Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

You guys, have I got some goodies for you!! It's like the internet's cup runneth over with delightful distractions this past week and each day my collection of links just grew and grew. And some of them are pretty damn awesome, starting with that Geico commercial courtesy of Sis. I mean that camel!? (whoot whoot!) So without further adieu... hump away.

* Millard Fillmore or Alec Baldwin? Harder to tell than you'd think! (via CupofJo)
* Super late to the game on this one, but in you also are in the dark: Alanis thought there was quite a bit that Uncle Joey oughta know.
* Some people are so creative it blows ma mind (su-shi what I mean HERE, full recipe HERE).
* Fact: I will never be brave (stupid?) enough to do THIS job.
* For my fellow anchor lovers... I think we need.
* Oh Boys, quit playing games with my (cuddly panda loving) heart.
* Discovering a 1,200 year old city buried 30 feet under the Mediterranean Sea.
* Grilled Cheeseburger Wraps by Skinny Mom. Yes please.
* 3 easy, polished updos (and 1 more HERE).
* I want to go to there (plus, how great is the word "yurt"!?)
* Who knew that cutting things in half would be so beautiful (more here).
* I'm a Jawbone Up girl, but the Fitbit is pretty popular too.
* Tiny tattoos that will make you think "mmmaaaybe I could pull that off" (does #16 look familiar!?)
* That's a lot of food Ron.
* I miss my inflatable furniture (said no one, ever).
* And lastly, THESE teachers are my heroes. 

Who loves you?! I'm off to Boston and Cape Cod for some college friend fabulousness, Fenway fun and a wedding by the sea, so get ready for some. F.I.T.S.. to take you into the weekend. See on next week friends!

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