Friday, June 28, 2013

Wise words for your weekend...

Bun love.
Last night my bestest lady friend shared some sage wisdom as she accompanied me, via cell phone, through the grocery store. "You can get a bad burger. Burgers can be blah. But a hot dog? You can never go wrong with a hot dog." So true. In celebration of summer's most iconic dish, in preparation for July 4th's hot dog eating showdown and because dammit they're so tasty, here's a whole lotta hot dog deliciousness to take you into the weekend. 

* Someone has the job title "President of the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council". Her name is Janet Riley, aka "The Queen of Wien". Seriously.
* Did you know that Mickey Mouse’s first on screen words were “Hot Dog!”? ( does not lie).
* Everything you ever possibly could want to know about about wieners HERE.

Want to take your hot doggin' up a notch? How about a "Roasted Poblano Bacon Mac & Cheese Hot Dog"?

Recipe, courtesy of Country Clever, HERE.

Or maybe the "Tex-Mex Dog" is more your style!?

Recipe, courtesy of Country Clever, HERE.
* All of THESE hot doggies look amazeballs, but holy shizz are you seeing what I'm seeing at Ditch Plains?
* So much to love about THIS. And THIS. (and THIS)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Woooo Baby!"

Lining up to take in the scenery?
I'm walking down a crowded Manhattan sidewalk, my recently purchased lunch in hand, when suddenly I hear "wooo baby". I look up. A middle aged man, likely employed in the construction industry (or just dresses like it?) gives me a huge smile and says "you're so beautiful baby." I pause for just a second, ignoring the beads of sweat on my forehead and the uncomfortable way my dress is sticking to my legs (oooh summer in the city) and smile right back at him. "Thank you!" I say. As I continue down the street he tells me that the view is even better from behind and I can't help but give a little courtesy grin over my shoulder as I head back to the office. My day has been made.

                                So now I'm going to confess something... 

Girl's got ASSets!
I freakin love getting an unsolicited compliment  (a "cat call" as the more uncouth refer to them) on the street. While some ladies are put off by the crass nature of a man shouting at them in public, I can't think of anything more flattering than a random gentleman finding himself so struck by just the look of you that he has to exclaim out loud. Because Dr. H, for all his loveliness, is not prone to whistle at me on my way out the door in the morning and sometimes, an unexpected midday compliment is just the pick-me-up a lady needs to feel sassy and fly. So next time one of you girls garners a compliment from a passing gentleman on the street, grin right back and enjoy it... Is that man likely to be the one you bring home to meet mom and dad? Probably not, but he thinks you're sexy which I think makes him pretty brilliant! 

You go girl:)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Poor Abe.
I spent most of this morning in a full fledged U.S. Supreme Court geek-out sesh, so I'm just gonna get right to the distractions (so you can get right to your humping:) Happy Wednesday my friends!!

* Hey Mike! When can I move in!?
* A yummy looking pasta salad for your next BBQ
* And for dessert...
* When smart people sneakily outsmart the rest of us...
* A thought provoking piece on new motherhood for all you Moms and Mommies-to-be.
* Move over Kate, there's another lovely lady absolutely NAILING this royal wedding thing (via exPress-o)
* Creative advertising makes me smile.
* An inside look at something you probably never thought much about, but will be amazed by.
* Few things more fabulous than an outdoor movie in NYC.
* Don't be hatin on comic sans people.
* Does THIS product actually work? Because I have a real problem with spilling chocolate syrup on my sneakers...
* And in honor of today's historic SCOTUS decision, THIS Dad's letter will warm your heart.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That's a Decor-able Idea!

So simple. So googly & great.
Sometimes when the summer heat rages on (see: 91 degrees in midtown Manhattan) we have no choice but to hide in the air conditioning (1) browsing Pinterest and (2) making some of the goodies found on said Pinterest. I know from "it's too damn hot I'll just stay at my desk" lunch break experience. And since Pinterest can be a real rabbit hole of distraction, I thought I'd share some of my carefully curated home decor finds from lately (plus those googly eye cups, because I think we all need more googly eyes in our lives). 

