimal legroom, no food and please, charge me extra to transport my personal belongings. Sincerely, NO ONE. I think we can all agree that air travel is a far cry from the luxury days of Pan Am (did anyone else watch that show?), but for many worthy destinations, it’s a necessary evil. Whether it’s 2 hours or 10, flying is part of your vacation and there’s a lot you can do to help make the experience more pleasant:

* Make me a deal baby: Dr. H is my airfare guru. While I may roll my eyes over the hours or even days it takes him to find flights, he’s pretty much mastered the system. The good doctor recommends searching for flights during the week, especially Tuesdays & Wednesdays - airlines mark up prices on weekends. * To sleep perchance to dream: If your travel plans allow for overnight flights, take em! Though you’re unlikely to get a “good” night’s sleep, you don’t waste valuable vacation days traveling AND if it’s a mid-vacation flight, you can subtract the cost of hotel for that night. Book that 11pm-7am flight, grab some Tylenol PM and enjoy the extra time you’ll have at your destination. * Distraction & a happy belly: I’m not a good airplane sleeper (hence the night flight, Tylenol PM) so I need to keep myself busy to pass the time. I'm always equipped with my iPod and Nook, but I also throw in at least one magazine since a good amount of in-flight time is spent in the “electronic devices prohibited” space (what is really going to happen if I leave my iPod on during landing!? Will the air traffic controller’s message suddenly be interrupted by my blaring Britney Spears!?) Pack a snack while you're at it to avoid the marked up/junk food at the airport (I love THIS IDEA for romanticizing the in-flight experience). Prepare for the worst: Is there anything better than the moment you see your checked bag glide into baggage claim!? I have no confidence in my bag’s ability to keep up with me so I’ve learned (the hard way) to plan for the worst. On the way there, I always carry-on necessary toiletries (contact solution, a toothbrush etc), clean undies, a bathing suit (if applicable) and a clean shirt. I also try to fly in pants and shoes I’d be happy to wear exclusively if my bag doesn’t show. On the way home I stash any truly meaningful souvenirs in my carry-on and I never EVER check my camera. Not that I wouldn’t cry a river over lost clothes and shoes, but at least I’ll have my trip memories no matter what. * Let me upgrade you: If you can afford it, those fold out beds with real silverware and warm towels sure look lovely (especially for longer flights). Unfortunately, those first class amenities come at a substantial price. For our honeymoon, Dr. H and I flirted with the idea of first class, but it would have literally doubled the cost of our airfare and we simply could not justify blowing a majority of our vacation budget on getting to the vacation. That said, if upgrading doesn't impact your ability to spend while on your trip, I say go for it! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break (a girl can dream)

Travel Glamorously.
Is there anything more fabulous than packing your bags and leaving your "normal" behind!? Whether its to relax on a beach, hike through the rainforest or eat your way through a new city, travel is my ultimate love (Dr. H, you can come along with me?!) I grew up in a family that valued traveling for many reasons: we gained worldliness and a sense of adventure, we unpluggled from our ordinary and we got to spend time together. I discovered just how much of the world there is to see through the generosity of my parents and now as an adult I have to figure out how to get myself there! Between work, the expense, social obligations and umpteen other excuses, there are plenty of reasons to put off experiencing your travel wish list but I refuse to be deterred... We must pack our bags and explore!!

In honor of "spring break season" (ahhhh, those were the days!) this week on Seek to be Merry we'll talk all about travel: from planning and flying, to dream destinations and saving vs. splurging. For those of us without a spring break, it can be our inspiration to take a break of our own and start adventuring! Hasta manana my fellow jet setters!

Friday, March 16, 2012

10 reasons...

Sisterly love...
...why having a sister is the best:
1) Having a sister means you have someone to play with, at any age.  
2) Having a sister means you get to double your wardrobe. 
3) Having a sister means you always have someone to take road trips with.
4) Having a sister means you don't need your parents when one of you throws up in the middle of the night NEXT TO the garbage pail (because sisters take care of each other).
5) Having a sister means you always have someone to sit next to you on the roller coaster.
6) Having a sister means you have someone to tell you that those pants are too neon.
7) Having a sister means even though you couldn't be more different, something just makes you feel the same.
8) Having a sister means having someone to take a million "arm stretched out in front of you" self-portraits with. 
9) Having a sister means having secret noises and faces and snuggles.
10) Having a sister means having an unexplainable connection... you just need your sister in your life. Always.

