Tuesday, June 25, 2013

That's a Decor-able Idea!

So simple. So googly & great.
Sometimes when the summer heat rages on (see: 91 degrees in midtown Manhattan) we have no choice but to hide in the air conditioning (1) browsing Pinterest and (2) making some of the goodies found on said Pinterest. I know from "it's too damn hot I'll just stay at my desk" lunch break experience. And since Pinterest can be a real rabbit hole of distraction, I thought I'd share some of my carefully curated home decor finds from lately (plus those googly eye cups, because I think we all need more googly eyes in our lives). 

Take a (stylish) seat
File this one under "dammit, why didn't I think of that?!" Considering the drab fabric and color options typically available, how great do these spruced up folding chairs look!? Click HERE for step by step instructions for turning your dull folding chairs into something you'll be proud to pull out when company comes over. (Click HERE for Pinterest)

Take a look, it's in your book!
Say goodbye to that hideous blinking wireless router lurking in the corner of your living room. HERE is a simple and whimsical way to mask your gadget and look bookworm chic while doing it!

Upside down is the new right side up!
This one's an actual forehead slapper. Save big bucks on a side table by flipping a trash can upside down. Be sure that the bottom is smooth and the top is flat before embarking on this craft-astic journey, but once you find the perfect can (THIS or maybe THIS?) use spray paint for a pop of color and prepare to brag about your brilliance!!

All that's missing is a colorful cocktail!
Want cheap coasters in patterns that pop!? No problemo for even the most amateur of  crafters with this simple DIY. Head to Home Depot/Lowes to purchase 4" x 4" tiles ($.48 Home Depot) and then Michaels for 4" x 4" scrapbook paper squares (or cut your own). Adhere the paper to tile with Mod Podge and let dry. To finish, spray a coat of clear spray paint and let sit for 24 hours. Attach felt pads (like these) to the bottoms (to avoid table scratches) and voila!! 

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