Take a (stylish) seat
File this one under "dammit, why didn't I think of that?!" Considering the drab fabric and color options typically available, how great do these spruced up folding chairs look!? Click HERE for step by step instructions for turning your dull folding chairs into something you'll be proud to pull out when company comes over. (Click HERE for Pinterest)

Take a look, it's in your book!
Say goodbye to that hideous blinking wireless router lurking in the corner of your living room. HERE is a simple and whimsical way to mask your gadget and look bookworm chic while doing it!

Upside down is the new right side up!
This one's an actual forehead slapper. Save big bucks on a side table by flipping a trash can upside down. Be sure that the bottom is smooth and the top is flat before embarking on this craft-astic journey, but once you find the perfect can (THIS or maybe THIS?) use spray paint for a pop of color and prepare to brag about your brilliance!!

All that's missing is a colorful cocktail!
Want cheap coasters in patterns that pop!? No problemo for even the most amateur of  crafters with this simple DIY. Head to Home Depot/Lowes to purchase 4" x 4" tiles ($.48 Home Depot) and then Michaels for 4" x 4" scrapbook paper squares (or cut your own). Adhere the paper to tile with Mod Podge and let dry. To finish, spray a coat of clear spray paint and let sit for 24 hours. Attach felt pads (like these) to the bottoms (to avoid table scratches) and voila!! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Healthy Habit of the Month VI.

We GOT this!
This post is the sixth installment of SeektobeMerry's "Healthy Habit of the Month" series. Sourced from my bff's at Weight Watchers, online articles and my own efforts to keep fit and trim, throughout 2013, I will attempt to integrate one new healthy habit into my life each month. Join me!

Well here we are... the halfway point in our 12 month healthy habit journey! To recap what we've done so far: 
- Month 1: Adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal
- Month 2: Schedule a workout
- Month 3: Find an accountability buddy
- Month 4: Keep track (of your movement)
- Month 5: Challenge yourself
How are you all doing? I must confess, since this is a place of honesty and health-loving support, that I'm in a bit of a healthy habit funk. Though I generally feel more in shape, toned and active, the number on the scale is a constant reminder that no squat challenge or side of broccoli can undo weekend pizza binges and a love for sugary cocktails. I'm not proud of where I'm at, because while implementing these habits is certainly about well being and long term health, vanity - feeling good about how we look - is a factor as well. So what can we do to reinvigorate our quest...!?

Healthy Habit of the Month #6: Have 1 perfect week.
This month I am challenging myself (and you!) to have 1 perfectly "on plan" week, whatever "on plan" means to you. The way I see it, we all know what to do when it comes to what we put in our mouth and how often to exercise, it's sticking to it that's the problem. So instead of a big, long term goal, let's try for 7, consecutive perfect-as-possible days. We'll make time to workout and vow not to cheat at all when it comes to eating right, for just 1 week... we can all do anything for just 1 week right!? And at the end of that first week, hopefully we'll feel motivated to keep going. Hopefully we'll see that making the healthier decision isn't so terrible and that the end result, feeling good, will turn that 1 week into a new normal where "cheating" is the exception. Hopefully!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

I couldn't even stand to look at you...

Something "popped up"!!!
Well not you exactly, but my computer screen. Allow me to explain. You see yesterday I suffered what I believe was Meri's First Migraine (awwww). It started with a weird blur in my vision in the morning right around when I normally finish and publish my posts. A fuzzy, achy head and bizarre intolerance for bright light followed... I managed to eek out a full work day (important deadlines loomed) by doing this:

Attorney Chic.
Good thing I had such totally work appropriate sunglasses with me right? Anyway, I barely made it through work, didn't once browse on Pinterest (now you know my head was achin') and I apologize for leaving you Meri-less for the day (hopefully not merry-less!?!) One gem that did come from my inability to hear loud noises or endure bright light though, was that I relaxed by listening to Disney's Sleeping Beauty soundtrack (isn't that what all adult women do when they want to feel better!?) and thankfully felt well enough to look up THIS:

Princess Aurora
That's Mary Costa, also known as Sleeping Beauty. How gorgeous right!? Turns out many of the voices behind my favorite princesses come from ladies with strikingly princess-like features (Cinderella played by Ilene Woods and Snow White played by Adriana Caselotti below... Check out more HERE!)

