Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break (a girl can dream)

Travel Glamorously.
Is there anything more fabulous than packing your bags and leaving your "normal" behind!? Whether its to relax on a beach, hike through the rainforest or eat your way through a new city, travel is my ultimate love (Dr. H, you can come along with me?!) I grew up in a family that valued traveling for many reasons: we gained worldliness and a sense of adventure, we unpluggled from our ordinary and we got to spend time together. I discovered just how much of the world there is to see through the generosity of my parents and now as an adult I have to figure out how to get myself there! Between work, the expense, social obligations and umpteen other excuses, there are plenty of reasons to put off experiencing your travel wish list but I refuse to be deterred... We must pack our bags and explore!!

In honor of "spring break season" (ahhhh, those were the days!) this week on Seek to be Merry we'll talk all about travel: from planning and flying, to dream destinations and saving vs. splurging. For those of us without a spring break, it can be our inspiration to take a break of our own and start adventuring! Hasta manana my fellow jet setters!

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