Friday, June 21, 2013

I couldn't even stand to look at you...

Something "popped up"!!!
Well not you exactly, but my computer screen. Allow me to explain. You see yesterday I suffered what I believe was Meri's First Migraine (awwww). It started with a weird blur in my vision in the morning right around when I normally finish and publish my posts. A fuzzy, achy head and bizarre intolerance for bright light followed... I managed to eek out a full work day (important deadlines loomed) by doing this:

Attorney Chic.
Good thing I had such totally work appropriate sunglasses with me right? Anyway, I barely made it through work, didn't once browse on Pinterest (now you know my head was achin') and I apologize for leaving you Meri-less for the day (hopefully not merry-less!?!) One gem that did come from my inability to hear loud noises or endure bright light though, was that I relaxed by listening to Disney's Sleeping Beauty soundtrack (isn't that what all adult women do when they want to feel better!?) and thankfully felt well enough to look up THIS:

Princess Aurora
That's Mary Costa, also known as Sleeping Beauty. How gorgeous right!? Turns out many of the voices behind my favorite princesses come from ladies with strikingly princess-like features (Cinderella played by Ilene Woods and Snow White played by Adriana Caselotti below... Check out more HERE!)

So now that I've provided a very long-winded and Disnified excuse for my absence yesterday...

Here's hoping your weekend is filled with "sweetness and light"!!!
Sweetness & Light... so damn clever (& adorable!)


  1. Hey Meri - glad you're feeling better and back in action! I missed the blog yesterday and asked Aaron if you were okay and he was creeped out that I knew something was wrong. I told him that I could not reveal my sources, but I'm glad you're back today! Have a great weekend :)

  2. I feel so loved that you even noticed I was missing! :) Have a great weekend Jodi!!