Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A groundbreaking scientific discovery!

Are you ready for it!? Big butts are good for your health! That's right people... if you have big butts then I cannot lie - that booty is probably making you a healthier, smarter woman. #CanIGetaWoopWoop!?

I'm just finding this out now, but apparently back in 2013 scientists from the University of Oxford released results from a study that said that women with larger than average butts are not only increasingly intelligent, but also very resistant to chronic illnesses. And according to ABC News, results from the 16,000 woman study found that women with bigger backsides tend to have lower cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar. So what does this mean for my fellow bootylicious ladies? Feast your eyes on these findings:

* Having a big butt requires an excess of Omega 3 fats, which have been proven to catalyze brain development.

* Children born to women with wider hips are intellectually superior to the children of slimmer, less curvy mothers. (#HellzYesFutureMerryMeriOffspring!)
* One researcher also cites similar studies conducted by universities inCalifornia andPittsburgh not too long ago that discovered that women with bigger butts, wide hips and smaller waists may even live longer as well. (#bigbootyforthewin!)

So to all my fellow fat bottomed girls, cheers to us... may we live long, healthy, bootylicious lives.

Friday, January 22, 2016

There's a blizzard coming, let's talk about ice cream...

Fact: It is never too cold for ice cream.
It may be barely 30 degrees outside with snow pummeling parts of the country and headed NYC's way, but that hasn't stopped my ice cream love affair from blossoming. That's right folks, even in the dead of winter with the snow flakes falling, I spend my evenings snuggled up on the couch with a bowl of Haagen Dazs Limited Edition Peppermint Bark ice cream.

It's LIMITED EDITION!!! Hurry people. HURRY!!!
Forever a fan of peppermint bark (yup), I discovered this seasonal delight back in November when I was visiting the neighborhood Haagen Dazs to purchase an ice cream cake (two important take aways there: I live 2 blocks from a Haagen Dazs and they make PHENOMENAL ice cream cakes). When I spotted the peppermint bark signage, like a moth to the flame I had a sample in my mouth and then a quart in my hand. Fast forward 2 months to when I realized that the "season" was ending and this is what my freezer currently looks like:
I would have bought more, but I felt a little embarrassed to take my bulk purchase further than two. With diligent rationing, I think this stash should last me through March and then it will be just 6 months until the flavor is back!! #AdvancePlanningfortheWin 

Even though production is limited to Oct-Dec, my local scoopers told me that supplies actually last until what they have in their freezer is gone. So do not delay! Go get your limited edition peppermint bark ice cream today (and uh, good luck with the blizzard and stuff:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hump Day Distractions

Hey Humpy, what day is it!?
This is one of those fabulous weeks that arrives at Hump Day sooner than expected because Monday was part of a 3-day holiday weekend #ThankYouMLK. With just 2 days left until the blizzard... errr weekend, here are some delightful distractions from around the web to pass the time. Enjoy!

* This imagining of the Disney princesses' designer shoes is adorable and pretty spot on!
* Even though I love an inventive salad, I rarely mix it up when making them at home. Hopefully this list of winter salad recipes will inspire me to change that!
* I could never be so brave, but if you are, here are some tips for cutting your own hair.
* "reasons my wife is crying" sounds cruel but is actually hysterical.
* A Heart Day playlist for those with an indie music inclination.
* How to perfectly crack an egg - so simple.
* Turns out drunk you is very kind and very smart!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Are you ready to fall in love..?

...because I think it's high time y'all met the one and only Dugans!!! (Pronunciation="Dooogans") #DuganstheDoggie made Dr. H and I a family of three on November 3, 2015 (born on August 30th) and he's been melting our hearts with his cuteness ever since.
Welcome to Brooklyn Dugans!

Being a puppy is exhausting
Long time blog readers may recall THIS post (from early 2012!) where I lamented Dr. H's resistance to getting a dog... those who know me IRL know that this four-legged addition has been 10 years of begging my man in the making. Well all's well that ends well because I ended up with the most perfect pup at the most perfect time and place in my life (while working from home and living in a 1st floor apartment!)

He lives in NYC, of course he rides the subway!
And the funny thing is, I was never really a dog obsessed person until Mr. Doogie arrived, but the other night when I was taking a bath (as you know I love to do) and Dugans leaned his adorable one-brown ear'ed head over the edge of the tub and maniacally licked my hair and face (at which point I actually debated letting him climb in with me (I did not, but I thought about it!)), I realized I have gone full force over the crazy dog lady cliff (a realization which maybe should have happened when I toted him with me to the hairdresser.... or on an airplane to Atlanta?!)
Who wouldn't want company in the bathroom?
Come fly with me...
You didn't take your dog to meet Santa? How rude!
Anyways, Dugans is the bestest and the most fantastic company when I work long hours home alone or when I need a snuggle or an excuse to drag my booty out of the house for a walk (though preferably not in the middle of the night, hoping those days are behind us!) 
Follow Dugans' adventures HERE and doggonit have a great weekend!! 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hump Day Distractions

Chugging along... Friday I see you!
With my return to blogging comes a return to your weekly dose of Hump Day Distractions!!! Even though I don't spend as much time perusing the internet as I used to, I still manage to scrounge up plenty of great content from my browsing adventures (which allows me to classify my internet addiction as productive right!?) Happy Hump day my friends, may you find these distractions delightful.

