Monday, March 18, 2013


Stop the yelling in my brain!!
Last night I could not get my brain to fall asleep. Though I felt physically tired (from an awesome weekend in Vermont!) my mind would not stop churning... when am I going to finish decorating the bedroom?, I need to cook with that fresh garlic I bought, is that exhibit at the museum closing soon?, when will I read my backlog of Vanity Fairs if I keep listening to Podcasts!? The (ridiculous) list went on and on in my head and sent me into an unusual, completely overwhelmed state. In a desperate attempt to restore order to my brain (and finally fall asleep!) I diagnosed myself with the newly discovered and wildly spreading condition of being "Over-Inspired". 

Over-inspired (adj.): the state of being overwhelmed by a plethora of good ideas, beautiful images, creative opportunities and content for consumption.

Thanks to social media, blogs, smart phones and crowd-sourcing sites like Pinterest, our days are filled with more inspiration than ever. We see beautiful homes filled with creative DIYs, our meals should be delicious and Instagram-worthy and every possible cool activity is advertised to us as something that shouldn't be missed. We see constant examples of how to be styled, organized, creative and active and though it's wonderful to have so much inspiration,  it's easy to feel overwhelmed by ideas and opportunities to go, do, see, eat, play and create.

To successfully treat a case of "over-inspiration" (as I did, around 2 a.m.) remember these important truths: (1) we are not all professional chefs, decorators, craft-ers or travelers; (2) half-finished projects are not failures, "eventually" is just fine!; and (3) ya can't do it all. The planet is filled with more coolness than 1 person can possibly absorb so sometimes you just have to pass. And if all else fails, there's THIS.

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