So now that I've provided a very long-winded and Disnified excuse for my absence yesterday...

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with "sweetness and light"!!!
Sweetness & Light... so damn clever (& adorable!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Walken is always watching!
HOORAY, we're halfway there!! This has been one of those strange weeks where the days are going a bit slooooow but the week overall seems to be just moving right along. Keep on moving!! Here to take you to the other side are some goodies from around the web. Happy humping:)

* For all my fellow lovers of bold and beautiful color, a very cool photo collection. (via notetoself)
* Sound like a pro while watching the Bruins and Blackhawks battle for the Cup!
* I think that I need these elephants on my body (spotted on Pinterest Monday & CupofJo Tuesday... must be super cool right!?)
* The 2nd avenue subway line is really, actually happening (right beneath us!)
* Precisely the reaction I would have (it gets good starting at the :20 mark, be sure to watch to the end)
* For me it would be Grandma's swedish meatballs and Nanny's stuffed cabbage. (via exPress-o, I think!)
* Looking for some healthy(ier) crunchy treats? I love THESE and one of my girlies is diggin THESE.
* The most impressive 140 square feet you ever did see.
* Peter Griffin is that you!?! (could this actually be real!?!)
* Ron Burgundy is coming to the 80s... YES.
* As my sister said, not sure why this isn't animal abuse, but I'm kinda glad it isn't! (13 and 15 BLEW MY MIND!!!)
* A highly elaborate prank.
* And last but not least, animal pictures that will absolutely make your day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Have you Heard About..?

Sharing secrets.

It has been a WHILE since I last gave you tips for being "in with the in crowd", but I think I've finally got the scoop on enough goodies to deliver the next installment of "have you heard about?" So without further adieu (and at the risk, as always, of waving an "I'm totally behind the times and completely clueless about it" flag!) here are some tid bits on what's hot with the cool kids. (See previous personal prediction home runs HERE, HERE and HERE).

Introducing, the Cronut!
Move over cupcakes, there's a new pastry sensation in town! It's called a "cronut" and NYC'ers have been lining up as early as 5:30am to score 1 (maximum 2) of Chef Dominique Ansel's half donut, half croissant pastry hybrids. The final masterpiece of a reported 2 months and 10 plus different recipes, the cronut debuted on May 10, 2013 and has been the king of sweet treats ever since. Online "scalping" and delivery services have reportedly resold the $5 pastries for as much as $100 while mere mortals must wait in line hours before Ansel's Bakery opens (8am Mon-Sat, 9am Sun) to score a cronut which took 3 days to prepare and should be eaten immediately "as they have a short shelf life". Imitations and DIY attempts abound, but in order to really taste the sensation, get in line!

*Biking Around Town
Hello Citibike!
Remember when riding your bike around the neighborhood was the most awesome way to get around? Well bikes are back baby and they're taking American cities by storm. Recent bike share programs like CitiBike in NYC, Hubway in Boston, Capital BikeShare in DC and countless others are popping up across the country, seemingly determined to get more American cities on THIS list, which highlights that North America could learn a thing or two from the rest of the world about getting around on 2 wheels! Dr. H and I are newly minted CitiBike members and we couldn't be more thrilled with the program. For $98 a year we have access to any bike, at any rack in the city, any time of day or night. The handy app tells us where the nearest bike rack is (and how many bikes are available at that moment) and we have 45 minutes to ride and return the bike to any other rack in NYC. Want longer than 45 minutes? No problem, just "check-in" at a rack by parking your bike and then re-rent and continue on your way! Though the program hasn't figured out how to handle helmet safety (Dr. H and I always wear our own) biking is an awesome way to enjoy fresh air, workout a bit and get from A to B.

* Sassy Nails
Show your sparkle
As one of those women who is rarely spotted without nail polish, I'm thrilled to observe that sassy nails are so hot right now. While a classic single color mani/pedi will never go out of style, intricate designs, multiple colors, glitter and "party nails" (aka making just one finger pop with a different color or funky design than the rest of your mani) are everywhere and on every type of lady. No longer reserved for those crazy checkout line ladies sporting acrylics and rhinestones, tasteful, but fun nail art appears to have gone mainstream (inspiration on Pinterest HERE, HERE and HERE) so girlies, I say have a little fun with your fingernails this summer!

