Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Poor Abe.
I spent most of this morning in a full fledged U.S. Supreme Court geek-out sesh, so I'm just gonna get right to the distractions (so you can get right to your humping:) Happy Wednesday my friends!!

* Hey Mike! When can I move in!?
* A yummy looking pasta salad for your next BBQ
* And for dessert...
* When smart people sneakily outsmart the rest of us...
* A thought provoking piece on new motherhood for all you Moms and Mommies-to-be.
* Move over Kate, there's another lovely lady absolutely NAILING this royal wedding thing (via exPress-o)
* Creative advertising makes me smile.
* An inside look at something you probably never thought much about, but will be amazed by.
* Few things more fabulous than an outdoor movie in NYC.
* Don't be hatin on comic sans people.
* Does THIS product actually work? Because I have a real problem with spilling chocolate syrup on my sneakers...
* And in honor of today's historic SCOTUS decision, THIS Dad's letter will warm your heart.

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