Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hump Day Distractions

Yes you ARE!
You know what's blowing my mind this morning?! Today is the LAST day of July... as in the day before August, also known as "Summer's Sunday" (get it, if the summer was a weekend, August would be Sunday because no matter how much you try to enjoy it, you know the end is near!!!) Ick. Let's forget about the beginning of the end for a while by distracting ourselves with some internet goodness. Enjoy :)

* I think I need to throw a party just so I can make a bunch of THESE.
* Why Americans and Brits don't have the same accent (learn something new everyday!) 
* Wait. $10,000!? Why isn't EVERYONE buying one of these?
* I might need this on my neck...
* Sesame Street never shies away from tackling tough issues.
* Made THIS quinoa deliciousness the other night and it earned a Merry Meri/Dr. H 2 thumbs up!!
* I love these images. (via ExPress-o)
* Who knew that bears were so itchy (SO adorable)!?
* My waistline is in serious trouble if this idea ever becomes real.
* And because I was scarred for life several years ago by a little something known as the bar exam... congrats to those who survived the past 2 days and fingers crossed you do not have to pull a stunt like THIS.

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