*Cards Against Humanity
Game on!
This isn't the newest news, but if you haven't played Cards Against Humanity yet, move it to the very top of the "to do" list at your next get together with friends. The self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people" is like the twisted, raunchy, offensive drunk uncle of Apples to Apples. When 1 player flips over a black card with an unfinished phrase or question (e.g., "what are my parents hiding from me?") the other players must create a word association  which they think will be the 1 player's favorite (e.g., "Grandma"; "Harry Potter Erotica"; "72 virgins" <-- some of the only examples I could find appropriate for this blog's family friendly environment!!) Guaranteed to offend everyone in the room and create a rowdy good time in the process, bring Cards Against Humanity (available for purchase HERE) to your next big kid play date. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

(good)will hunting.

perty, ain't it?
This post brought to you by the fabulous (parent)thetically speaking. 

About a week and a half ago, I totally scored at Goodwill. The kids and I had stopped in to do a quick lap (I say quick because I've learned approximately how much time I have once I enter a store before the kids' "timers" start to go off and I turn into a pumpkin...and it ain't much). As I walked past the furniture section (where I don't usually stop) I saw this couch. It was coral colored and velvet, and for some reason, I was drawn to it. I took some pictures and texted them to some of my "design consultants" and then left. I found myself obsessing over this couch (and when I think about something constantly it's usually a sign that I'll end up buying it, who's with me?). So after nap time, I schlepped lovingly took my children back (and timers are...on) and did some quick measurements and gave it a good once-or-twice-over for stains/musty smells. Having passed those tests, I grabbed the purchase ticket and bam! we had a new couch. And it gets better - its Ethan Allen (!) and it was $50. We had just begun to look for a new couch and prices seemed to be starting at $600 - so yeah, score.

This caps off a bit of a streak I've been on, starting with a classic Brooks Brothers tie for $5 and a cross-body leather Coach purse for $20. And pardon me while I just drop this - an authentic 1980's HERMES scarf. HERMES, as in the wardrobe-piece-of-a-lifetime for...$1.97 (I saved the tag). Its selling for $400 on eBay. I'm telling anyone who will listen (or read) about my scarf.

My strategy for good Goodwill hunting comes from a childhood spent finely honing my thrifting skillz with my mommy. Here's what you need to know in order to emerge from a thrift shop victorious (and not with a bunch of stuff that you keep in a box for 5 years and end up donating to...a thrift shop - it happens).

* you have to decide where to draw the line. (personal preference here) Goodwill is not the place I look for towels, sheets, dinnerware, intimates, bathing suits, toys or stuffed animals (I'm probably forgetting some, it's just habit to avoid certain sections)
* think about the departments in the store where you want to go first, and then come back to others. It can feel like a casino - time slips away and you get that feeling like if you walk away too soon, you'll miss the jackpot - but stay focused on one area at a time. I always head for home goods, then purses, then dresses.
* don't go in thinking you will find a specific item. you may end up disappointed
* don't buy something just because its inexpensive, it will be tempting, but try not to cave
* do look for shapes or silhouettes that you like, at least in home goods, because a can of spray paint can work wonders on lamps, candlesticks, picture frames, etc. be realistic, though, with the scope of a re-purposing project you're willing to undertake (see above about items that sit in boxes for 5 years...)
* as you scan the clothing racks (if you decide that you're comfortable purchasing second-hand) scan for patterns and colors, even fabrics, that catch your eye. the ability to spot name-brand clothing simply by the fabric, or pattern, or dye is my greatest thrifting achievement, and is the key to integrating thrift shop scores into a cultivated wardrobe (this is serious bidness, folks)

Arm yourself with some of my strategies, or someone else's, or your own and go ahead and pop some tags from that thrift shop down the road...