* If you're watching Making a Murderer on Netflix (hint: you should be), check out these lesser known facts about the documentary (the 1st 5 of which are not spoilers!) 
* SmallThingsBlog has the best hair tutorial videos, including this one for the always sexy (and dirty hair day lifesaving) messy bun!
* I love these punjammies and the entire Sudara collection made by women working to stay out of the sex trade and poverty in India (cute clothing + social justice = win for all)
* Dr. H has a strange obsession with deer. He'd probably love to join this family.
* Winner of the most spirited and funny interview after a fire devastates your apartment complex right HERE (ps- she has received tons of donations and support as a result of this video going viral!)
* Why you should be more ok with your body (like actual sciencey reasons!)
* And finally, for your daily dose of awww, here are a ton of animals sleeping in hysterical locations and positions.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Diets That Work"

As has become tradition, my early January Us Weekly magazines have been touting tight celebrity bodies alongside diet tricks and workout tips that are going to give me "new body confidence" through "speedy workouts" just like my favorite celebs. I always eye roll at these stories because celebs have insurmountable unfair advantages when it comes to their appearance... setting aside wealth, their job description pretty much includes looking good in pictures meaning they can reasonably dedicate a LOT of time to working out and call it part of their day job (just like me and you right!?) 

As I was sitting on "the throne" reading my latest issue (is there any other place people read Us Weekly!?) I found the latest article suggesting that I try some of the stars' stay slim tricks particularly laughable and I had to share.

Celeb: Taraji P Henson
Diet Secret: "En route to daily workouts with pro trainer... the 2- hour jogging and core-focused sessions, along with a clean diet..." 
Merry Meri takeaway: Excellent. I've always wondered how to look hot like her and turns out all it will take is clearing out 14 hours of my week to exercise with a private trainer. Why did I never think of that!?

Celeb: Kate Hudson
Diet Secret: "...bounces between hot yoga, cycling, dance classes and Pilates.. while her diet remains steady: no meat, dairy or gluten."
Merry Meri takeaway: Eliminate 80% of what you eat and try every fitness trend out there and you'll look like Kate in no time. Piece of cake (errr, celery, that's gluten free right!?)

Celeb: Demi Lovato
Diet Secret: "on her 2015 tour Demi brought along a SoulCycle instructor, a stationary bike and another fitness pro. She did SoulCycle classes twice a day and worked out with the trainer... she followed a high-protein, low carb diet... Her hard work paid off, she tells Us: I feel more confident than ever."
Merry Meri takeaway: Want to feel more confident than ever? Bring the workout you can barely afford with you everywhere and spend several hours, 7 days per week, doing it. Thank goodness they published this secret so we can all get confident like Demi!

Celeb: Khloe Kardashian
Diet Secret: "'I don't eat dairy'... also endures hourlong squat-heavy sessions with [trainer] 5 times per week. Gluten is also banned."
Merry Meri takeaway: Another celeb finally sharing weightloss's best kept secret - cut out a ton of what you eat and spend several days a week with a personal trainer. How ever did they figure out these secrets to looking fit and trim!?

Friday, January 8, 2016

And the award for most awesome celeb couple goes to...

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum. I mean, they were pretty high on my list with the whole "so hot, so supportive, met making a Step Up movie" thing, but this pretty much seals the deal don't you think!?

That is all. Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Things I've learned... (I'm back b*tches)

Friends, lovers and blog enthusiasts, I have returned. Last night, after an extended one-sided (but very adorable) conversation with my dog (that's right folks I GOT A DOG while I was gone!!!) I realized that this little bloggy space was a very necessary outlet in my life and that it was high time I return to it. But before I dive right in, allow me to explain how we got here...

The sense that I might need to get back to blogging started about a week ago when I was walking down the street and had a desperate need to rant to someone about the absurdity of the "season of dead trees" (aka the 2 weeks after Christmas in NYC when everyone literally kicks their tree to the curb. Oh the humanity!) Then as I was basically making love to the seasonal ice cream I discovered at my neighborhood Haagen Daz (I have a neighborhood Haagen Daz!) I realized "I need to tell people about this sh*t!!" (big reveal coming soon). And then there is Dugans. Dugans, the 4 month old cavapoo puppy that has stolen my heart and made a mush of the man formerly know as "No Dogs Dr. H". I've got so much to tell you about Dugans... So basically, the creative voices in my brain that had grown quiet and lazy were ready to get typing again and now, here I am.

And why I disappeared in the first place is not all that difficult to explain, but it was hard for me to understand while it was happening. You see, turns out things being awesome is often synonymous with things being really hard. And maybe you're wiser than me, but I was under the illusion that when people said "I'm great, things are awesome, my life is wonderful right now" that they were coasting through their days all easy breezy wonder girl. But no. Turns out, really awesome is often still really hard and for me, between moving and "building" a new home, growing my business and welcoming a puppy, I just didn't have the energy leftover to blog about restaurants, pinterest finds or the importance of peppermint bark (#IHaveaThingforSeasonalSweets). The good news is that the (happy) haze seems to have lifted and I think I've got some blogger mojo built up and ready. We'll see. Because lord knows I have plenty to say and hopefully some of you are still listening :) It's good to be back. xox, m