Thursday, March 29, 2012

Know your roll?

These two definitely "know their rolls" (hehe)
Earlier this week I asked Dr. H if he wanted to have a "date night" tomorrow. It's rare that we approach the weekend without plans (or the burning desire to lay on our couch and have NO plans) so I thought it might be fun to dress up cool and eat somewhere trendy (something we do far less of since moving uptown... we'll be back soon Soho!)  "I'll pick wine and cheese for while we get dressed, you make reservations." Dr. H loved the idea, but rejected my suggestion that HE make the dinner plans. "But you're better at finding good food and cool places" he whined... I paused. This is true. I insisted however, that he play the planner role so I gave him a road map (aka a trusted friend to consult) and sent him on his way.

The exchange got me thinking though, about the roles we play. In my house, I am the planner and Dr. H is the participant. It's not that he can't plan; it's that he doesn't like to. To his credit, he married the perfect gal for this attitude because I truly enjoy researching and planning... but not allllways! Is it bad to want to step outside your "role" every once in a while? How do you play your role without getting locked into it? If one person in a relationship is better at some things, maybe it doesn't make sense to ever put those tasks on the other persons' plate. I don't know... I mean, I'm just not as good at washing the dishes as Dr. H is:)

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