For previous posts from (parent)thetically speaking, click HERE.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The 'ol walk and read

The original walk & reader?
Have you ever done the "walk and read"!? This could be a uniquely urban, perhaps even only New York City, phenomenon, but the walk and read is when you become so engrossed in the book or magazine you're reading during your commute, that when you get off the subway you simply cannot stop reading. You must walk, but you must read. I once traveled 20 minutes on foot through Bay Ridge Brooklyn, glued to my second (and more contemplative) reading of Pride and Prejudice. (Is my inner dork showing?) Anyway, this morning I nearly dropped my iced coffee and eggs (a little Friday fancy breakfast treat) while walk and reading Z - A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler

Though certainly not a literary masterpiece, Z is a completely captivating, fiction-based-on-fact, novel about the famous wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The couple, who traveled the world in a flurry of excess and barely affordable glamour with a who's who of 1920s icons like Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and Cole Porter, have a maddening love for one another which ultimately may have been their undoing. Released no doubt in time to benefit from some of Baz and Leo's Gatsby fever, I've been completely enamored with Zelda's struggle to define herself next to a man obsessed with establishing his own greatness. For a "lovely, sad and compulsively readable book" (Kirkus Reviews) check out Z this summer!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day is Sunday!?

John & Caroline, 1958
So if the weather where you live has been anything like the weather where I live, it's nearly impossible to believe that we are solidly in the middle of June. Standing outside, I'd guess mid-April, maybe May on the occasional warm and sunny day that's teased us. As a result of the bizarro weather, I've totally lost track of time and almost forgot that Father's Day is 72 hours away! Yikes.

BUT, if you're right there with me, do not despair - 3 days is plenty of time to nail it... Maybe just whip up something like THIS (who knew ice cream cakes were so easy to make!), or buy one of THESE (or THESE... I mean that scratch map? the stadium blueprint? a whiskey and rum making kit!?), or just give THIS (my dad loves his!) Whatever the gesture you pick, if you fill it with a little love and TLC, I'm sure your Dad will be thrilled.
Jack & Jennifer, 1969
Sammy David Jr. & Mark, 1964
Dustin & Karina, 1969
And for more of these completely charming, iconic Daddy photos, click HERE (if your ovaries can handle it!)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

I think that's fair.
Can I get a HUMP DAYYYY!!?? Man oh man am I excited to be hitting the halfway mark on this week. I'm like a freakin bulldozer right now - get outta my way Thursday and Friday, I'm comin for ya weekend! Here to make the middle a little more enjoyable are some delightful distractions for your buying, reading, eating, laughing pleasure. Enjoy!!

* What a fabulous idea for a lil kiddo's birthday gift or just a delightful surprise in the mail! (plus a coupon code!)
* I find these images hysterical (man I love creative people) (via CupofJo)
* "I want the strongest, happiest, smartest women in my corner, pushing me to negotiate for more money, telling me to drop men who make me feel bad about myself, and responding to my outfit selfies from a place of love and stylishness, not competition and body-snarking."
* (Buttered Spaghetti) x (Awesome) = YUM.
* Because everyone should know how to draw an adorable turtle.
* Pa-"jah"-mas or Pa-"jam"-as? Do you say merry/marry/mary differently? Depends on where you live.
* I cannot think of a more thoughtful, adorable, personalized, lovely gift for a lady in your life.
* Pie charts that will make you smile. (via CupofJo)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Josie Gross-y

Milk cartons were MADE for drinking!
Recently, I had a serious debate with a friend about what could appropriately be considered "gross". The conversation arose after she noticed a co-worker quietly attempting to clip his toenails at work. Gross. But while we universally decreed desk toenail clipping to be (WAY) over the line, we were willing to permit the occasional cuticle snip or nail filing without hesitation. The conversation spiraled from there. In the interest of full disclosure, I confessed to:
- using my finger to get that last bit of hummus out of the tupperware (every time)
- dumping the crumbled contents from the corner of a chip bag into my hand (or, who am I kidding here, tilting the bag and dumping them directly into my mouth)
- drinking directly from the container in my fridge that I make and store crystal light in (note: you cannot drink directly from a Brita pitcher... I've tried)
- rolling down the car window and projectile spitting old gum out (learned that gem from my Dad:)

