Monday, March 5, 2012

Turtles and Fishies.

Stella (below) & Ferdinand (up top) say "sup?"
Yesterday, when I arrived home from my weekend out of town, I walked into my apartment flipping on light switches and exclaimed (outloud) "hello babies, I'm home!!" I entered my living room and smiled in relief as two red slider turtles and one beta fish swam excitedly in their tanks at the site of their mama (because they definitely don't view me as just a potential food source... they know me... totally). I am un-embarassed to confess my unwavering love for my pets. 

And isn't it amazing just how much love you can feel for an animal that's never said a word to you!? Growing up, my family included (over many years) old english sheepdogs, a cockatiel, lovebirds, guinea pigs, aquatic frogs, newts and countless numbers of fish, and I loved every single one of them (even the borderline satanic lovebird and the often smelly guinea pig). Though pets are a completely unnecessary responsibility and expense (turtle ear surgery... that happened) there's something awesome about having a four-legged/flying/aquatic member of your family. They need you and love you and you just love them right back. So thank you Ferd, Stell and Del (Deleanor, the fish) for welcoming me home from my trip and for being the coolest pets a girl (who hasn't yet convinced her husband to get a dog) could hope for!

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