Monday, March 26, 2012

You look tired.

We've all been there little buddy!
"You look tired" = the worst social chit chat line ever invented. Seriously! Is there anything more rotten than having someone say this to you!? When someone says "you look tired", there are two possibilities, either a) you are exhausted and now must face the rest of the day knowing you look as crap-tastic as you feel, or b) you're actually feeling quite bright-eyed and bushy tailed, but for some reason you apparently look like you're about to pass out. Awesome.

What are we hoping to accomplish by saying "you look tired" to one another?! Are we  really so strapped for conversation that we have to remark about one another's bleary eyes and dark circles!? Maybe if someone saying you look tired meant you got to go take a nap, it would make more sense, but last I checked, no one was pulling out the futon for me! Truth is, most of us are tired and we're doing everything we can (caffeine, concealer, hitting snooze just one more time!) to hide it. So here and now I vow to eliminate "you look tired" from my vocabulary and I hope you'll join me in my jargon crusade. Next week maybe we'll move on to "so how about this weather we're having!?"

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  1. awesome post Meri! Someone said this to me yesterday and it was the worst - I didn't think I looked THAT bad. haha.