My friend was only marginally convinced that the last 2 weren't "gross". But the way I see it, we all have our secret gross/not really so gross habits that we sneak in here and there. I know you've all done the "I'm just rubbing the side of my face on my shoulder" (but really I'm smelling my armpit) move and is drinking out of the container in my own home really that bad!? The issue, I suppose, is knowing what's just over the line and making sure never to be that gross guy, caught clipping his toenails at work. Good luck!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Mind's afloat...
And so it was the Monday after a long weekend spent playing and celebrating in Boston/Cape Cod and Merry Meri who should be feeling fresh and fierce is feeling frazzled and funky.  Maybe just because it's Monday or perhaps because me and the mister have spent the past 5 consecutive weekends away from home, I'm just in no mood. I even tried one of my own favorite tricks and put on a killa outfit this morning, but alas I am funkified and so funkified I shall be (at least I'll look good doing it?!) Someone pour me a glass of sour lemons.

That sounds about right.
We'll try the whole super cheery blogger thing again tomorrow. Until then, just look at THIS (awww).

Thursday, June 6, 2013

F.I.T.S. of merriment

Merry Meri is on vacation so she's left you with something Funny, something Interesting, something Tasty and a Site she loves (F.I.T.S.!!) to hold you over until her triumphant return. Enjoy! (Read past F.I.T.S. posts HERE.)

Funny: This has got to be the most simultaneously hysterical and cruel prank ever.
Interesting: A few moments after a moment of NYC history that we've all come to recognize.
Tasty: Who's ready for our next adventure with quinoa!?
SiteILove: Do you love watching HGTV as much as I do?! (Property Brothers?! Income Property!?!) Even if I'm not  a house flipping DIY genius, soaking up creative and crafty ideas is inspiring. And thankfully there's YoungHouseLove, a blog just as fabulously all-things-home saavy. From massive renovations to truly do-able decor DIYs, I'm grateful that a favorite fellow blogger sent Sherry and John (self-described DIY dorks) my way!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

You guys, have I got some goodies for you!! It's like the internet's cup runneth over with delightful distractions this past week and each day my collection of links just grew and grew. And some of them are pretty damn awesome, starting with that Geico commercial courtesy of Sis. I mean that camel!? (whoot whoot!) So without further adieu... hump away.

* Millard Fillmore or Alec Baldwin? Harder to tell than you'd think! (via CupofJo)
* Super late to the game on this one, but in you also are in the dark: Alanis thought there was quite a bit that Uncle Joey oughta know.
* Some people are so creative it blows ma mind (su-shi what I mean HERE, full recipe HERE).
* Fact: I will never be brave (stupid?) enough to do THIS job.
* For my fellow anchor lovers... I think we need.
* Oh Boys, quit playing games with my (cuddly panda loving) heart.
* Discovering a 1,200 year old city buried 30 feet under the Mediterranean Sea.
* Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps by Skinny Mom. Yes please.
* 3 easy, polished updos (and 1 more HERE).
* I want to go to there (plus, how great is the word "yurt"!?)
* Who knew that cutting things in half would be so beautiful (more here).
* I'm a Jawbone Up girl, but the Fitbit is pretty popular too.
* Tiny tattoos that will make you think "mmmaaaybe I could pull that off" (does #16 look familiar!?)
* That's a lot of food Ron.
* I miss my inflatable furniture (said no one, ever).
* And lastly, THESE teachers are my heroes. 

Who loves you?! I'm off to Boston and Cape Cod for some college friend fabulousness, Fenway fun and a wedding by the sea, so get ready for some. F.I.T.S.. to take you into the weekend. See on next week friends!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Trends: Do or Don't

Happy Summer Indeed!
Since summer weather is just getting into full swing, we haven't done much talking about the latest "looks" for my favorite season. Luckily, many retail stores are nearly done with their "summer lines" which means now is the perfect time to start browsing sale racks for discounted prices on the season's top trends. Plus, warmer temps mean a chance to test out different hair styles, nail colors and accessories.  Here to help you navigate the  fashion jungle is a list of some goodies I've spotted on the streets of NYC and a few I've tried out myself. I'll weigh in with a "do or don't", but the ultimate verdict is up to you!

