Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Josie Gross-y

Milk cartons were MADE for drinking!
Recently, I had a serious debate with a friend about what could appropriately be considered "gross". The conversation arose after she noticed a co-worker quietly attempting to clip his toenails at work. Gross. But while we universally decreed desk toenail clipping to be (WAY) over the line, we were willing to permit the occasional cuticle snip or nail filing without hesitation. The conversation spiraled from there. In the interest of full disclosure, I confessed to:
- using my finger to get that last bit of hummus out of the tupperware (every time)
- dumping the crumbled contents from the corner of a chip bag into my hand (or, who am I kidding here, tilting the bag and dumping them directly into my mouth)
- drinking directly from the container in my fridge that I make and store crystal light in (note: you cannot drink directly from a Brita pitcher... I've tried)
- rolling down the car window and projectile spitting old gum out (learned that gem from my Dad:)

My friend was only marginally convinced that the last 2 weren't "gross". But the way I see it, we all have our secret gross/not really so gross habits that we sneak in here and there. I know you've all done the "I'm just rubbing the side of my face on my shoulder" (but really I'm smelling my armpit) move and is drinking out of the container in my own home really that bad!? The issue, I suppose, is knowing what's just over the line and making sure never to be that gross guy, caught clipping his toenails at work. Good luck!


  1. When I used to live alone, I would constantly lick a spoon/spatula I was cooking with... and keep using it to cook with. Oh dear.
    In my mind, OK because I was the only one eating the food.
    Now that I cook for other people: NOT OK.

    Toenail clipping at work: NOT COOL.

  2. Wait... you're not supposed to lick the spoon!? hehe. Thanks for reading Cindy :)