Tuesday, March 6, 2012

half of a whole.

Dr. H is travelling for work most of this week (and most of next!) and I’m here in NYC holding down the fort. Though I’ve always considered myself a fiercely independent female, I’m struck by just how much I miss the good doctor - without my bud I feel incomplete! And it’s not because I’m lonely or that we usually do everything together, it’s more that his presence is part of my routine and when he’s away everything feels slightly off balance (plus there’s no one here to do the dishes!)

When did this happen!? When did “normal” come to include someone other than just myself!? Perhaps it was somewhere between "I" and "do"!? Whatever the explanation, it's nice to realize that distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. Though having a "forever roommate" can lead to serious issues (ex: when am I supposed to watch Gossip Girl? Will I ever sleep diagonally again?) in the end, things just ain't as fun without Dr. H around. I must really like him or something:)

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