Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Day Sunshine!

Gotta get me a pair of these
It’s definitely not normal how excited I am for daylight savings this weekend. Even though we are “springing ahead” and losing an hour of sleep (which I will no doubt feel/hate on Monday morning) the prospect of longer, sunnier days fills me with unadulterated joy! It makes a world of difference to leave work while it's still light out (or sleep late on the weekend and not feel like the day is over at 4pm!) Plus, daylight savings means spring is coming which means summer is within reach and for a million reasons summer is just the bestest.

This Sunday, let’s all get outside and enjoy our extra hour of sunshine. To me there are few things more peaceful than going for an early evening walk by the river with Dr. H or sitting in the park and watching the world pass us by. Cheers to sunlight for officially shaking off the winter blues.

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