Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day Celebr-istractions

That's about right...
Hey-o my merry friends! Guess who is humping her way through a birthday today!? That's right... another year older, wiser and very merry if all goes according to plan:) I'm also really hoping that THIS happens today because how kick ass would it be to share my bday with the future King or Queen of England? (I'm hoping Queen!) Anywayysss since I'm going to be distracted all day, I thought you should be too, so here's a heaping pile of birthday-licious goodies from around the internet. Enjoy!!

* This is oh so perfectly timed...
* How to make your birthday snap, crackle and POP!
* Just when I though I couldn't love Mr. Met any more, he invited me to meet his wife.
* Nothin wrong with getting a little cheesy on your birthday!
* Get high, get happy... just drink some beer (I knew it!!) (via CupofJo)
* "I am sitting right next to my air conditioner and it's on turbo. WTF do I need to put this b*tch on? Power Ranger?!"   - One sassy woman's rant about the heat wave. (warning, contains some "adult" language)
* Looking for a splurge? Maybe your iPhone wants to walk like an Egyptian!?
* Some more tips for getting yourself organized.
* Why on earth did Avon stop making these!!?
* I could click through this list and crack myself up all damn day (and because it's my birthday, I just might!)

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