Thursday, January 7, 2016

Things I've learned... (I'm back b*tches)

Friends, lovers and blog enthusiasts, I have returned. Last night, after an extended one-sided (but very adorable) conversation with my dog (that's right folks I GOT A DOG while I was gone!!!) I realized that this little bloggy space was a very necessary outlet in my life and that it was high time I return to it. But before I dive right in, allow me to explain how we got here...

The sense that I might need to get back to blogging started about a week ago when I was walking down the street and had a desperate need to rant to someone about the absurdity of the "season of dead trees" (aka the 2 weeks after Christmas in NYC when everyone literally kicks their tree to the curb. Oh the humanity!) Then as I was basically making love to the seasonal ice cream I discovered at my neighborhood Haagen Daz (I have a neighborhood Haagen Daz!) I realized "I need to tell people about this sh*t!!" (big reveal coming soon). And then there is Dugans. Dugans, the 4 month old cavapoo puppy that has stolen my heart and made a mush of the man formerly know as "No Dogs Dr. H". I've got so much to tell you about Dugans... So basically, the creative voices in my brain that had grown quiet and lazy were ready to get typing again and now, here I am.

And why I disappeared in the first place is not all that difficult to explain, but it was hard for me to understand while it was happening. You see, turns out things being awesome is often synonymous with things being really hard. And maybe you're wiser than me, but I was under the illusion that when people said "I'm great, things are awesome, my life is wonderful right now" that they were coasting through their days all easy breezy wonder girl. But no. Turns out, really awesome is often still really hard and for me, between moving and "building" a new home, growing my business and welcoming a puppy, I just didn't have the energy leftover to blog about restaurants, pinterest finds or the importance of peppermint bark (#IHaveaThingforSeasonalSweets). The good news is that the (happy) haze seems to have lifted and I think I've got some blogger mojo built up and ready. We'll see. Because lord knows I have plenty to say and hopefully some of you are still listening :) It's good to be back. xox, m 

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  1. Woo hoo! I've been waiting for this day! Welcome back :)