Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Trends: Do or Don't

Happy Summer Indeed!
Since summer weather is just getting into full swing, we haven't done much talking about the latest "looks" for my favorite season. Luckily, many retail stores are nearly done with their "summer lines" which means now is the perfect time to start browsing sale racks for discounted prices on the season's top trends. Plus, warmer temps mean a chance to test out different hair styles, nail colors and accessories.  Here to help you navigate the  fashion jungle is a list of some goodies I've spotted on the streets of NYC and a few I've tried out myself. I'll weigh in with a "do or don't", but the ultimate verdict is up to you!

* Thick Stripes
Striped stunna
Always a fan of simple clean lines, bright colors and the occasional nautical theme, I'm thrilled that thick stripes are popular this summer. Be careful with placement (personally, my bum doesn't need anything "thick" running across it), but generally thick stripes like THIS and THIS are one size fits all!
Merry Meri Verdict: Do

* Mixing Bold Prints
Dots and Flowers and a big bauble!
This seems like a super tricky trend; I think successful execution really relies on finding the perfect pieces. From what I've read and seen, the best print mixes create a contrast (large/bold with small/simple) so that the mis-match looks intentional and somewhat (somehow!) complimentary. I think a bold floral combined with dots or stripes is a safe bet.
Merry Meri Verdict: Do (carefully!)

* Overalls 
Cute and all, but...
I am kinda in disbelief that overalls are "back". The perfect look for toddlers (or teens in the 1990s) I'm having trouble getting back on the overall bandwagon. Perhaps in the shorts style (for a romper-like look) I can get behind overalls, but something long and denim like THIS looks absolutely ridiculous on anyone not making a living as a farmer. 
Merry Meri Verdict: Don't

* Crop Tops
Bare a little belly!
I cannot tell you how many different crop tops I've tried on attempting to execute this trend. Perfect for small-waisted, but large hip'ed ladies like myself, the key is to find a top that doesn't hug too tight (this!?) and which falls in the perfect place against a higher waisted pant (this) or something low waisted if your hips are enviously love-handle free. Loose fitting bottoms might also make for a perfect pairing.
Merry Meri Verdict: Do (but choose wisely, baring belly isn't perfect for all environments!)

* A "Pale Nail" (all the way to white)
white is the new hot pink
Neons and bold reds will always be summer staples, but my wandering eye at the nail salon seems to indicate that "pale nails" are pretty popular right now. Shades of barely there pink, purple, mint and blue are everywhere or be bold with bright white (I've been using THIS). Even if Dr. H keeps asking if I "did my nails with white out" I think pale nails are the perfect compliment to your summery, tan skin!
Merry Meri Verdict: Do

* BIG, bold baubles
Bright bling
Gone are the days of "less is more" - jewelry seems to be going through a more, bigger and brighter phase. Never one to shy away from a stunning statement piece (yup, yup) I do think that the "bubble necklace" is a bit too popular so maybe you're better off going your own unique way. I LOVE the affordable options available at Baublebar.com and if you're feeling extra bold, layer it on!
Merry Meri Verdict: Do (but be sure to pair with simpler outfits that allow the pieces to really pop!)

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