Friday, January 15, 2016

Are you ready to fall in love..?

...because I think it's high time y'all met the one and only Dugans!!! (Pronunciation="Dooogans") #DuganstheDoggie made Dr. H and I a family of three on November 3, 2015 (born on August 30th) and he's been melting our hearts with his cuteness ever since.
Welcome to Brooklyn Dugans!

Being a puppy is exhausting
Long time blog readers may recall THIS post (from early 2012!) where I lamented Dr. H's resistance to getting a dog... those who know me IRL know that this four-legged addition has been 10 years of begging my man in the making. Well all's well that ends well because I ended up with the most perfect pup at the most perfect time and place in my life (while working from home and living in a 1st floor apartment!)

He lives in NYC, of course he rides the subway!
And the funny thing is, I was never really a dog obsessed person until Mr. Doogie arrived, but the other night when I was taking a bath (as you know I love to do) and Dugans leaned his adorable one-brown ear'ed head over the edge of the tub and maniacally licked my hair and face (at which point I actually debated letting him climb in with me (I did not, but I thought about it!)), I realized I have gone full force over the crazy dog lady cliff (a realization which maybe should have happened when I toted him with me to the hairdresser.... or on an airplane to Atlanta?!)
Who wouldn't want company in the bathroom?
Come fly with me...
You didn't take your dog to meet Santa? How rude!
Anyways, Dugans is the bestest and the most fantastic company when I work long hours home alone or when I need a snuggle or an excuse to drag my booty out of the house for a walk (though preferably not in the middle of the night, hoping those days are behind us!) 
Follow Dugans' adventures HERE and doggonit have a great weekend!! 

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