Happy Birthday to my (funny, smart, wacky, beautiful) sister, who I need in my life. Always.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am not Irish...

Unlucky, but beautiful
...but I dig St. Patricks Day.  There are obvious reasons (it's my sister's birthday; I usually enjoy tasty cold beers) and less obvious reasons (jade green is one of my favorite colors to wear; I love green bagels). Though I needed Wiki to tell you that the holiday commemorates not just St. Patrick (patron saint of Ireland), but also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland (what about leprechauns!?) there's just something awesome about St. Patty's. 

I mean, you get to start your day like THIS!
(via Thoughtfully Simple)

Your bagel store is out of green bagels!? Don't sweat, all you need is pancake mix and green food coloring (extra points for festive embellishments!)

Because not everyone likes to drink beer
Yes, St. Patty's is traditionally associated with the Irish ability to drink like a fish (has this been proven by science?) but, I can appreciate a holiday mandate to gather with friends and throw a few back. (Drink responsibly!)

HOLY whhhhhat!? 
If I wasn't still eating leftovers from my celebration of Oreo's 100th Birthday last week, I'd definitely be making these. 

I love Pringles and leprechauns
There are a ridiculous number of leprechaun themed crafts out there. I think my mom still has the cone-shaped leprechauns I made in elementary school (remember THIS? It must run in the family:)

Whatever your plans, may we all have the "luck o' the Irish" and a good time this Saturday!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

Heyyyo! Look at us, we've made it to Wednesday!! I hope wherever you are, it's been as sunny and springy as here in New York. Mmm sunshine:) No matter the weather, here's some internet goodness to help you get over the hump.

*For a cool $9.65 million you can own a piece of Sex and the City history.
*Music Monday at Black * Eiffle introduced me to the amazing Andrew Bird. Love discovering a new (to me) musician.
*If only I were brave enough to take on a home decor DIY of this magnitude.
*Spruce up your plain old ponytail!
*Thinking of taking THIS recipe for a test drive on Sunday (what would be a good side dish/vegetable?)
*A dog finally tells us how he feels about watching us make and eat our sandwiches (this one's for you Sis!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

But it has sentimental meaning!

Do you attach sentimental meaning to objects? A ticket stub from your first concert; the locket your parents gave you; a cheesy souvenir from a memorable trip? I for one, am an overly sentimental person - I can find “significance” in nearly every material item I come across (“but this napkin memorializes my trip to Disney during its 100th anniversary celebration!”) and I often struggle to part with things others would immediately label as trash (a warning sign for a future segment on Hoarders?) Last week I went to the Orthopedist and he said I no longer needed the cumbersome brace I’d been sporting for weeks (yay!) As I left the velcro-hinged contraption behind, I thought “but we’ve been through so much together...” before rolling my eyes and realizing that this was a bit much, even for me! I think it's important to save sparingly but "smartly". Once I get past the initial “do I even have a place to keep this?” analysis, I try hard to fast forward and guess whether in a few years the object will bring me back to the time or place where it gained its meaning. Dried flowers from my prom corsage? Not exactly stirring my emotions; old birthday/holiday cards? I am forever grateful to have saved handwritten notes from loved ones who are no longer with me. Some things become junk as time goes by, but others become personal treasures.  How do you decide what to throw out and what to hold on to? Have you ever thrown something away that you regretted afterwards? (THIS is a very cool idea; I could see myself making little rings for vacations, milestone celebrations, etc) Image via Pinterest

Monday, March 12, 2012

Dim Sum Sunday.

Take me down to Chinatown
My Dad introduced me to one of the best NYC culinary adventures a foodie could hope for:  dim sum. At least once a month my family heads to Chinatown for a feast of dumplings, bok choy, pork buns, stuffed eggplant... (getting hungry yet!?) Chinatown is an amazing cultural experience in itself (Dr. H and I love wandering among the "locals" buying produce, fresh seafood and turtles (yup, they're from Chinatown) along Canal Street) but it's the dim sum that keeps us coming back time and time again. 
Oriental Garden: Elizabeth btw Canal and Bayard
Show up before noon or the wait can be up to an hour!
While I'm sure there are a ton of awesome dim sum spots in Manhattan's chinatown, we are Oriental Gardens people. Discovered by Dad, we never stray to the bigger/fancier looking dim sum joint next door. 
This is the scene around 10:30am; by noon it's jam packed. That
silver cart makes its way through the room.
Start off with some fresh brewed green leaf tea while you wait
for the cart to arrive.
Waiters circulate the dining room with small plates (vegetables, soups, spring rolls) and you can order any of the (extremely) well reviewed szechuan chinese dishes. The silver cart works the room with a variety of dumplings and other dim sum traditional dishes. Though we may pass on the chicken's feet (yup) nearly everything that cart brings us is a delicious decision.
Shu mai comes 4 per basket. If you ever go with me,
we'll be grabbing more than one basket from the cart.
Everything about dim sum is smiley.
For each dish or basket they put on your table, you get a stamp (or dollar amount for larger dishes) and I can't think of a better value in NYC than dim sum. We eat our faces off (is there any other way at brunch?!) and it's usually around $15 per person. Though it's definitely not for everyone, if you're an adventurous eater looking for a break from french toast and omelets, go for a Dim Sum Sunday. 

