Tuesday, July 2, 2013

City Mouse-Country Mouse

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I went to high school in a town called Groton, Massachusetts. No, you haven’t heard of it. But I’ll give you a few Groton fun facts that might give you an idea of what this means… 

1) Groton has more cows than people.

2) Groton has one stoplight. It’s pretty new. 

3) Breaking News in Groton…
So I guess you could say that Groton is rural. Quaint. A “small town.”

I went for a change in college.  I now attend Boston University, one of the most urban campuses around. Things here are a little bit different-- I’m pretty sure that there is more grass in my yard in Groton than there is on the BU campus.  In Groton, people stop traffic for a turtle crossing. In Boston, you’re lucky if they stop for a red light. I can think of maybe five restaurants in Groton, and two of them are Dunkin Donuts. Here, I search “find restaurants nearby” in google maps and get some 18,000 results.

Recently, I’ve been trying to decide which is more for me. Is it the fast, urban, walkable Boston? Or the sleepy green countryside where I spent high school? Is fine dining better? Or wildlife and swimmable rivers? I’ve selfishly decided: both! I am both a city mouse and a country mouse, and I need a little bit of each to be merry. Which do you prefer?

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