Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am not Irish...

Unlucky, but beautiful
...but I dig St. Patricks Day.  There are obvious reasons (it's my sister's birthday; I usually enjoy tasty cold beers) and less obvious reasons (jade green is one of my favorite colors to wear; I love green bagels). Though I needed Wiki to tell you that the holiday commemorates not just St. Patrick (patron saint of Ireland), but also the arrival of Christianity in Ireland (what about leprechauns!?) there's just something awesome about St. Patty's. 

I mean, you get to start your day like THIS!
(via Thoughtfully Simple)

Your bagel store is out of green bagels!? Don't sweat, all you need is pancake mix and green food coloring (extra points for festive embellishments!)

Because not everyone likes to drink beer
Yes, St. Patty's is traditionally associated with the Irish ability to drink like a fish (has this been proven by science?) but, I can appreciate a holiday mandate to gather with friends and throw a few back. (Drink responsibly!)

HOLY whhhhhat!? 
If I wasn't still eating leftovers from my celebration of Oreo's 100th Birthday last week, I'd definitely be making these. 

I love Pringles and leprechauns
There are a ridiculous number of leprechaun themed crafts out there. I think my mom still has the cone-shaped leprechauns I made in elementary school (remember THIS? It must run in the family:)

Whatever your plans, may we all have the "luck o' the Irish" and a good time this Saturday!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my Leprechaun craft!