Wishing my Dad, my adventure inspiration and forever tour guide a very Happy Birthday:)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Day Sunshine!

Gotta get me a pair of these
It’s definitely not normal how excited I am for daylight savings this weekend. Even though we are “springing ahead” and losing an hour of sleep (which I will no doubt feel/hate on Monday morning) the prospect of longer, sunnier days fills me with unadulterated joy! It makes a world of difference to leave work while it's still light out (or sleep late on the weekend and not feel like the day is over at 4pm!) Plus, daylight savings means spring is coming which means summer is within reach and for a million reasons summer is just the bestest.

This Sunday, let’s all get outside and enjoy our extra hour of sunshine. To me there are few things more peaceful than going for an early evening walk by the river with Dr. H or sitting in the park and watching the world pass us by. Cheers to sunlight for officially shaking off the winter blues.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Have you heard about..?

"Ohmygod! That's sooooo hot right now!" 
I'm always amazed how things suddenly become popular or as some might say "so hot right now". Mason jars. Pinterest. The Hunger Games. You've never heard of it, then all the sudden its buzzing and you're either in the know or all "whhhat, owls are cool now!?" WELL... just like I've started doing restaurant reviews, recipe posts and travel ideas, every so often I'm going to throw a "Have you heard about" your way. Sometimes I imagine you'll be all "geez Meri, you're sooo behind the times," but maybe I'll steer you towards something on the cusp of awesome and we can all be hailed as trendsetters together!! So without further a due...

* Have you heard about Downton Abbey?
Image via Pinterest

Downton Abbey is a tv series, (on PBS of all places!) which I just started watching on Netflix. I'd heard some chatter about the show, but it wasn't until a feature in Us Weekly that I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Set on a Yorkshire estate, the show is a "period piece" which follows the lives of an aristocratic family and their servants during the reign of King George V. Think Mad Men of the 1910s. It's surprisingly riveting (even if I can't always understand the heavy cockney accents!) Check it out.

* Have you heard about Fifty Shades of Grey?
One of my girls told me that Twitter is buzzing about this book. She's reading it, her mom is reading it, "everyone" is reading it. Naturally, now I am reading it and though I'm only 70 pages in, I'm intrigued. Far from a literary masterpiece (the prose has a Candace Bushnell feel and it's sexual when it doesn't need to be) there's something about the story that grabbed me from the start. Apparently things are going to get VERY steamy (you've been warned) so we'll see if part 1 of this trilogy is onto something.

* Have you heard about friendship bracelets?
Image via Pinterest
Remember those bracelets you spent hours making at summer camp!? Well brake out your plastic string boxes ladies, apparently friendship bracelets are cool again. I personally love piling on the bracelets and though they've been modernized to include beads, charms and rhinestones, there's still something nostalgic and instantly fun about adorning your wrists with this trend. I've been admiring THESE for a while now (time to make a purchase?!) and if you're feeling crafty, here's a tutorial to make your own!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hump Day Distractions

I promise I won't
Your weekly installment of internet goodness to help you get over the hump:
* THIS is what true love looks like.
* Taking playing in the snow to a whole new level (via CupofJo)
* Detention never seemed so amusing
* If I ever have twins, maybe I'll name them Stoudemire and Lin 
* Did you know that yesterday was the Oreo's 100th Birthday!? To celebrate the occasion I made Oreo "holy cow are you serious!?" Truffles. That good and SUPER easy. Make them. Make them now.
* A craft combining travel and photography!? Get me to the nearest map store!

BONUS Distraction: Penguins. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I seriously cannot stop watching (thanks C!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

half of a whole.

