Thursday, March 1, 2012

I moustache you a question.

Are moustaches trendy right now? I couldn’t help but notice an abundance of ‘staches in Hollywood lately meaning either a.) celebrities are all buying apartments in Brooklyn (hipsters unite!) or b.) moustaches aren’t just for cowboys and porn stars anymore!! Whatever the explanation, I’m not sure I like it.
While some people are meant to be moustach’ed: 
Rock on Tom Selleck
Other hotties end up looking like they’re auditioning for a role in Ron Jeremy’s entourage: 
Why Ryan? WHY!?
Generally speaking, I am not the biggest fan of facial hair (just ask Dr. H), but the moustache in particular rubs me the wrong way (dirty minds pause here). Unless you’re going to funkify your mustache with crazy handle bars or something very unique, there’s a 98% chance that sporting a nose neighbor is going to significantly increase your "creepy dude factor". While beards can be handsome in many ways on many men, moustaches are just not meant for most faces. Ron Swanson? Hellz yes. Bradley Cooper? No freakin way. Check out this super official list of the top 10 moustaches of all time and I think you'll find yourself in agreement that this is a style best left to the "experts" (I'm lookin at you Yosemite Sam). 

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