* Thick Stripes
Striped stunna
Always a fan of simple clean lines, bright colors and the occasional nautical theme, I'm thrilled that thick stripes are popular this summer. Be careful with placement (personally, my bum doesn't need anything "thick" running across it), but generally thick stripes like THIS and THIS are one size fits all!
Merry Meri Verdict: Do

* Mixing Bold Prints
Dots and Flowers and a big bauble!
This seems like a super tricky trend; I think successful execution really relies on finding the perfect pieces. From what I've read and seen, the best print mixes create a contrast (large/bold with small/simple) so that the mis-match looks intentional and somewhat (somehow!) complimentary. I think a bold floral combined with dots or stripes is a safe bet.
Merry Meri Verdict: Do (carefully!)

* Overalls 
Cute and all, but...
I am kinda in disbelief that overalls are "back". The perfect look for toddlers (or teens in the 1990s) I'm having trouble getting back on the overall bandwagon. Perhaps in the shorts style (for a romper-like look) I can get behind overalls, but something long and denim like THIS looks absolutely ridiculous on anyone not making a living as a farmer. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Don't

* Crop Tops
Bare a little belly!
I cannot tell you how many different crop tops I've tried on attempting to execute this trend. Perfect for small-waisted, but large hip'ed ladies like myself, the key is to find a top that doesn't hug too tight (this!?) and which falls in the perfect place against a higher waisted pant (this) or something low waisted if your hips are enviously love-handle free. Loose fitting bottoms might also make for a perfect pairing.
Merry Meri Verdict: Do (but choose wisely, baring belly isn't perfect for all environments!)

* A "Pale Nail" (all the way to white)
white is the new hot pink
Neons and bold reds will always be summer staples, but my wandering eye at the nail salon seems to indicate that "pale nails" are pretty popular right now. Shades of barely there pink, purple, mint and blue are everywhere or be bold with bright white (I've been using THIS). Even if Dr. H keeps asking if I "did my nails with white out" I think pale nails are the perfect compliment to your summery, tan skin!
Merry Meri Verdict: Do

* BIG, bold baubles
Bright bling
Gone are the days of "less is more" - jewelry seems to be going through a more, bigger and brighter phase. Never one to shy away from a stunning statement piece (yup, yup) I do think that the "bubble necklace" is a bit too popular so maybe you're better off going your own unique way. I LOVE the affordable options available at and if you're feeling extra bold, layer it on!
Merry Meri Verdict: Do (but be sure to pair with simpler outfits that allow the pieces to really pop!)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Story Time

Today I thought I would tell you a funny story, because it's a summer Monday and funny stories are especially useful for curing the back-to-work blues.

Once upon a time, many years ago, a little girl was in a Florida airport with her Mom and Dad. Towards the end of a successful family vacation and before the era of cell phones and internet, the young girl's parents had gone to the airline ticket counter hoping to address an issue with the next day's flight. Relatively unsupervised and possessing a vibrant imagination, the little girl wandered over to a group of pay phones and began making pretend phone calls. No coins meant no real calls and no harm done, that is until one intricately imagined scenario, in which an emergency at the airport required the little girl to be a hero and call for help. She picked up the pay phone and dialed three numbers... "Hello this is 911, what is your emergency?" said a voice on the other end of the line. Click.

Now back at the airline counter standing angelically next to her Mom and Dad, a police officer approached.

"Excuse ma'am, sir, is everything all right?"

"Yes officer, why do you ask?"

"Well I believe your daughter just dialed 911 on that pay phone."

Incredulous stares came down on the little girl... "Did you just dial 911?" her parents asked. And at that moment, the little girl answered the only way a child prone to wild imaginings and healthy fear of punishment could: "NO!!"

After several apologies to the confused officer, the little girl was hauled off, possibly in tears, by her embarrassed parents. Once in the car she was scolded for calling 911 in an airport, but more than what she did, she was in trouble for lying about it. Back at the hotel, the little girl was punished, forced on the last night of vacation to sit and write an essay about why it's bad to tell lies. This essay, location presently unknown, is rumored to have been a stroke of literary genius and perhaps an early indication of the young girl's talent for the written word.

Many years have past since that fateful night, but two life lessons will remain with the little girl forever: (1) Calls to 911 always go through on pay phones, even if you don't put any money in; and (2) It doesn't matter what you did, you will always get in
more trouble it you lie about it. Nice work Mom and Dad.