Dr. H is travelling for work most of this week (and most of next!) and I’m here in NYC holding down the fort. Though I’ve always considered myself a fiercely independent female, I’m struck by just how much I miss the good doctor - without my bud I feel incomplete! And it’s not because I’m lonely or that we usually do everything together, it’s more that his presence is part of my routine and when he’s away everything feels slightly off balance (plus there’s no one here to do the dishes!)

When did this happen!? When did “normal” come to include someone other than just myself!? Perhaps it was somewhere between "I" and "do"!? Whatever the explanation, it's nice to realize that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. Though having a "forever roommate" can lead to serious issues (ex: when am I supposed to watch Gossip Girl? Will I ever sleep diagonally again?) in the end, things just ain't as fun without Dr. H around. I must really like him or something:)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Turtles and Fishies.

Stella (below) & Ferdinand (up top) say "sup?"
Yesterday, when I arrived home from my weekend out of town, I walked into my apartment flipping on light switches and exclaimed (outloud) "hello babies, I'm home!!" I entered my living room and smiled in relief as two red slider turtles and one beta fish swam excitedly in their tanks at the site of their mama (because they definitely don't view me as just a potential food source... they know me... totally). I am un-embarassed to confess my unwavering love for my pets. 

And isn't it amazing just how much love you can feel for an animal that's never said a word to you!? Growing up, my family included (over many years) old english sheepdogs, a cockatiel, lovebirds, guinea pigs, aquatic frogs, newts and countless numbers of fish, and I loved every single one of them (even the borderline satanic lovebird and the often smelly guinea pig). Though pets are a completely unnecessary responsibility and expense (turtle ear surgery... that happened) there's something awesome about having a four-legged/flying/aquatic member of your family. They need you and love you and you just love them right back. So thank you Ferd, Stell and Del (Deleanor, the fish) for welcoming me home from my trip and for being the coolest pets a girl (who hasn't yet convinced her husband to get a dog) could hope for!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Tina Fey I freakin' love ya!
How awesome is that dress? And those legs? And the idea that Tina would hold back your hair while you "react" to overindulgence? Love. Annnnyway... it's finally Friday and I've only got eyes for the weekend ahead. Tonight I leave for a ski trip with my lady loves and though I won't be doing any snowboarding (doh!) I plan to take the "après " half of  après-ski very seriously. Après-ski is defined as going out, having drinks, dancing, and generally socializing after skiing. Girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :) 

Even if you aren't heading out of town, that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to something wonderful. Here are a few ideas for weekend merriment... TGIF!
* Read something awesome. My book club gives many thumbs up to The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh; The Midnight Circus by Erin Morgenstern; and The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins (have you read this series yet!? Do it. Do it now.)
* Treat yourself to some new music and then create a fresh playlist. Whether it's for working out, rocking out or chilling in the bathtub, there's something incredibly refreshing about listening to new music that you love.
 Arts and Crafts. You know you want to :)
* Eat a delicious meal! Cook THIS or dine HERE. Few things are more satisfying than a tummy full of tasty food (says the girl who just did a juice cleanse:)
* Find something fun that's going on in your city and go on with it! If you're in NYC you've got lots to choose from: the Muppets, Leprecons and Picasso are all in town for a limited run.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I moustache you a question.

Are moustaches trendy right now? I couldn’t help but notice an abundance of ‘staches in Hollywood lately meaning either a.) celebrities are all buying apartments in Brooklyn (hipsters unite!) or b.) moustaches aren’t just for cowboys and porn stars anymore!! Whatever the explanation, I’m not sure I like it.
While some people are meant to be moustach’ed: 
Rock on Tom Selleck
Other hotties end up looking like they’re auditioning for a role in Ron Jeremy’s entourage: 
Why Ryan? WHY!?
Generally speaking, I am not the biggest fan of facial hair (just ask Dr. H), but the moustache in particular rubs me the wrong way (dirty minds pause here). Unless you’re going to funkify your mustache with crazy handle bars or something very unique, there’s a 98% chance that sporting a nose neighbor is going to significantly increase your "creepy dude factor". While beards can be handsome in many ways on many men, moustaches are just not meant for most faces. Ron Swanson? Hellz yes. Bradley Cooper? No freakin way. Check out this super official list of the top 10 moustaches of all time and I think you'll find yourself in agreement that this is a style best left to the "experts" (I'm lookin at you Yosemite Sam).