Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hump Day Distractions

Chugging along... Friday I see you!
With my return to blogging comes a return to your weekly dose of Hump Day Distractions!!! Even though I don't spend as much time perusing the internet as I used to, I still manage to scrounge up plenty of great content from my browsing adventures (which allows me to classify my internet addiction as productive right!?) Happy Hump day my friends, may you find these distractions delightful.

* If you're watching Making a Murderer on Netflix (hint: you should be), check out these lesser known facts about the documentary (the 1st 5 of which are not spoilers!) 
* SmallThingsBlog has the best hair tutorial videos, including this one for the always sexy (and dirty hair day lifesaving) messy bun!
* I love these punjammies and the entire Sudara collection made by women working to stay out of the sex trade and poverty in India (cute clothing + social justice = win for all)
* Dr. H has a strange obsession with deer. He'd probably love to join this family.
* Winner of the most spirited and funny interview after a fire devastates your apartment complex right HERE (ps- she has received tons of donations and support as a result of this video going viral!)
* Why you should be more ok with your body (like actual sciencey reasons!)
* And finally, for your daily dose of awww, here are a ton of animals sleeping in hysterical locations and positions.

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