Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Walken is always watching!
HOORAY, we're halfway there!! This has been one of those strange weeks where the days are going a bit slooooow but the week overall seems to be just moving right along. Keep on moving!! Here to take you to the other side are some goodies from around the web. Happy humping:)

* For all my fellow lovers of bold and beautiful color, a very cool photo collection. (via notetoself)
* Sound like a pro while watching the Bruins and Blackhawks battle for the Cup!
* I think that I need these elephants on my body (spotted on Pinterest Monday & CupofJo Tuesday... must be super cool right!?)
* The 2nd avenue subway line is really, actually happening (right beneath us!)
* Precisely the reaction I would have (it gets good starting at the :20 mark, be sure to watch to the end)
* For me it would be Grandma's swedish meatballs and Nanny's stuffed cabbage. (via exPress-o, I think!)
* Looking for some healthy(ier) crunchy treats? I love THESE and one of my girlies is diggin THESE.
* The most impressive 140 square feet you ever did see.
* Peter Griffin is that you!?! (could this actually be real!?!)
* Ron Burgundy is coming to the 80s... YES.
* As my sister said, not sure why this isn't animal abuse, but I'm kinda glad it isn't! (13 and 15 BLEW MY MIND!!!)
* A highly elaborate prank.
* And last but not least, animal pictures that will absolutely make your day!


  1. I love those links and the animal one made me go awww..I love the seal:) Kisses, darling

  2. Thanks so much for reading Diana, glad to provide a daily awwww :) xox