Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day is Sunday!?

John & Caroline, 1958
So if the weather where you live has been anything like the weather where I live, it's nearly impossible to believe that we are solidly in the middle of June. Standing outside, I'd guess mid-April, maybe May on the occasional warm and sunny day that's teased us. As a result of the bizarro weather, I've totally lost track of time and almost forgot that Father's Day is 72 hours away! Yikes.

BUT, if you're right there with me, do not despair - 3 days is plenty of time to nail it... Maybe just whip up something like THIS (who knew ice cream cakes were so easy to make!), or buy one of THESE (or THESE... I mean that scratch map? the stadium blueprint? a whiskey and rum making kit!?), or just give THIS (my dad loves his!) Whatever the gesture you pick, if you fill it with a little love and TLC, I'm sure your Dad will be thrilled.
Jack & Jennifer, 1969
Sammy David Jr. & Mark, 1964
Dustin & Karina, 1969
And for more of these completely charming, iconic Daddy photos, click HERE (if your ovaries can handle it!)

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